As drug abuse becomes more and more normalised, especially through younger generations, common consumption is unfortunately developing into an addiction for many individuals.

Through this ongoing abuse, individuals are significantly suffering through side effects and negative mental health associations of addiction; commonly leading to a dual diagnosis.

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How to gauge the severity of your drug addiction

Many individuals start abusing drugs socially. Here is where the likes of cocaine and weed are abused now and again in social situations. This inconsistency is also visible for those abusing prescription drugs. Yet through both forms of drug use whether illegal or prescribed, ongoing abuse can develop into an addiction.

To onlookers, all drug consumption will fall into the addiction category. However, there are differing depths of drug addictions to consider; all resulting in varying impacts and all requiring alternative addiction treatments. It is however important for users to understand the severity of their drug addiction; in tandem, the level of drug addiction treatment they will require to heal.

If you’re currently experiencing minimal side effects from drugs and find it easy to cope without consumption, a mild case of substance misuse may be experienced. This can usually be treated through outpatient, mild addiction treatment. However, if psychological connections to drugs are present with the inability to reduce or stop consumption, it is likely that a drug addiction is present. To treat addiction, the completion of a comprehensive, medically assisted residential rehab programme will be required.

It’s very important that you do understand the depth of addiction treatment you require to recover, and the steps required to live a drug-free future. The longer you live through denial, a greater level of addiction treatment will be required to heal.

Why is it vital to overcome the denial of addiction?

If you’re struggling to acknowledge your drug addiction and live through denial, here at Nova Recovery, we urge you to work through these emotions. Although it can be difficult to fully understand what you’re going through, without acknowledgment, your drug addiction will continue to worsen.

By avoiding control, your side effects, your withdrawal symptoms and your long-term impacts from drug abuse will deteriorate your quality of life. Likewise, it’s probable that you will live with a dual diagnosis of a mental disorder, requiring even further addiction treatment.

This however can be avoided by observing your current drug consumption and the severity of your side effects. If you do believe that an addiction may be present, we recommend contacting a treatment hospital, where medically assisted treatment programmes will be available to you; exactly what we offer here at Nova Recovery.


The value of completing leading drug addiction treatment

Many individuals attempting to recover will select to go cold turkey, alone. Here at Nova Recovery, we can understand why this is a favourable treatment option. However, it is an ineffective and dangerous addiction treatment to consider. A drug addiction will result in both a physical and psychological dependence. With that said, both medical and psychological addiction treatment options will be required to promote sobriety.

As a result of this, there’s true value and opportunity to recover by completing drug addiction treatment. By completing your own range of treatments, future relapses are probable. Through a recovery designed and medically derived treatment programme, you’ll have the ability to prevent relapses by recovering holistically; not to mention boosting your own healthy coping mechanisms.

Although visiting a private rehab hospital may feel daunting, this is the best chance you will have to complete a range of leading drug addiction treatments. This is your opportunity to recover physically and mentally, with the potential to live a drug-free life. Contact our team today to acknowledge your drug addiction and complete a self-referral rehab admission.

Addiction treatments available through Nova Recovery

Here at Nova Recovery, all of our treatment programmes are personalised to ensure that all clients have an equal opportunity to reach recovery milestones. However, the foundation of all programmes will include medical, social and psychological treatment options.

Many clients will begin their rehab journey with a drug detox programme. The main aim of a drug detox is to remove all toxins from the body, while preparing it for further addiction treatment. Once completed, clients will have worked through withdrawal symptoms, showcasing a depth of recovery.

From here, a range of social and psychological treatment options, suitable for drug addiction recovery will be encouraged. From behavioural therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy, to group therapies such as support groups, clients will have the chance to heal mentally. Many addictions do develop from underlying mental health issues or previous distressing episodes. Our range of leading drug addiction treatments will help clients overcome, rebuild and recover for the long-term.

Complete your rehab admission today

If you’re hoping to achieve those recovery milestones through our rehab facility, contact our team today. We can help you through the initial admissions process, while preparing you for your own personalised treatment programme.

From here, you can complete immediate and highly consistent sessions of our leading drug addiction treatment options, helping you rebalance your mind and body. We appreciate how you may be anxious to start this journey. Please be reassured that our team has helped a vast number of clients recover through our holistic and therapeutic treatment options. We are dedicated to promoting sobriety for all clients, in the form of a drug-free future.

Complete your rehab admission today by contacting our addiction professionals.

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From prescription drugs and alcohol, to illicit illegal drugs, long-term use can develop into a dependence; soon followed by the vicious circle of addiction. With this in mind, it is important that you overcome denial and complete drug addiction treatment as soon as possible. Without this step, you will continue to suffer through your substance use and mental disorders.

Reach out to our team to understand the value behind drug-specific addiction treatments at our recovery hospital in Largs, Scotland.