Addiction Treatment – A Timeline

Published 30 July 2021, in

There are a number of different sobriety milestones to work through, to withdraw from drugs and alcohol, to sustain recovery, and to prevent relapse. Those milestones are fulfilled through the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process. However, due to the personal nature of addiction, that process, from its length and timeline to its contents will be different for every individual. Being aware of this, along with what…

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How To Find An Addiction Treatment Centre

Published 23 July 2021, in

Finding and securing the right addiction treatment centre are impactful steps to take. The weight around such decisions and arrangements can impact your time at the rehab, your experience of addiction recovery, and your post-rehab capabilities, all very important when aiming for sobriety. While it may feel right to rush into rehab, act on impulse…

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Why Alcohol Affects Mental Health

Published 9 July 2021, in

Each week, at least 49% of adults drink alcohol. Although many believe that consuming alcohol is harmless, especially as the physical side effects associated with alcohol consumption alleviate within a short period, alcohol can significantly affect mental health. To help you understand how and why alcohol affects mental health, we have delved into why alcohol…

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What To Expect After Leaving Rehab

Published 25 June 2021, in

Drug and alcohol consumption may have been your life for some time, which has been followed by the unfamiliar process of rehab. On completion, you’ll have reached another unknown steppingstone, of leaving rehab, of returning to some form of normality, and of maintaining sobriety milestones. Through such change, it’s natural to feel vulnerable, to feel protective and…

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Explaining The Cycle Of Addiction

Published 18 June 2021, in

Diagnosed as a brain condition, addiction is a compulsive, unhealthy fixation on a certain stimulus. Addictive stimuli can range from drugs to gambling and even to online shopping. Initially, such stimuli will fill a gap, will support individuals emotionally, or will provide longed-for feelings. Through ongoing exposure of such beneficial traits, those longed-for experiences will…

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How to help someone with an Alcohol Problem

Published 11 June 2021, in

Problem drinking and alcohol addiction are big problems throughout the UK and they do not only affect the dependent drinkers themselves. An alcohol addiction can have a huge impact on spouses, partners, children, family members, friends and even work colleagues. It can be very difficult to watch a loved one harm themselves with an alcohol…

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8 Physical Signs Of Anxiety

Published 4 June 2021, in

A lot more people suffer from anxiety than you may realise, and if you think that you may be suffering from the effects of anxiety, then this blog post will be specifically geared towards helping you notice the signs of anxiety, and hopefully reduce the severity of anxiety’s effects upon your body and mind. The severity…

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Ongoing Effects of Long COVID

Published 28 May 2021, in

Many people who get COVID-19 do not suffer any symptoms at all. Of those who do, many will feel better within days or a couple of weeks, with the majority making a full recovery within 12 weeks. For some people though, symptoms can last for weeks and months after the infection has gone. This is…

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Mental Health and Substance Use

Published 21 May 2021, in

It is common for mental health issues and substance use disorders to occur simultaneously. This is due to a number of factors. Mental health problems share many of the underlying causes of substance use disorders – including genetic vulnerabilities, exposure to trauma or stress whilst at a young age and alterations to brain composition. Mental…

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What To Expect During Your Time At A Mental Health Hospital?

Published 14 May 2021, in

The prospect of visiting a mental health hospital can be daunting. From what to expect from treatments and therapies to the type of approach you’ll be welcomed with, familiarising oneself with a necessary yet unacquainted service can be tough. Recognised as a leading private mental health hospital, here at Nova Recovery, we appreciate how testing such…

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