Why consider a self-referral admission into a private rehab?

If you’re currently suffering with a drug or alcohol addiction, it’s understandable if you do attempt to withdraw and recover from home. This however isn’t a sustainable or safe recovery route to consider. With this in mind, if you are experiencing the signs and symptoms of an addiction, or even substance misuse, we highly recommend completing a self-referral rehab admission.

This will be your best chance to fully rehabilitate from addiction. Although this is a big step to take, where denial will probably delay you, a self-referral is worthwhile and a brave step to take. By committing to addiction treatment and a time of change, you will benefit greatly by increasing your susceptibility to addiction recovery.

Likewise, it’s important that you recover safely. Detoxing from drugs and alcohol while at home will be challenging and dangerous. The aim of rehab is to diminish your addiction while also boosting your overall physical and mental health. With this in mind, a self-referral rehab admission will be the safest and healthiest way to diminish your consumption, while also providing realistic opportunities to reach addiction recovery.

Complete a self-referral rehab admission here at Nova Recovery

To experience local drug treatment, complete a self-referral rehab admission today here at Nova Recovery. Start by contacting our admissions team. Here they will complete the initial admissions process with you by understanding your addiction treatment requirements. They will assess the severity of your addiction, along with the degree of rehab services you require. The decision between outpatient and residential addiction treatment will also be made at this time.

Our professional and compassionate team will support you through the admissions process, helping you make a positive step through a self-referral. They will also keep in contact with you up until your admissions date to ensure that you’re prepared for rehab.

Avoid long waiting lists for addiction treatment in your local area by completing a self-referral rehab admission. With our guidance here at Nova Recovery, we can help you make effective and worthwhile decisions regarding your addiction recovery. Start today with our free and confidential assessment. Acknowledge your addiction and start your journey to addiction recovery through private reha