Support, drug and alcohol withdrawal, psychological realignment and relapse prevention are important steps, necessary when working towards sober living. Down to these necessities, it’s easy to see how complex and testing drug and alcohol rehabilitation can be.

Yet, with the support of a leading drug and alcohol treatment hospital, you will have all of those necessities at your disposal, along with care, compassion and specialities.

At Nova Recovery, we pride ourselves on the rehab experiences we offer through residential programmes. Providing those necessities, we work with clients, in unison, to find the best way moving forward when considering long-term addiction recovery.

While residential rehab may feel over the top, while selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Aberdeen may feel the easiest option, it’s important to keep an open mind, it’s important to do whatever it takes to experience those necessities at their finest.

If you’re struggling with addiction, we can help you reach the other side of drug and alcohol rehab, aiming to change your life for the better.

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Why consider residential rehab?

Have you ever considered a short stay at a rehab hospital? At face value, most clients will avoid the idea of residential rehab. This will usually be down to the desire to remain close to family and friends, and to experience home comforts while rehabilitating from addiction. Although this is understandable, there are many benefits associated with residential drug and alcohol rehab.

At Nova Recovery, we fully back residential rehab for the comprehensive recovery experience it offers. From offering intense streams of addiction treatment and elevating physical and psychological health, to paving the way for greater quality of life, post-rehab, it is the idyllic route to sobriety.

Understandably, it may feel like a big step to take, to move away from Aberdeen. Yet, big steps and changes are required to transform yourself, to withdraw from drugs and alcohol, to turn a destructive habit into a new lease of life.

To experience this opportunity, a small sacrifice for your rehab stay will be required, with the aim to benefit you for the long-term. With this in mind, looking beyond outpatient care, looking beyond a drug and alcohol rehab in Aberdeen itself could serve you well, boosting your drug and alcohol rehabilitation experience and results.

Residential rehab isn’t suited for everyone. For those with minimal associations to drugs and alcohol, localised or outpatient addiction treatment can work. Yet, for the majority of clients, for those with an addiction diagnosis, looking further afield will be advantageous; exactly what we can offer at Nova Recovery.

The reality of selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Aberdeen itself

As we’ve mentioned above, most individuals lean towards localised addiction recovery. Down to comfort and convenience, it is understandable to see why it is a sought-after rehabilitation option.

However, it is very important to consider the reality of selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Aberdeen, especially if you suffer from common signs and symptoms of addiction.

Suffering from addiction will usually carry social, emotional or environmental triggers. For some, drug and alcohol consumption may have started down to a mental health issue or a distressing moment in life.

For others, it may have materialised down to social trends or pressures. And in further situations, drug and alcohol abuse may have developed down to environmental impacts.

Remaining around those familiarities, those triggers can be very hard while withdrawing from drugs and alcohol. Imagine experiencing physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms while exposed to the people you consume those addictive substances with, the emotional triggers you struggle with, or those influential settings. This can be extremely tough, disrupting drug and alcohol withdrawal, delaying recovery, and pushing sober living further away.

With this in mind, before opting for the convenience of an Aberdeen based rehab hospital, it’s important to consider the reality behind this experience.

Although residential rehab can be sourced locally, for some, this can still carry risks and disruptions through associations. Yet, by removing yourself from those associations, you can focus on the task at hand, of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Our admission process here at Nova Recovery

If you’re warming to the idea of residential rehab, feel free to contact our team for a free, confidential conversation. Here you can submit your initial enquiry, where your suitability for drug and alcohol rehabilitation will be gauged.

Progressing you through the admission process, we will complete a pre-admission screening. This screening will consider your readiness to recover, along with your physical and psychological capabilities and health to encounter detoxification and psychological realignment. The aim is to ensure that you are safe and ready to advance through addiction treatment.

Once we’re mutually happy with the next steps, through residential rehab, a treatment deposit will be required, soon followed by all arrangements to transition you from Aberdeen. Please be reassured that we are here for you on an emotional basis throughout your admission process.

As your admission date arrives, you will again complete a full hospital assessment, ensuring that you are again fit for rehabilitation. Through this assessment, your personal needs will also be gauged, helping to form a personalised rehab programme for you.

This step will mark the beginning of your rehab stay, where a range of addiction treatment options will be completed, moving you closer towards your end recovery goals.

At Nova Recovery, we understand that this can be a lot of information to take in. We also appreciate how residential rehab is likely to be a new prospect for you, carrying many concerns or questions.

Please feel reassured that we are here for you, that we have your best interests at heart, and that we will work with you to define and facilitate a fitting drug and alcohol rehab programme.

Providing you with all necessities to comfortably, safely and conveniently rehabilitate from drugs and alcohol, a small relocation to Largs will be worthwhile.

Compare the reality of residential rehab with a drug and alcohol rehab in Aberdeen. If residential rehab offers a realistic opportunity to recover for you, reach out to Nova Recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a rehabilitation center?

A rehab centre is a location where clients come to complete a drug and/or alcohol treatment programme that is provided in a residential setting. Rehabs provide an intensive programme of support and care in the hopes of achieving sobriety.

How to get into drug rehab?

Our competent and experienced admission teams are available 24/7 to assist you with the admission process. We first complete an initial assessment which can be done face to face or over the telephone. Once completed our team will then work with yourself and discuss all the available treatment options available.

What Does Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Program Involve?

Our effective inpatient programs include many different approaches in cognitive and behavioural therapy, as well as a medical intervention when needed.