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Family Referrals

Are you currently witnessing a family member suffer through addiction? Whether that’s substance abuse, or the associated side effects and mental health issues, this time can also be challenging for loved ones.

Although you may currently feel helpless and unaware of the steps to take when considering drug addiction and the process of addiction treatment, there is help available. Through our family referral rehab admission services, here at Nova Recovery, we can guide you through the admissions process, while sharing the next best steps to support your family members.

How you can help a loved one through a family referral rehab admission

Here at Nova Recovery, we appreciate how sensitive the topic of addiction is. This is probably new to you as a family, with little understanding on how to best tackle the situation. Please be reassured that we have helped a vast number of families through our family referral rehab admission services, while providing family associated rehab treatment.

With this in mind, you can help yourself in the most effective way to understand exactly what your loved one is experiencing; in tandem, helping them acknowledge their drug or alcohol addiction and source the support they require to recover.

Many individuals with addictions will struggle to consider drug rehab, initially. This again is new to them, categorised as a daunting step to take. We can help you promote the importance and value of attending rehab and completing addiction treatment through our family referral service.

Before acting alone, if you do believe substance abuse is impacting the life of a family member, reach out today. The sooner that you do so, where clear signs of addiction are present, the sooner we can source suitable addiction treatment for your loved one.

Our referral services here at Nova Recovery

Through our family referral rehab services, you as a support network will in turn receive your own level of support. We can listen to your concerns regarding substance abuse, while recommending the most appropriate treatment programme available through our drug and alcohol rehab. We can also advise on the best ways to deal with an addict’s behaviour and how to approach them with the topic of addiction treatment.

From your initial inquiry, straight through to treatment and post-rehab life, we as a rehab centre can help you as a family, work through addiction recovery. Our guidance and therapy sessions will mark the beginning of a worthwhile rehab experience.

Reach out to our team today for a free and confidential discussion regarding our family referral rehab services. We can run through the entire admissions process with you, while also reassuring you that you’re doing the right thing.


Get Help Today

This far, your loved one may be struggling to acknowledge their drug or alcohol addiction. They may attempt to hide their side effects from you. This will usually be linked to emotions such as shame or disappointment. In this moment, it’s important that you deal with addiction sensitively and supportively; something we can help you with through our referral rehab service.

If you do believe that family members or close relatives are struggling with substance abuse, contact our admissions team today for more information on our treatment programmes.