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It’s easy to feel alone when you are in the grip of a drug or alcohol addiction. You might feel ashamed of talking to your loved ones, or feel like you have driven people away with your substance misuse and related behaviours. Addiction is nothing to be ashamed of, however. It is an illness that can strike anyone and it is extremely difficult to break free from. If you are suffering from addiction there is still hope on the horizon. Evidence-based addiction treatment can be extremely effective and could help you to make a full and long-term recovery.

Getting help for drug and alcohol addiction

Long-term drug and alcohol abuse can lead to long-lasting changes in the way your brain reacts to things like pleasure and reward. You can build up a tolerance to the substance, meaning you need to take more and more of it to get the same ‘buzz’ and sometimes even to feel normal. You may suffer unpleasant withdrawal symptoms when you do not drink or take drugs and you will feel a strong compulsion to continue using, despite the fact that there may be negative consequences.

All this helps to explain why it is so very difficult to overcome addiction alone. Even if you are lucky enough to have a support network of friends and families willing to help, they are unlikely to have the specialist knowledge and resources that you can access at a professional alcohol and drug rehab or another kind of treatment centre. Some stages, like going through alcohol detox, can be very dangerous if undergone without proper supervision, so it is always best to seek expert help as soon as possible.

Addiction treatment options in Benarty

Whether you are looking for addiction treatment in Benarty or further afield in Scotland, you are likely to have a number of options. Outpatient treatment might be available through the NHS for example, while residential treatment at an alcohol rehab centre can offer a complete programme of treatment options designed to address every part of your substance misuse and addiction. Some specialist residential rehab places like Nova Recovery will also offer mental health services such as anxiety and depression treatment.

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Inpatient rehab versus outpatient rehab

Deciding to look for help is always a positive step but one of the major choices you will have to make is whether to go for outpatient or inpatient rehab. Most treatment programmes offered via the NHS are delivered on an outpatient or community-based model and these may be suitable for some people. You will not have to take time out from your regular life and costs may also be an issue. There are limitations with this sort of treatment though. You will be surrounded by all the triggers and temptations associated with your drinking or drug use. You will have to attend treatment sessions – which can be difficult if your addiction makes you unreliable and disorganised. You may have minimal help when going through detox and withdrawal and the overall treatment time will tend to be more drawn out.

At a private drug and alcohol rehab you will be in a safe and secure environment where you can concentrate entirely on your recovery. You will have access to the best support (our service is led by a psychiatrist, alongside a nurse manager, clinical nurse specialist, mental health nurse therapists and support therapists) and will have access to an individually tailored treatment that is delivered in a structured way. You will also be able to undergo a supervised detox with medical assistance, which can be very important. Overall, outpatient therapy can be useful but inpatient addiction treatment is much more effective, particularly for serious addictions.

How does inpatient rehab work?

Inpatient rehab works by taking a holistic approach and treating all the aspects of your illness. This typically involves clearing the drugs and alcohol from your system during detoxification, along with a range of therapies aimed at helping you to explore the root causes of your addiction. If mental health issues are tangled in with your substance misuse issues, as they often are, both elements can be treated at the same time through dual diagnosis treatment.

Drug and alcohol detox in Scotland

Alcohol and drug detox can be a very challenging part of any recovery journey. As well as strong cravings you may start to suffer a range of physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. These can vary quite widely depending on the substance involved and other factors such as the length and heaviness of usage. They could include psychological symptoms such as anxiety and depression to physical symptoms such as nausea, severe aches and even seizures. The whole process can be difficult and potentially dangerous, so it is always best done under medical supervision.

Addiction therapy options in Benarty

Detox is important but it is only a part of a holistic addiction treatment programme. You will also be encouraged to explore the root causes behind your addiction through techniques such as counselling and group therapy. Another valuable technique is cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), which is commonly used to treat mental health issues such as depression and anxiety but has also been shown to be very effective at treating addiction. Essentially you can learn to change the way you think and eventually behave around drugs or alcohol. The overall purpose is to give you the knowledge and tools you need for relapse prevention moving forward.

Aftercare and relapse prevention

While the treatment programme you go through in the rehab clinic will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to continue your recovery journey, there will almost certainly be challenging times ahead. A comprehensive free aftercare programme can help to prevent the danger of relapse by providing vital support just when you need it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common treatments for addiction?

Going through drug or alcohol detox is a common treatment to help deal with the physical side of addiction. Therapeutic treatments such as CBT and DBT are the backbone of effective drug and alcohol treatment, providing you with the tools to manage your life and daily stresses.

What if a friend or loved one is suffering from addiction?

We know that it can be very difficult for a person struggling with an addiction problem to seek help. Sometimes they don’t want to admit the extent of the problem to those around them and sometimes they are very much in self-denial. If your loved one is displaying the signs and symptoms of addiction, a family intervention could help them face up to their problems. We also offer confidential advice and friend and family referrals as part of our admissions process.

How long does rehab last?

The length of time that you’re in rehab will depend on several things such as the treatment programme that you’re on, the severity of your addiction, and your reactions to treatments. The most common length of time for a rehab treatment programme is 28 days. Your treatment provider will usually be able to give you an idea of how long you will be in rehab before you go, but it will ultimately depend on how well you respond to the treatments that you’re given.