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Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine has always been a populated drug, abused socially. However, as more and more individuals consume illegal substances, especially with the aim to escape from mental health issues or stressful episodes, the National Institute of Drug Abuse has acknowledged how the likes of crack cocaine abuse is rising. Likewise, cocaine is now easily accessible, normalising its consumption across the globe.

The dangers of cocaine abuse

Known for offering a short euphoric feeling, social cocaine consumption can soon develop into an addiction. With the aim to continuously feel the positive effects of cocaine, individuals will continue to increase its quantity; here is where a tolerance will advance, requiring higher doses moving forward.

As the body and mind soon rely upon cocaine to function and combat cravings, the rapid, vicious cycle of addiction will begin, fester and develop, up until side effects become unbearable. This is when most individuals will consider a degree of addiction treatment to reduce those side effects. However, by the time this acknowledgment has been made, an addiction to cocaine is present, along with probable chronic damage.

Long-term cocaine abuse can cause physical deterioration. Yet, the greatest concern is placed on the mental impairment drug abuse can cause, such as anxiety, depression, panic disorders and paranoia. With this potential future, we encourage all individuals abusing cocaine to consider their level of consumption and the dangers within substance abuse.

If you are experiencing the negative side effects of a cocaine addiction or have recently noticed the addictive tendencies of the drug, we urge you to consider cocaine addiction treatment. Although casual drug abuse may be your current reality, without stepping in and completing treatment, an addiction will develop. Avoid this through our addiction treatment programmes.

When to consider cocaine addiction treatment?

As touched on above, no matter how severe your cocaine consumption may be, we recommend that all individuals do consider the damage they are causing to their minds and bodies. Short-term cocaine abuse can cause internal damage, invisible to the eye.

To reduce future damage, considering a depth of cocaine addiction treatment should be your next step. No matter how severe side effects may be, a degree of addiction treatment will be available, through our rehab facility. It’s important to view drug abuse and the associated mental health issues as any other illness. We urge you to take this seriously. When looking to recover, like other illnesses, there are a wide range of treatment options available, along with optimal care levels. With this in mind, if you’re merely abusing cocaine, addiction treatment will be available. Likewise, if you’re battling through a severe drug addiction, cocaine specific treatment will be accessible.

The biggest point to consider when looking to complete cocaine addiction treatment is to ensure that you’re prepared and ready to complete each recovery step. This mindset is vital to truly experience the value and healing potentials of our leading addiction treatments.

The types of addiction treatment available to treat drug abuse

Here at Nova Recovery, we appreciate how every client has a different experience with cocaine. We further understand how differing recovery goals are set, along with health histories and addiction severities. With this in mind, to aid a successful rehab experience, we provide personalised treatment programmes.

However, within our treatment plans, all clients will complete a range of appropriate cocaine addiction treatments, falling into medical, psychological and social groups. This combination of addiction treatment options will help clients heal holistically, ensuring that the root of the addiction can be diminished for the long-term.


Medical addiction treatment

The recovery process for the majority of clients will begin with medical cocaine addiction treatment; with a predominant focus on detoxification. Here is where clients will complete a cocaine detox programme, helping to reduce and remove all harmful toxins from the body. Our detox programmes are completed and observed by medical professionals, ensuring that health and wellbeing are prioritised when detoxing.

Here is where withdrawal symptoms will make an appearance, as cocaine quantities slowly leave the body. To help our clients feel comfortable and detox safely, additional treatment options will be encouraged alongside our medical methods.

Psychological addiction treatment

In tandem with our medical treatment options, behavioural therapies will be promoted throughout all treatment programmes. A large proportion of drug addictions will start or develop in association with mental health issues. As occurring mental health issues present themselves, a deep, psychological connection to cocaine can be made.

As a result of this, the completion of psychological cocaine addiction treatment options is a necessity. From cognitive behavioural therapy to therapy sessions, cocaine users will work with our addiction specialists to uncover the underlying influencer, along with working towards a clearer, more realistic future without cocaine.

Social addiction treatment

Many cocaine addictions stem from social use. With this in mind, moving forward, many individuals will associate all social activity with drug abuse. To ensure that drug relapses are minimised post treatment, social addiction therapies will be encouraged while at rehab. This will help clients disassociate drug abuse and social activity, along with building strong, mutual networks.

The likes of support groups and cocaine anonymous sessions will be encouraged to boost accountability.

Seeking Help for Cocaine Addiction

Although additional treatment options may be encouraged, with varying timeframes, medical, psychological and social treatment options will be present throughout rehab. By completing this range of cocaine addiction treatment options, clients will have a realistic chance of working through and overcoming addiction.

If you’re currently battling through a cocaine addiction, or live with the side effects of abuse, we urge you to consider all treatment options. By doing so, you’ll have the opportunity to recover and disassociate yourself with cocaine and its damaging effects.

No matter how normalised cocaine may be, a singular use can lead to long-term abuse; all down to its highly addictive tendencies. Additionally, cocaine is a highly hazardous Class A, recreational drug. Through its classification, it’s known to cause severe health deterioration, with a focus on the brain. However, many individuals are still abusing the drug, with a relaxed view of its harm.

If you’re currently abusing cocaine, it is advised that you do consider cocaine addiction treatment, sooner rather than later. Relaxed consumption can develop into a drug addiction, carrying many negative associations. Avoid a future consumed by substance abuse by committing to an effective treatment programme through Nova Recovery.