Although perceived as less hazardous than illegal drugs, prescription medications can cause severe physical and psychological damage if misused. Developing an addiction to prescription drugs, due to misuse is actually more common than many individuals will believe.

Prescribed by doctors to maintain health conditions and side effects, generally related to chronic pain and mental health disorders, tolerances can develop, where recommended doses are advanced. This may seem harmless, considering they are prescribed to that individual.

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The Signs and Symptoms of a Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription drug abuse commonly occurs where tolerances have built up in the body. Individuals will generally be consuming those prescription drugs to work through a health problem or psychological issue.

However, over time, the effects of those drugs will wear off, commonly resulting in higher doses. Spanned over a period of time, this consumption can result in an addiction to prescription drugs.

In tandem to this, many individuals with addictive tendencies will also abuse prescription drugs. A dependence on similar drugs may already be present, turning to prescription drugs for that extra hit.

No matter the causation or progression of addiction, the concern is that prescription drugs can also carry hazards. Misuse can result in long-term brain and central nervous system damage, along with additional health problems, commonly associated with mental health conditions.

With this in mind, if you’re:

  • Struggling to reduce or stop your consumption of prescription drugs
  • Have increased your doses to achieve similar effects
  • Order prescription drugs over the internet
  • Act that your prescription has run out sooner than expected
  • Experience withdrawal symptoms when drugs aren’t consumed
  • Make up fantasy symptoms to obtain a prescription
  • Experience associated mental health issues

It is likely that the signs and symptoms of an addiction may be present, where visiting a prescription drug rehab facility is encouraged.

When to visit a Specialist Rehab Hospital?

No matter how mild or severe your symptoms of substance abuse may be, we advise all individuals to consider a degree of treatment through a prescription drug rehab facility.

Addiction treatment to work through prescription drug abuse can be available as and when required. It is important to remember that any form of misuse will result in a level of dependence, commonly requiring treatment services.

With this in mind, if you’re genuinely ready to work through your addiction side effects and withdrawal from prescription drugs, contact our team here at Nova Recovery. Offering prescription drug rehab programmes, boasting our leading addiction treatments, we can help you recover physically and psychologically.

Our rehab programmes are also recommended for those experiencing a dual diagnosis, commonly the case when abusing prescription medications.

At Nova Recovery, we are classified as a hospital under Health Improvement Scotland, which is an NHS registered body. This means that we have to provide an exceptional level of care to fall under this remit.

Our hospital has state of the art equipment and industry leading medical personnel on hand 24-7 to ensure that you are never alone from the finest care.

Detox from Prescription Drugs

By visiting our treatment facilities, your prescription drug rehab programme will usually begin with a detox process. Overseen by medical professionals, here is where the consumption of prescription drugs will be reduced.

Carefully observed, this can be a difficult process to initially complete, especially where grade 2 and 3 withdrawal symptoms present themselves, usually 24 hours into rehab.

Completing a detox programme may be initially difficult, as drugs leave the body. However, through our medical detox plans, clients will feel comfortable by receiving appropriate substitute drugs and additional treatment options.

It is important to remember that reducing consumption could affect the existing underlying health problem, requiring drugs.

With this in mind, it is imperative that you complete the detox process through an inpatient rehab programme; ensuring your health is prioritised.

Psychological Support for Addiction

Any degree of addiction will have associated mental health issues. Yet, the abuse of prescription drugs, with a focus on opioids can result in severe mental damage. With this in mind, psychological support will always be integrated into treatment plans here at Nova Recovery.

The completion of support groups, cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational therapy, family therapy and counselling will usually take place through a rehab treatment plan.

This approach will ensure that underlying causations or mental health issues can be worked through. In tandem, the reliance on prescription drugs will be diminished by changing your outlook on substance abuse and coping mechanisms.

As a prescription drug addiction usually happens unknowingly, many clients are concerned that relapses may occur; especially when looking to treat underlying health conditions.

We also provide relapse prevention plans to support you through life post prescription drug rehab.

Why Visit a Private Prescription Drug Addiction Hospital?

By visiting a private, specialist prescription drug rehab, like ours here at Nova Recovery, you will receive immediate and suitable support and treatment. Suitability is key when looking to complete addiction treatment.

Through our rehab programmes, you will progress through our detox plans and psychological treatment options, helping to tackle your prescription drug addiction.

Alongside our high-quality treatment options, clients will usually reside within our rehab facility, offering around the clock care and recovery resources. This targeted approach to prescription drug rehab is very important, ensuring that both physical and psychological recovery can be achieved.

Our prescription drug rehab programmes are also recommended for those who are experiencing a dual diagnosis of a mental health condition. Experiencing mental health deterioration is very common when abusing prescription drugs, such as opioids and depressants.

Through our approach to prescription drug rehab, we can guide you through the steps of rehabilitation, overcoming your drug misuse. Get in touch today to learn more about the rehab process you can progress through.

The concerning factor of a prescription drug addiction is that some individuals also abuse substances which aren’t personally prescribed for them, with the aim to combat their addictive cravings.

Either scenario related to prescription drugs can be very dangerous if abused for the long-term, no matter whether a prescription is present or not.

It is important to remember that they are drugs, many falling into prescription opioids and depressant categories; carrying similar dangers as the likes of heroin and cocaine.