Feeling supported throughout the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process will be invaluable. Yet are you struggling to accept any degree of support, from the offset?

This is a very common response when faced with the possibility of outside guidance, motivation, and direction. You may be seeing such services as invasive or as unequipped to understand and support you.

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However, through the right drug and alcohol rehab clinic, the right standard of care, and the right mindset, the offering of support can be transformed. Such standards can deliver support in many different forms, from your admission to your long-term recovery journey.

See why accepting support is advocated here at Nova Recovery, in fact, recommended at its best by considering our services. Overlook those of a drug and alcohol rehab in Burnham-on-Sea to encounter the greatest form of support throughout addiction recovery.

You may be struggling to warm to support for a number of different reasons, from the invasive views of local rehab to the desires to recover independently. See how you can overcome such hurdles with our guidance, compassion and drug and alcohol rehabilitation services.


Why is it hard to accept support throughout addiction?

Sourcing support for years has been seen as the weak option. Yet such opinion is incorrect, and most definitely deviates from the bravery that it takes to open up about addiction.

However, down to the stigma attached to both addiction and rehab, many individuals are still finding it hard to accept support, through the risk and anxieties of penalisation and judgement.

Further reasons why support can be hard to accept include the experience of denial as a response, the desire to cope independently, fears over privacy issues and worries about local recovery options and the traction they can bring.

It is important to gauge why you are personally finding it hard to accept support, as such issues may be resolvable, helping you access the invaluable offering of drug and alcohol rehab.


Can I source support via a drug and alcohol rehab in Burnham-on-Sea?

Yes, there’s a high chance that you will find sources of support via a drug and alcohol rehab in Burnham-on-Sea. Yet, as we’ve highlighted higher up, if you’re struggling to accept and warm to support, down to the locality of this recommendation, it’s encouraged that you vocalise this, and then consider further options.

Another option you can look towards will be residential rehab, which is available here at Nova Recovery. We’re a specialist private hospital that offers addiction treatment services and mental health recovery programmes with privacy and discretion at the forefront.

We understand how hard it can be to accept support. We appreciate that you may be worried about remaining in Burnham-on-Sea to access rehab.

We also respect how opening up about your emotions, sensitive experiences and personal information may be tough. We work to combat such discomforting experiences of rehab by promoting residential programmes, with dedicated teams to hand, ready to offer respect and privacy.


How will support look throughout rehab?

Support can be found in a multitude of ways throughout drug and alcohol rehab. It can be experienced on an emotional level, to offer stability and rational digestion.

Support can be available from a medical standpoint, to preserve your physical and psychological health while you advance through rehab.

Sources of support are also found through addiction treatment services, all working in different ways to promote detoxification, mental clarity, change and coping.

For example, support will be found through stress management, dialectical behavioural therapy, and group therapy, yet in different ways to cater to personal needs.

Rehab also offers support with wellbeing, quality of life and dual diagnosis treatment, with relapse prevention planning and with post-rehab planning to assist with the last few phases of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Ultimately, whichever type of support you require, will be accessible here at Nova Recovery, fulfilled through your own tailored rehab programme.

While support will be available through a drug and alcohol rehab in Burnham-on-Sea, we encourage you to do your research into such an offering, as all rehab services are different.


Can I access support after rehab?

Aftercare is a customary form of support that you can most definitely plan to experience while returning home to Burnham-on-Sea. It’s in fact understandable if you’re already thinking about your post-rehab transition, as it can be tough to leave rehab and embark on independent addiction recovery.

The offering of aftercare helps to ease the adjustment phase while providing you with emotional support while becoming accustomed to a new lifestyle. It’s very natural to require support through this process, as sobriety may be unfamiliar to you in such a setting.

Making use of aftercare will be very beneficial, to help you create a structured routine, to help you remain motivated and to help you feel supported and cared for through an important time of addiction recovery.


Will I always need support?

Aftercare is offered for 12 months post-rehab, as this is the usual timeframe it can take to completely adjust to sober living.

However, you may find that ongoing support, via a drug and alcohol rehab in Burnham-on-Sea, via online support groups or via virtual helplines may benefit you personally.

Support is always accessible through the struggles of addiction. You may require advice with manoeuvring through drug and alcohol triggers, you may look to develop new coping strategies, you may hope to gain greater perspective, or you may just need someone to talk to.

By viewing support as the beneficial asset that it is, you’ll soon see how it can in fact strengthen your long-term recovery journey.

Reaching for support displays bravery, control, and passion, to change, to recover and to detach from drugs and alcohol. Available in many forms, you can experience support from your admission, all the way to your post-rehab reality, far into the future.

Contact our team today to gauge how we can support you optimally through your journey of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. By doing so, you can expect a private and personal take on rehab, helping to remove you from all risks of judgment.