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Alcohol Addiction

Although easily accessible and regularly consumed by the masses, alcohol is in fact an addictive substance. It sits within the same category as the likes of illegal and prescription drugs when considering its addictive tendencies. Through its effects, many people do suffer with differing strengths of drinking problems; from abuse and dependencies, to an ingrained addiction to alcohol.

What are the signs of a progressive alcohol addiction?

Many individuals rely upon alcohol for different reasons. However, a fraction of those individuals will heavily depend on alcohol to function, showcasing the start of an alcohol problem. Although side effects do vary, across the alcohol addiction spectrum, there are common signs of a progressive alcohol addiction to look out for. If you’re personally experiencing any or believe family members or peers are, encouraging alcohol addiction treatment should be highlighted.

Here are some common questions to ask yourself when considering your alcohol abuse:

  • Do you drink alcohol alone, throughout the day?
  • Do you find it hard to stop drinking?
  • Do you require higher quantities of alcohol to experience the buzz?
  • Are you experiencing health problems, linked to alcohol abuse?
  • Have commonly experienced mental health issues developed, such as anxiety or depression?
  • Do you find it hard to talk about your alcohol consumption?
  • Has your life come to a standstill, such as your career or relationships?
  • Do you rely on alcohol to live through life events?
  • Have family members or peers commented on your drinking habits?
  • Do you experience notable withdrawal symptoms from alcohol?

If the above do resonate with you, an alcohol addiction could already be controlling your consumption. Although living through denial may feel like the easiest step to take, a future of addiction will be experienced.

For a high-quality future, we highly recommend considering alcohol addiction treatment and a comprehensive treatment plan through our alcohol rehab here at Nova Recovery.

What is alcoholism?

Alcoholism is where an addiction to alcohol is present. For most individuals, this progressive experience will begin through mere alcohol abuse or a physical dependence. Here is where many individuals will feel relaxed about their alcohol consumption. However, as abuse continues, as withdrawal symptoms develop, as health problems arise, an uncontrollable drinking problem can and will present itself.

An alcohol addiction is where standalone physical connections to alcohol have progressed and developed into a psychological dependence. It is a physical and mental illness, where the motivation to consume alcohol is present, no matter the potential negative consequences. It’s important to remember that a variety of addiction causations are probable, influencing this irrational behaviour. Many alcohol addictions do stem from stress, underlying mental health problems, environments and post-traumatic stress disorders.

This habitual behaviour is fuelled over time by developing a tolerance to alcohol. The body and mind will both be programmed to live for alcohol consumption, where ongoing cravings are experienced. Those with an underlying causation will view this consumption as an escape or coping mechanism. This is where drinking patterns advance, making it difficult to stop drinking. Likewise, mental health issues, resulting in a dual diagnosis can be experienced, known to fuel the addiction cycle further.

Any degree of dependency to alcohol is dangerous. Ongoing consumption of alcohol is very harmful. With this in mind, it is encouraged that a depth of alcohol addiction treatment is completed; no matter whether you’re innocently consuming alcohol or living with alcoholism.

Alcohol addiction treatment

Here at Nova Recovery, we have vast experience of helping individuals like you recover through both addiction and mental health issues. We have successfully achieved this through our commitment to personalised yet effective alcohol addiction treatment plans.

With the aim to change the lives of all of our clients, we will combine your alcohol addiction history, their motivations, their recovery goals and their personal needs through alcohol rehab. Here, we will create an individual treatment care plan, combining holistic and therapeutic approaches to addiction treatment.

Treatment for an alcohol addiction will vary, depending on the degree of a drinking problem. However, the majority of clients will require alcohol addiction treatment options, which focus on both the body and mind. From a alcohol detox programme and therapy sessions, to wellness techniques and relapse prevention mechanisms, a wide range of educational and recovery designed treatment options are promoted.

Our highly targeted, SMART recovery approach will ensure that alcohol addiction treatment can help our clients heal and experience freedom from addiction. In tandem, we are passionate about helping families and surrounding communities recover from the damaging effects of addiction. Through our passion for unified recovery, we make long-term rehabilitation possible.

Feel free to reach out to our Nova Recovery team today to discuss your personal needs. We can run through our personalised treatment programmes to work through an addiction to alcohol.

Heal the mind and body here at Nova Recovery

Treatment programmes must tackle both physical and psychological connections to alcohol. Heal your mind and body through our holistic treatment options here at Nova Recovery.

Experience the true capabilities to recover from an alcohol addiction by working through a comprehensive treatment plan at our alcohol rehab. Embrace the effective steps ahead to achieve addiction recovery.

Start your journey today by considering alcohol addiction treatment through our specialist support. Avoid a future of addiction and the harmful associations of alcoholism.

Alcoholism can carry many unpleasant and dangerous side effects. From physical health deterioration and mental health issues, to pressures placed on relationships, careers and finances, abusing alcohol can become a life-altering habit.

With the likelihood of developing a progressive alcohol addiction, especially without gaining control, it is important for those abusing alcohol to understand the different degrees of abuse and their impacts. It is vital to understand the available alcohol addiction treatment to alleviate those side effects. It is recommended to consider the range of addiction recovery options to hand, once and for all.

Through our addiction treatment programmes here at Nova Recovery, we can help you heal your body and mind through holistic and therapeutic rehab programmes. Consider the long-term recovery you can experience through tackling your drinking problem, with our help.

FAQ's About Alcohol Addiction

How Does An Alcohol Addiction Affect Families?
It is considered as one of the most common causes of domestic altercations and divorces. An Addiction to alcohol can also lead to financial issues as important responsibilities can be neglected, leading to loss of jobs and missed payments.