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Heroin Detox

If you’re currently looking to recover from a heroin addiction, your first best step will be to source suitable and personalised addiction treatment. By selecting a specialist drug rehab, you’ll have the opportunity to kickstart your recovery through a heroin detox programme, followed by leading addiction treatments.

Without completing addiction treatment, with a large focus on a heroin detox, those ingrained cravings will continue to develop, all linked to the tolerance you’ve built up through substance abuse. Likewise, without psychological intervention, future heroin relapses are very likely.

The heroin detox process

Although a standardised heroin detox process isn’t set in place, especially when considering timeframes, detox programmes do offer mutual recovery milestones. Commonly, a rehabilitation process, with a focus on withdrawing from heroin can last between 1 and 2 weeks. However, please remember that a detox programme can affect individuals differently, along with their mental health state. With this in mind, the detox withdrawal process can vary significantly depending on personal needs.

Within the first 6-12 hours post consumption, heroin is likely to leave the body, resulting in grade 1 withdrawal symptoms. As heroin is a fast reacting drug, it also leaves the body efficiently, kickstarting a quick detox process. Within the first 24 to 48 hours, individuals are likely to progress and experience grade 2 and 3 withdrawal symptoms. This can be the most challenging stage of a detox programme. Withdrawal from heroin can result in muscle aches, high blood pressure, irritability, paranoia, nausea and insomnia. To help clients through these withdrawal symptoms, suitable prescriptions will be provided.

Once the first week of a detox has been completed, withdrawal symptoms are likely to subsidise, while promoting readiness for additional addiction treatments. By working through the initial stages of a medical detox, the ability to recover from an addiction to heroin will increase. Although side effects can continue, mild cases are usually experienced. However, additional treatment options will commonly support the withdrawal process, helping to ease this time.

Although identified as a challenging treatment to complete, a heroin detox programme is vital to prepare the body and mind for sobriety. Without breaking the cycle, while following a structured programme, future heroin abuse is likely.

Why detox from heroin?

Heroin is one of the most addictive and dangerous drugs on the market. Once consumed a handful of times, a tolerance and dependence to heroin can develop. Known for its feelings of pleasure, heroin users favour the escapism and euphoria of the drug. However, through those experiences, deep brain damage can occur, even over a short period of time.

As a result of the life-threatening physical and mental health problems linked to heroin abuse, withdrawing from the drug is highly recommended. Without completing a detox programme, medically supervised and structured for your personal needs, ongoing heroin abuse will continue. The negative side effects of addiction will be experienced, while also carrying a high potential of developing a dual diagnosis.

If you’re truly passionate about recovering, your journey must start with a heroin detox. This is a mandatory step to complete, helping to prepare the body for further addiction treatment. Attempting to go cold turkey will carry risks and ineffective results. Working through a carefully mapped our detox programme is advisable when withdrawing from heroin.

Withdrawal symptoms from heroin

Withdrawal symptoms from heroin can vary for all individuals. Some will experience physical side effects, such as vomiting, nausea, high blood pressure and stomach cramps. Others will struggle mentally, by suffering with paranoia, depression, insomnia, irritability and anxiety.

Likewise, the degree and timeframes of withdrawal symptoms can vary. Factors which can control this include the severity of a heroin addiction, health problems, and the detox programmes selected.

Please keep in mind that it is important that you select the right detox programme to suit your needs. There are a number of different detox routes to consider, all carrying different recovery rates. With this in mind, it is important to select the right level of care to ensure that withdrawal symptoms can be surpassed manageably.

Additional addiction treatments

As touched on above, to overcome an addiction, a comprehensive personal treatment plan will be required. This is down to the psychological impacts experienced when consuming heroin, along with the likelihood of developing mental health issues. Common treatment options, working in tandem with a heroin detox include support groups, individual therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and relapse prevention sessions. This combination will help clients heal mentally, while preparing for life post rehab.

Without completing a complete treatment plan, a standalone detox programme may not offer long-term recovery. Although withdrawal from heroin is very likely, underlying psychological triggers can reignite heroin abuse. With this in mind, we highly recommend the completion of alternative treatment options.

To begin your heroin detox programme and complete rehab plan here at Nova Recovery, get in touch today. Although withdrawing from heroin may initially be difficult, we can vouch for the benefits of addiction recovery. Experience those benefits by committing to a residential detox programme and psychological support.

Inpatient vs home detox programme

A common battle when considering detox programmes is the environment which treatments for heroin abuse should take place. Many individuals will favour a home detox programme. Although successful for some individuals, visiting a heroin rehab centre will always be encouraged by our team, especially for those with a dependence on heroin.

Home detox programmes do offer convenience and comfort. However, as withdrawal symptoms can become unbearable, your health and recovery probabilities will be at risk. By completing an inpatient heroin detox, you’ll have the care and guidance of medical professionals, while also completing additional treatment options.

As a heroin addiction will commonly influence psychological side effects, additional treatment options are required to promote recovery. With this in mind, you will boost your recovery timeframe and rates by completing an initial detox programme at our rehab centre, followed by psychological and social intervention.

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