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Admissions Process

Have you been struggling with addiction issues? Or are you watching a family member slowly lose themselves?

Here at Nova Recovery, we recognise that reaching out for help for yourself, or a family member, the first time can be really nerve-wracking and you will have many questions.

So, we have put together a brief, 5 step, overview of the admission process. But if you still have any questions, reach out today. No question is too big, too small or too silly.

Initial Enquiry

Our competent and experienced admission teams are available 24/7 to assist you. There are a number of ways you can contact Nova Recovery. Telephone: 01475 303998, email:, live web chat or our online contact form. No matter which channel you choose you will receive information about the range of treatments available and the next steps to take for yourself or someone close to you.


Pre-Admission Screening

Establishing early in the process which treatment strategy is going to best suit the individual is vital. This is why you will undergo a pre-admission screening. It sounds more formal than it actually is. We ask a few basic questions regarding your current physical and mental health, circumstance, drug and/or alcohol usage levels and your current requirements.

All information given will be kept confidential and only used to help us find the right treatment programme for you. The screening will take approximately 20 minutes and can be done either over the phone or face to face, if you prefer.

Once we have completed the screening the admissions team will suggest all options available to you, if you agree, an admission date will be decided at your chosen treatment centre. You will be given a guide of what to bring at this point.


Treatment Deposit

To secure your placement within treatment we do require an initial deposit. There are a number of ways you can make this payment. Debit or Credit Card*, electronic Bank Transfer or Cash. Unfortunately, we cannot accept cheques for deposit payments.

*You will be required to confirm you are authorised to use the card. As you are the cardholder, or the cardholder is present.

Please also note deposit payments are not fully refundable. You may choose to change your mind in advance of your admission date. The company reserves the right to exercise its refund policy in these circumstances. For more information about our refund policy, please click here (Need to find out if this link exists)


Your Admission Day

Admission day is the start of your recovery journey towards freedom from drug and/or alcohol addiction. One of our recovery team will welcome you into the facility and spend time with you so you can understand what is on offer at Nova Recovery.

First, we will conduct an induction, which will entail completing your treatment contract and some other documents. We will then help you unpack and settle into your room.


Your Full Clinical and Recovery Plan

Once you are settled into your room you will meet with our Consultant Psychiatrist or Specialist Doctor. They will discuss your mental and physical health to understand your current addiction levels and decide the best course of action to suit your detoxification needs. The recovery team will organise your medication and ensure you’re closely monitored during the early stages of your treatment.

Your recovery worker will be available to spend quality one on one time with you and help to organise and plan your recovery journey in full. This plan will be reviewed each week to access your progress. A copy of this plan with be available to you and will help us work towards your leaving date and inform your aftercare plan.

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