Each year, approximately 268,251 adults contact a drug or alcohol service. Though this may seem somewhat significant, the number of people that require treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction is much greater.

In fact, in Scotland alone, more than 17% of adults exhibit hazardous drinking behaviours, and only 40% of people in need of drug addiction treatment are currently receiving it.

For some, the thought of going to rehab can be daunting. Meanwhile, many will question, “do I need to go to rehab?” and instead attempt to withdraw from substances independently.

If you find yourself questioning, “do I need to go to rehab?” it is entirely possible that you do. However, determining whether you need to go to rehab can be difficult, especially as many factors must be considered.


10 Signs It’s Time To Go To Rehab

To help you uncover whether you need to go to rehab, here at Nova Recovery, we have shared 10 signs that it’s time to go to rehab below.


1. You drink alcohol or consume drugs every single day

Although drinking small quantities of alcohol is not necessarily deemed harmful to our health, the NHS recommends that men and women consume less than 14 units of alcohol each week. However, research reveals that approximately 7.8 million people frequently drink over the recommended units of alcohol, often daily.

Whilst many people believe that consuming drugs or alcohol every day is not harmful, doing so causes the brain and body to become reliant on substances to cope, feel happy, or survive.

2. Your physical health has declined

If you frequently drink alcohol or consume drugs and have noticed that your physical health has declined, you may well need to go to rehab.

This is because addictions and substance abuse come hand-in-hand with many physical side effects that can cause long-term damage. Sadly, the long-term damage caused by substance abuse includes organ failure, which is often irreversible.

3. Drugs and alcohol impair your mental health

Just as consuming and abusing drugs and alcohol can cause our physical health to decline, they can also significantly impact our mental health. If you have come to experience anxiety, depression, or any other signs that your mental health is declining, attending rehab is essential.

4. You rely on drugs or alcohol

Do you wake up in the morning and instantly feel as though you need drugs? Do you turn to alcohol when you feel stressed? Do you need substances to help get you through everyday life?

If you have said yes to the above questions, you may have become reliant on substances.

Should you find yourself reliant on drugs or alcohol to get through your day-to-day life, now is the right time for you to seek professional help.

5. Relationships with others have broken down

Whilst drugs and alcohol have a profound impact on the lives of those struggling with substance addictions; they significantly impact family members, friends, and even colleagues. Often, this is because those who become addicted to substances isolate themselves, experience mood swings, and cause harm to those around them.

Often unintentional, these changes in behaviour can cause relationships with others to break down. If you have noticed that your relationships with others have broken down, attending rehab, and addressing your problems with substances, will help you make amends.

6. You experience financial difficulty

When drug and alcohol addictions arise, many people will spend substantial money to feed their dependencies. Unfortunately, this often leads to financial difficulty. If you experience financial hardship and often find yourself borrowing money from others to purchase substances, rehab may be beneficial.

7. Substances have become a priority

Prioritising substances over essential tasks, such as going to work or attending a family gathering, is another tell-tale sign you need to go to rehab.

8. Things you once enjoyed no longer interest you

Like the above, when you begin to prioritise substances, you will often find that things you once enjoyed no longer interest you. Usually, this is because of the effects that substances have on the body and brain. If you have lost interest in hobbies or find that you no longer enjoy spending time with certain people because of the effect that alcohol has, attending rehab is in your interest.

9. You’ve experienced a relapse

If you are aware that your relationship with drugs or alcohol has taken a turn for the worst, you may have previously attempted to recover independently. However, unable to cope with withdrawal symptoms and everyday life without, you may have experienced a relapse. In this instance, attending rehab is a must.

10. Loved ones have expressed their concerns

Finally, if your loved ones have expressed their concerns over your current lifestyle and have shared that they are worried about you, you must contact a rehab as soon as possible.


Treatments Available At Rehab

When the time comes for you to contact us, if we believe that attending rehab is in your best interest, we will offer you a wealth of information surrounding the treatments available at our rehab hospital. We will also provide unconditional support, guidance, and advice.

Though the treatments you may receive upon attending our rehab hospital will be dependent on your personal needs, the following treatments are available at our rehab:

At Nova Recovery, we also specialise in providing mental health treatments. In the instance that an addiction and mental health disorder coexist, we can provide dual diagnosis treatment.


Contact Us Today

At Nova Recovery, we hope that the information provided throughout this blog will help you answer the question, “do I need to go to rehab?”. If you can distinguish any of the above in yourself, it is in your best interest to contact us today. Likewise, if you are worried about your substance use, please reach out to us today.

In doing so, we can provide you with the support you need. We can even offer you a place in our rehab hospital where you will have the opportunity to take the first step in securing a long-term recovery.

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