5 Mental Health Benefits Of Exercise

Published 7 May 2021, in

Across the world, the physical benefits of exercise are discussed by medical and fitness professionals every day. Yet, the mental health benefits of exercise are rarely shared. Although the physical benefits of exercise are thought to be much more significant, especially as exercise can improve an individual’s cardiovascular health, reduce the risk of heart attacks…

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5 Simple Strategies For Stress Relief

Published 30 April 2021, in

Arising from various factors such as increased workloads, problems at home, lack of control over certain situations and lifestyle changes, across the United Kingdom, 74% of adults experience stress on a daily basis. Although stress is prevalent and often alleviates naturally, some individuals find it difficult to relieve stress.  As a result, in some instances,…

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Best Wellness apps to help with Stress

Published 23 April 2021, in

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused some levels of stress to us all. As the world has repeatedly needed to close down, this has increased the amount of stress that we’re all subject to. The pandemic has also changed the way we relieve our stress and fortunately, due to smartphones and tablets, there is now a…

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Am I Drinking Too Much?

Published 9 April 2021, in

Determining whether you are drinking too much alcohol can be somewhat tricky. However, there are a number of ways that you can review how much alcohol you drink and be more mindful about your alcohol consumption. To help you answer the question “am I drinking too much?”, we have outlined what is classified as too…

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Relaxation Techniques for Anxiety

Published 1 April 2021, in

Stress and anxiety at their most basic assessment are feelings of experiencing abnormal pressure. The pressure that leads to people manifesting feelings of anxiety can stem from many areas of your daily life — such as heightened workload, a falling out with a  family member, financial instability, or a recent loss. As the stressors present in your day-to-day…

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What is Dual Diagnosis?

Published 26 March 2021, in

This type of relationship, with addictive substances and the mind, is defined as a dual diagnosis, where both conditions, symptoms and causations are known to drive one another. Such a relationship, in fact, is more common than many individuals will imagine, all down to the blurred line between both conditions. It’s common for drug and alcohol…

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Tips for relapse prevention

Published 19 March 2021, in

Every recovering addict will experience those vulnerabilities, where the avoidance of relapse risks will be key. However, we must highlight how firstly, a relapse doesn’t define failure, and secondly that the vulnerabilities linked to the post-rehab transition are common and present for most individuals throughout the first few months of recovery. By considering both of…

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The Dangers of Leaving Rehab Too Early

Published 12 March 2021, in

Yet, a fraction of those that attend rehab leave too early for various reasons. At Nova Recovery, we welcome thousands of individuals from across the United Kingdom to our residential rehab each year. Although all of our patients complete a full treatment programme upon attending our rehab, as noted above, many individuals across the world…

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How Exercise Benefits Addiction Recovery

Published 10 March 2021, in

While individuals that have sought rehabilitation treatment for alcohol, drug and behavioural addictions are equipped with the tools, resources and support required to secure a life-long recovery, many argue that addiction recovery truly starts post-rehab. However, leaving rehab and returning home can be challenging, especially as you begin to navigate your life at home. Although…

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Traditional Psychotherapy vs Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Published 26 February 2021, in

It is also easy to be overwhelmed when making your choice due to the sheer number of options available. Two of the most common, effective and popular forms of therapy are cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and psychotherapy. Even within these two options, there are choices that you’ll need to make that will make it difficult…

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