There are a number of different sobriety milestones to work through, to withdraw from drugs and alcohol, to sustain recovery, and to prevent relapse. Those milestones are fulfilled through the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process.

However, due to the personal nature of addiction, that process, from its length and timeline to its contents will be different for every individual. Being aware of this, along with what affects the process of rehab is very important, to take recovery at a safe and personal pace.

While differences are expected, the timeline of addiction treatment, from a foundation perspective is similar, helping to promote those milestones throughout rehab and after rehab. Each step within the timeline will be necessary, to recover from addiction physically and psychologically, including maintenance and prevention.

Here’s a breakdown on addiction treatment – a timeline, providing some degree of expectation around drug and alcohol rehab. To experience suitable, effective, and sustainable addiction treatment services, reach out for our support here at Nova Recovery, a leading private recovery hospital.


What affects the length of rehab?

The length of rehab will have an impact on the addiction treatment timeline and contents. There are a number of different personal factors which will impact such timings, which will be considered through the admissions process.

Commonly, addiction treatment and recovery steps will cover a 28-day programme, experienced through residential rehab. In some instances, dedicating a few months to rehabilitation will be wise, followed by normalising recovery steps, due to the intensity and impacts of addiction. For those looking for outpatient rehab, periods of treatment will span over 6-12 months, making it a longer yet flexible option.


Factors that can however impact the length and timeline of rehab include:

  • Personal needs, including the type and degree of treatment that’s required
  • Physical and psychological health, and whether additional services are necessary
  • The drug that’s been abused and its effects
  • The length and severity of addiction
  • Responses to addiction treatment


By considering the above, the length of rehab can be gauged, along with a structure and timeline of addiction treatment to form a tailored programme.

Here’s a typical breakdown on addiction treatment – a timeline, covering the sobriety milestones which are achievable through active residential rehab.


Addiction treatment – a timeline

  • Admissions process 

Before encountering any form of addiction treatment, working through the admissions process will need to be completed. This step will begin the timeline of addiction recovery, by making all arrangements and plans around your experience. At this moment, the length, dynamic and contents of your tailored rehab programme will be defined, to work around your needs.

An admissions process will be necessary whether outpatient via the NHS or residential via a private rehab clinic is selected.


  • Detoxification  

The timeline of addiction treatment will then commence which commonly starts with the detoxification for all clients. Detoxification is the process of withdrawing from drugs and alcohol, in a safe and sustainable way.

Detoxing will be suitable through both programme types, completed from a rehab clinic for an extra level of assurance and control. Spanning over a week or two, detoxification will influence physical withdrawal, also known to induce withdrawal symptoms. Completing this step will be a key sobriety milestone, displaying physical recovery from addiction.

Through a medical detox programme, progressing towards appropriate treatments and therapies is expected.


  • Treatments and therapies  

Post-detox, addiction treatment services that focus on rehabilitation will follow. Depending on the degree of addiction, the length of rehab and personal needs, the type and level of treatment will however differ for each individual. For example, if outpatient rehab is selected, treatments will follow a weekly schedule, standing as maintenance and prevention techniques.

Through residential rehab, a progressive timeline of addiction treatment services are however expected, to help increase greater opportunities and sobriety milestones.

Possible treatments and therapies which are encouraged at this point include cognitive behavioural therapy, individual therapy, stress management, group therapy and motivational therapy. A wide range of additional services will also be recommended, helping to form healthy coping strategies, develop preventive tools and also assist with accepting change.


  • Relapse prevention planning 

The breakdown of addiction treatment – a timeline will end through active rehab with relapse prevention planning. Relapse prevention focuses on planning recovery efforts, whilst also protecting those efforts for the long term.

Working with a dedicated team, a personal plan will be formed to prevent and reduce the risks of relapse. Helplines will be noted, motivational steps will be highlighted, coping strategies will be shared, recovery goals will be prioritised, and a reliable structure will be developed.

Offering confidence, comfort and ongoing support, relapse prevention can help to adapt residential recovery efforts into realistic recovery efforts, to encounter through independent recovery. This is one of many sobriety milestones which highlight the change that drug and alcohol rehabilitation requires.


What happens after rehab?

After rehab and a range of addiction treatment services, the recovery timeline will continue, yet through outpatient means. Focus, efforts, and self-development should also continue to make sober living a sustainable and natural lifestyle, rather than a habit.

Post-rehab, aftercare treatments will be available, such as 12-step programmes, individual therapy, support group sessions and lifestyle management. Through aftercare, the opportunity to strengthen existing sobriety milestones will be found.


Addiction treatment here at Nova Recovery

At Nova Recovery, you can expect to experience a similar timeline of addiction treatment, working through necessary sobriety milestones. Detoxification, rehabilitation, and recovery planning can all be completed efficiently and suitably, tailored to your needs.

From our recovery hospital, you can privately work through your drug and alcohol addiction, while progressing through treatment recommendations and recovery steps.

To begin your admissions process and the formation of your own programme, contact our team. We can provide even further information on addiction treatment – a timeline, along with considering the length and contents of your rehab experience.

A wide range of addiction treatments services can be experienced through drug and alcohol rehabilitation, to achieve, ease and maintain sober living. Do so with our professional support, to benefit from personal bouts of addiction treatment.

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