Drug and alcohol addiction is a growing concern. Addiction is characterised by chronic or long-term, progressive addiction and relapse. It may begin innocently, but it craves more over time when the body is immune from the substance’s effects.

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This is the cornerstone for alcohol and drug addiction and often is when the problem starts to spiral. The brain chemistry changes and creates a domino effect throughout the mind and body. Addiction can soon lead to overdose, and overdose can lead to death.

Multiple health concerns can arise from addiction. Some health conditions connected to addiction are:

  • Schizophrenia
  • Depression
  • Seizures
  • Stroke
  • Heart attacks
  • Lung disease

Alcoholism is connected closely with liver failure and liver disease. Any minor telltale signs of the above disease must be treated immediately. The best course of action is drug and alcohol rehabilitation. This encapsulates therapies and counselling and intense medical assistance for an alcohol and drug detox.


Treatments for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Private drug and alcohol rehabilitation programmes offer a safe and secure way to recover. Drug and alcohol detoxification, therapy programmes, reintegration and aftercare plans are comprehensive solutions to addiction. There is a common objective: to remove the addiction and prevent a relapse in the future.

The approach to alcohol and drug rehabilitation is undertaken from a multidisciplinary perspective in which we use very diverse learning techniques. At Nova Recovery, these include counselling sessions and therapies, such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). There will be group sessions available for family/friends and an abundance of support which aids the process of recovery.

All goals that are set initially can be achieved with rehab. Each plan is modified depending on progress and works at a good pace for you. We seek to help anyone to understand the disease, understand their triggers and isolate issues that may have led you to this path.

We aim to heal individual trauma that may be holding you back and work to help you fully reintegrate into your social, work and family life. A dedicated aftercare plan ensures you are not alone once you leave us.

Some of the most commonly available and successful treatments are:

● Detoxification
● CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)
● Art therapy
● Counselling sessions
● Medication (only if needed)
● Help groups

These treatments are beneficial not only for you but for your friends and family. We encourage them to get involved as much as they want and learn about your addiction and recovery milestones. A team effort will always be significant. We will become that circle for you if you do not have anyone in your close circle.

You are never alone, and you must not ever think you are. You have a safe and warm environment to recover and blossom. You can rekindle old loves and old goals and find new pathways.


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How Long are Rehab Programmes?

There are numerous phases of recovery. Numerous factors will determine the longevity of the programme. This may include the type of addiction, how long you have been addicted, and any other underlying health issues that must be tackled. Often, you can expect to stay in rehab for at least 30 days.

This may be tweaked, so it is important to learn as much as possible. Don’t worry, at Nova Recovery; we want you to be fully aware of your recovery process. We pride ourselves on exceptional support, dedication and friendliness throughout.

Rehab programmes are intense; therefore, you will have access to a stellar aftercare plan when you leave our clinic. This is still part of your programme. However, you will already be reintegrated and working towards your new life goals. An aftercare programme lasts for up to 12 months, and by that point, you will have found a support group you can turn to in times of need. You can continue dedicated therapies, as well as counselling sessions. All of this combined is a winning formula for long-term sobriety.


Get Help for a Loved One

There may be brewing feelings of hopelessness for the future. Whether you are the one facing addiction or it is a loved one, you may feel hopeless, lost, and concerned. Our team is always available to talk to you whenever you feel ready and are dedicated to helping people recover from addiction. These moments of pure desperation can be exacerbated when you feel there is no assistance. However, you can find the help you need here at Nova Recovery.

We are happy to help you see the numerous benefits and routes you take to make you feel happier and healthier each day.


Easy Admission at Nova Recovery

With a simple admissions process, our team can assess the problem, offer impartial advice, and give you a friendly reminder that recovery is possible. You can call our team about your addiction or someone you love on 01475 303998. It is a simple and easy process to enquire.

Admissions are stress-free. A detailed and comprehensive assessment will occur on the phone or face to face before a programme is structured. We will ask you questions about your addiction, and it is helpful to us if you offer as much information as possible. This way, we can find you the best course of action and the appropriate medical help you need.

Once you have committed to the programme, we can help you get to rehab, choose the best location, and make you feel incredibly settled and at home with us.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are some psychological symptoms of addiction?

As well as significantly affected your physical health, addiction to alcohol or drugs also has a devastating impact on your mental health. You’ll likely experience increased anxiety, depression, stress, low self-esteem, paranoia, bipolarity, loneliness, and mental fatigue. You’re unlikely to want to engage in any social activities or take part in things which you once enjoyed as your addiction take priority.

What can you do during your downtime at our rehabilitation centre?

We arrange social activities for you to take part in such as group runs or walks, quiz nights, film nights, or family visits or you wish to.

Can I achieve sobriety, and how?

It is entirely possible to achieve sobriety as long as you're committed to your recovery. Sobriety is the end goal of rehab. This is achieved through a detoxification process and a range of additional therapies and treatments. These efforts will need to continue after rehab, though, to maintain minimal exposure to alcohol and drugs. Work towards your sobriety goals with Nova Recovery, ideal through selecting a drug and alcohol rehab centre in Clackmannan.