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Risks of Long-Term Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Engaging with a drug or alcohol addiction for any time is unhealthy for you. Every time you abuse drugs or alcohol, you are putting yourself at risk, and the dangers only get worst the longer you carry on like this.

Addiction is difficult to overcome. No one is going to argue with you on that face. But it is possible to get the right treatments to live a normal and healthy life that isn’t dependent on drugs or alcohol.

The sooner you make this commitment to a lifestyle change, the better it will be because there are some serious risks associated with long-term drug and alcohol addiction.

These risks include:

  • Criminal record
  • Heart, lung or kidney failure
  • Liver failure
  • Can’t give blood or organs to people who need them
  • Higher risk of developing certain cancers
  • Homelessness
  • Loss of job
  • Loss of fertility
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Loss of teeth
  • Tractemotamy
  • Blindness

All of these risks increase over time, and the only way to avoid these is to take steps as soon as possible to overcome your addiction. Accepting that you have an addiction that you need help with can be difficult for many people.

It is accepting that your current lifestyle is hurting you and that you need to make a positive change. That is the thing about change. Even when you know it is good for you, it can still seem scary.

There is comfort in the familiar, and there is a level of comfort in your addiction. Be it from you using drugs or alcohol as a way to avoid dealing with negative emotions or from a habit from your young life that has always been with you.

But it is important that you remember that just because something may feel good, it doesn’t mean that it is good for you. Drugs and alcohol are what you know, but they can’t be your future if you want to have a happy and healthy life.

You need to take steps now to help yourself. It is never too late to start your journey to long-term recovery at a drug or alcohol rehab near Balerno.


How to Find Help in Balerno for Addiction

The start of your journey dealing with your drug and alcohol addiction can seem a bit daunting. After all, if this is your first attempt or if you are new to the Balerno area, you might not know where to best place to start is.

Well, don’t worry. At Nova Recovery, we want to provide you with the advice you need so that you can make a sensible and informed decision about how to find help.

You can contact us with any questions you may have, and we will be more than happy to help you by phoning 01475 303998.

The first steps many take towards getting help is to talk to their local GP. This allows them to talk to a medical professional that can direct them from there.

When you talk to your GP in Balerno, you will likely be referred to the closest hospital, where you will talk to a specialist. This process can take a fair while, but it will be done with no cost to you and can get you medical treatment for your drug or alcohol addiction.

Another popular option for getting help for a drug or alcohol addiction in Balerno is to find a local support group.

Support groups can be a brilliant way to get help for any kind of addiction, as you will be interacting with people who really understand where you are coming from and how it feels to be where you are right now.

Most support groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, are run by volunteers who are also recovering addicts just like you. They are following the 12-step programme, which ends with you offering your help to others who need it.

These meetings are low-stress, and you can come and go as you please. There is no need to give your name or any details about yourself. You just have to go and be honest about your problems so you can get some help in Balerno.


Addiction Treatments at Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehab

How addictions are treated in alcohol and drug rehab comes down to two main treatments that are broken down into smaller parts.

These treatments are medical detox and addiction therapy treatments.

The drug or alcohol detox is a ten-day process that rids your body of all toxins such as drugs or alcohol. It is often considered the worst part of rehab, as you will experience some withdrawal symptoms as a part of it.

However, you will be perfectly safe as you’ll be monitored by the medical team throughout.

By the end of it, you won’t need to worry about withdrawal symptoms again and the drug detox phase will be complete.

Addiction therapies are designed to teach you how to manage your addiction. This is done by helping you to identify your triggers so you can replace your substance abuse with healthier coping mechanisms.


Is it Better to Travel for Rehab Treatment?

When you are willing to travel from Balerno for your rehab treatment, you are opening yourself up for new experiences and widening your search area for the rehabs you consider.

It is all about finding an environment that works for you and your needs. Our private rehab centre is located in Scotland, a short drive away from Edinburgh. To learn more about our facilities, please call our admissions team on 01475 303998.


Rehab Aftercare in Balerno

Most rehab centres offer aftercare services. These are designed to help you transition from rehab back to everyday life.

As part of this, you will be given a relapse prevention plan that is designed specifically for you and your needs. It will contain all the tools you learnt during your stay.

It will also include names of local support groups in Balerno that could be helpful for you and often a referral for follow-up therapy sessions. These services tend to be available for up to a year after you leave the rehab centre.

Making this change can be hard, which is why at Nova Recovery, we want to help you in any way that we can. If you have any more questions or if you just need to talk to someone, please feel free to give us a call at 01475 303998.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is inpatient treatment like?

Inpatient residential addiction treatment is the course of treatment which we recommend for most individuals who are looking to overcome a drug addiction and/or alcohol addiction. Inpatient treatment, due to the fact that you reside full-time at the place where you are receiving treatment, is a very intensive form of treatment. You will receive round-the-clock medical care from the comfort of a top quality private bedroom. We will also provide you with three home-cooked nutritious meals prepared by our kitchen staff each day.

How do I get into rehab?

Getting in touch with our admissions team is a free and easy way to start the recovery journey. Our admissions team can take you through the whole process and get an admission date sorted out quickly so you can get the addiction treatment that you need. If you are going to a private drug and alcohol rehab like Nova Recovery you will have to pay, including a deposit, so it’s important to have the available funds. The services private facility offers are sought after and places go quickly so it’s vital you secure a place.

What is life like after rehab?

The truth is that life after rehab can be hard—especially in the first year. Many relapses that occur happen within the first year out of drug and alcohol treatment, as some people think they can deal with returning to old environments and confronting addiction triggers regularly. Because of this, we offer a free 12-month aftercare package to help those just out of rehab. Life after rehab can be fulfilling and clearer without the constant worry of relapse hanging over. That worry might always be there, but with our help and others around, former addicts can learn to deal with the struggle and revitalise their life.