Why should you overcome your alcohol addiction?

Although we live in a country, albeit a world, where heavy alcohol intake is normalised, and alcohol addiction shouldn’t be taken lightly. There may still be some people who perceive addiction to alcohol or drugs as a selfish choice. However, addiction can affect anyone and is not a choice at all. It’s a painful physical and psychological behavioural illness with varying causations, one that we can’t control without the support of professional addiction specialists.

Drinking excessively over a long period of time can have serious effects on your physical and psychological health. You’re destroying your quality of life by increasing the likelihood of developing life-changing diseases and mental health issues. Not only can substance dependence ruin your own well-being, it can destroy your relationships with family and friends, damage your career and have a long-lasting negative effect on your finances.

Many people suffering with an alcohol addiction feel like there is no way out, but they’re wrong. A life free from addiction to alcohol or drugs is waiting for you. Through utilising our leading addiction treatments and dedicated medical support, we can help you to achieve your long-term recovery once and for all.


What is alcohol withdrawal?

When you begin to reduce your alcohol addiction, you’ll see withdrawal symptoms appear as your connection to alcohol lessens. These symptoms are caused by the way your brain reacts when you drink heavily, as alcohol affects how you respond to danger, preparing you to either ‘fight or flight’. Withdrawal symptoms are most likely to occur if you’re drinking 8 units or more, over 5 or more nights each week. If you don’t reduce your alcohol consumption, these symptoms will get progressively worse and potentially turn into severe life-changing illnesses that you can’t reverse.

There are ways to ease the physical and psychological pain of withdrawal symptoms. The most effective is to undergo a structured detox programme at a recommended alcohol rehab. This helps to remove all of the harmful toxins from your body in a supervised, professional environment; this is the most efficient and successful way to achieve a long-term recovery from alcohol addiction.

Some of the most common withdrawal symptoms when going through a detox include mood swings, high blood pressure, vomiting, anxiety, and irritability. In the case of a particularly severe alcohol addiction, your central nervous system could be affected causing Delirium Tremens (DT’s) which require emergency medical attention. This is why it’s so vital that your detox takes place at a professional rehab hospital where you can be fully supervised around the clock.


Treatment options for alcohol addiction

In addition to a full hospitalal detox, there are various other therapies which can help to treat alcohol addiction. In most cases, a detox to heal you physically, isn’t enough on its own to completely achieve long-term recovery. You must focus on healing your mind to fully overcome addiction. Here at Nova’s drug and alcohol recovery hospital in Scotland, we design personalised treatment programmes which suit your specific needs and the unique nature of your addiction whether you’re visiting our . Our experienced team can deliver relapse prevention classes, cognitive behavioural therapy, individual, group or family sessions, all of which help to aid your mental recovery. Combining these psychological therapies with well-being therapies and a hospitalal detox, has proven to produce the most successful results. This holistic method ensures that every angle of your alcohol addiction is addressed and effectively weakened.

Our alcohol rehab programmes typically last around 28 days. Clients who have completed this treatment duration have been the least likely to alcohol relapse within 12 months after completing the treatment programme. When we look at our success rate, it’s almost 100% when measuring the number of clients who have left our rehab hospital fully recovered from alcohol addiction. We’re very proud of this achievement and are eager to continue our great success with more people who need our help.


Take the first step towards living a life without alcohol

You don’t need to face these signs of addiction alone, there are plenty of people who want to support you along your recovery journey. Even if you feel as though your dependence symptoms are fairly mild, or even if you’ve been suffering with a severe alcohol addiction combined with mental health conditions, we have the solution to help you achieve your recovery goals and live a happier, healthier life free from alcohol.

If this sounds like a challenge you want to embark on, then we encourage you to get in touch with our friendly team on 0147 530 3039.

We’re confident that we can guide you every step of the way, easing the struggles and motivating you to believe in yourself, turning your life around for the better.

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