Visiting an official addiction recovery hospital may feel unnerving, serious, and momentous. It’s likely that it will bring out the realism of your addiction, and the support that you require to recover.

Yet, this is the exact requirement to overcome a drug and alcohol addiction, no matter how significant the commitment may seem.

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Medical, specialist and professional support, observation and care are all vital to experience while overcoming such a complex condition.

For someone with a significant drug and alcohol addiction, high traces will be present, side effects will be effective, withdrawal symptoms will be likely, and a degree of negativity will be inevitable.

To reach a safe, healthy, positive place of addiction recovery, structure, recommendation, and safeguard will therefore be necessary, delivered through a private addiction recovery hospital.

If you’re unaware of how significant support is, at Nova Recovery, we encourage you to take in the below information.

You may have looked to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Abertillery, which is basically the same offering, yet without the specialist approach of mental health recovery. See our offering as an opportunity that is just as approachable, just as comfortable, and just as private as rehab.

Reach out for more information on the experiences, the treatments, the expectations, and the results linked to our private addiction recovery hospital, offering drug and alcohol rehabilitation and mental health recovery.


Why should I visit an addiction recovery hospital?

It may seem strange to visit a private hospital when considering your addiction recovery journey. Yet this is in fact the safest place you can be, as addiction is both a physical and psychological condition.

A private hospital in fact reflects the standards and offering of drug and alcohol rehab, yet there is a clear difference here at Nova Recovery.

Not only do we promote drug and alcohol rehabilitation, but also mental health recovery. Through that, we offer a combined approach to care and treatment, to ensure that our clients can recover on a 360 basis.

Considering an addiction recovery hospital will place you in the most effective position to work through your side effects, symptoms, and downfalls of addiction. Safety, comfort, personalisation, and true levels of privacy can be expected.


Can I find such services via a drug and alcohol rehab in Abertillery?

You can visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Abertillery to combat your addiction. This will be our next recommendation of ours if our offering deviates from your needs or level of accessibility.

However, we cannot guarantee that you will find such standards of care here, down to the specific offering that we promote of dual diagnosis care.

Some rehab clinics will predominantly focus on addiction recovery, which is effective for the right clients. Yet, for those who do require or hope for holistic healing, with equal focus on psychological restoration, instead of investing in privatised services here at Nova Recovery will be endorsed.

It’s understandable that you may feel that moving from Abertillery will be a big move, for the sake of addiction treatment and care. Yet our standards, experience and recovery rates will support our recommendation, help you recover, rebalance, adapt, and rehabilitate for the long term.


Treatment options are recommended depending on the type and degree of addiction, along with personal needs and experiences.

However, there is a range of commonly utilised treatment services, which are suitable to promote drug and alcohol addiction recovery.

Detoxification is a clear necessity, to medically detox the body to promote drug and alcohol removal. Therapy will also be an indefinite recommendation, to understand the cause of addiction and to adapt outlooks on drug and alcohol abuse.

However, the type of therapy that you require will depend on your needs, where anything from cognitive behavioural therapy, family therapy, group therapy and dialectical behavioural therapy may be advised.

Alongside the primary forms of addiction treatment, further coping strategies and techniques may be encouraged, such as stress management and wellbeing management, to help clients manage any future symptoms.

Addiction treatment services are an instrumental part of addiction recovery, which you will also likely find via a reputable drug and alcohol rehab in Abertillery.

Yet to recover comprehensively, you’ll also find an emphasis on our psychological treatment programmes, to target dual diagnosis and ingrained habits.


What are the steps of relapse prevention?

Relapse prevention planning will usually follow treatment here at Nova Recovery. It is an invaluable step, which will help you plan for life back in Abertillery, instilling confidence, structure, and accountability within your long-term recovery journey.

With our help, we will help you develop a personalised plan which will assist with preventing the risk and materialisation of drug and alcohol relapse.

Your plan will include motivational quotes, helplines, steps to take if you are exposed to drugs, alcohol or triggers, and some guidelines to follow in the event of crises. It is important to remember that you’ll likely need to use your plan on an initial basis, to manoeuvre through your new lifestyle.

Relapse risks will be present for most individuals, where thoughts of consumption, where cravings, where old emotions and where consumption may take place.

Yet, how you work through such risks will define your level of recovery. To relapse isn’t the end of the world, just a sign that greater addiction treatment will be necessary to devalue drugs and alcohol.

Recovering from addiction is different for everyone. Your relapse prevention plan will help you personally normalise sober living while working through your new reality.

Paired with a healthy and happy lifestyle, you’ll soon realise how damaging drugs and alcohol are, with the hope to steer away from them.


Will I need to experience dual diagnosis treatment?

Differentiating us from a drug and alcohol rehab in Abertillery, dual diagnosis treatment is one of our specialisms. It will be recommended to you if you’re struggling mentally, experience symptoms of mental health issues, or simply experience low moments.

It works in tandem with addiction treatment to alleviate dual symptoms, to ensure that both conditions can be suppressed and treated.

This is a very important step to offer assurance that full recovery can be aimed for, and that remaining cravings and triggers can be digested and diminished.

All treatments here at Nova Recovery, including dual diagnosis treatment, will be recommended to you on a personal basis, to secure appropriateness and effect.

Feel reassured by this, by opting to visit our private hospital while searching for a drug and alcohol rehab in Abertillery.