The Psychology Of Addiction

Published 26 October 2021, in

The psychology of addiction is complicated, tapping into the argument of choice vs disease. Due to the physical action of drug and alcohol consumption, many argue that it’s a choice. Yet the reward and reinforcement of consumption shows the psychological disease that addiction is, and how impactful emotional factors can be. An addiction can be…

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Do I Need To Go To Rehab?

Published 22 October 2021, in

Each year, approximately 268,251 adults contact a drug or alcohol service. Though this may seem somewhat significant, the number of people that require treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction is much greater. In fact, in Scotland alone, more than 17% of adults exhibit hazardous drinking behaviours, and only 40% of people in need of drug addiction…

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Impact of Internet Addiction on our Mental Health

Published 15 October 2021, in

Internet and social media consumption are now normalised, to the point where both have become an integral part of day-to-day life. Whilst online accessibility is useful, whilst it can be both educational and connective, and whilst it’s found to increase dopamine levels for users, it’s also influencing one of the most disruptive behavioural addictions. Internet…

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How Your Body Changes When You Quit Addiction

Published 7 October 2021, in

Smoking, drinking and taking drugs cause significant damage to the body. Although quitting an addiction and embarking on the road to recovery can be daunting, doing so ensures that optimal health can be restored. Whether you have been struggling with an addiction for weeks, months or years, we have outlined how your body changes when…

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How you can help someone with an Addiction

Published 24 September 2021, in

Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious problem throughout the UK and is a particular issue in Scotland. The latest figures released by National Records of Scotland show that the country had by far the highest level of drug-related deaths in Europe at more than three and a half times that of England and Wales and…

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The Connection Between Mental Health and Addiction

Published 17 September 2021, in

Both mental health conditions and addiction are recognised as co-occurring disorders. Here’s where both disorders develop and carry effects on a parallel basis, seen as a significant co-occurring connection. In context, mental health issues are found to increase the vulnerabilities of substance abuse, risking addiction development. Also co-occurring, addiction to drugs and alcohol is found to directly increase symptoms of mental health conditions, along with causing cognitive damages and weaknesses. Medically…

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What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of PTSD?

Published 10 September 2021, in

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a type of anxiety disorder, heavily associated with exposure to trauma, extreme stress, and fear. It can be a very difficult disorder to manage, due to the symptoms that it causes, including insomnia, constant alertness, and flashbacks. It’s caused by either first-hand experience or the witnessing of a traumatic, unforeseeable,…

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Scotland’s Addiction Crisis

Published 3 September 2021, in

For many years, Scotland has faced an addiction crisis.  However, in early 2021, the Scottish government reported a drastic increase in drug and alcohol-related deaths. While First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has since announced that £250 million will be allocated to tackle Scotland’s addiction crisis between now and 2026 to support drug and alcohol partnerships and…

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The Link Between Alcohol And Depression

Published 27 August 2021, in

Both addiction and mental health conditions go hand in hand, recognised as co-occurring disorders. While the recognition of a dual diagnosis may be common, the link and cause between both remain complex and overwhelming to understand. There is a vicious circle-like link between certain conditions such as alcoholism, with disorders such as depression, due to…

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Addiction Rehab Options

Published 20 August 2021, in

Unpredictable and personally associated, an addiction of any degree will fluctuate in effect, requiring a personalised approach to rehabilitation. Standing as a varied yet strongly recommended step, addiction rehab will secure such an approach, making addiction a treatable condition. While treatable, it’s very important that the right rehab option, and subsequently the right treatments and therapies are experienced, to overcome the deeply ingrained nature of addiction. Here…

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