If you believe that an addiction is impairing the quality of your life, you must consider attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Cirencester.

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Why Attend A Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

Ongoing drug and alcohol consumption sadly has many devastating consequences.  Not only are addictions likely to arise, but various physical and psychological health problems are too.

Unfortunately, despite the health issues that come hand-in-hand with excessive drug and alcohol consumption and addictions, many individuals do not secure treatment.  In fact, it is thought that only 18% of those living with an addiction go on to secure treatment at a drug and alcohol rehab.

Sadly, instead of attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Cirencester, many attempt to recover from their addiction independently by simply reducing their substance intake.

This initiates the withdrawal process, which can be unbearable and problematic when not administered in rehab.

When individuals attempt to withdraw from drugs or alcohol alone, various withdrawal symptoms arise.  From nausea to headaches and anxiety to paranoia, the withdrawal symptoms many come to experience often lead to relapse.   

In addition to the above, many fail to realise that addictions are psychological disorders that require professional treatment, such as therapy.

Without therapy, the psychological ramifications of addiction cannot be overcome.  In turn, the cycle of addiction is almost impossible to conquer.

Considering this, if you have become reliant on drugs or alcohol, you must attend a drug and alcohol rehab for treatment.

Not only will treatment administered at a drug and alcohol rehab in Cirencester ensure that you have every chance of making a long-term recovery, but it will ensure that you address all aspects of your addiction.

Securing Treatment At Our Residential Rehab Hospital

Although many individuals will opt to attend a drug and alcohol rehab that is local to them, we welcome people from all corners of the United Kingdom to secure treatment at our residential rehab hospital.

If you have searched for a drug and alcohol rehab in Cirencester but find that your treatment options are somewhat limited, we would be more than happy to provide you with a place at our rehab hospital.

Located in Largs, Scotland, our rehab hospital combines industry-leading rehabilitation treatments with outstanding facilities.

Unlike many drug and alcohol rehabs in Cirencester, you do not need to be referred to our rehab by a health professional, such as a GP.  Instead, we have developed a self-referral service that enables you to refer yourself for treatment at our rehab hospital.

To refer yourself to our rehab hospital for addiction treatment, you will be required to complete our admissions process.  Consisting of an initial enquiry and a pre-admissions assessment, our admissions process will allow you to ask any questions you may have about our hospital.

Our admissions process will also guarantee that we understand your addiction and can recommend suitable treatment.

You Will Be Provided With A Personalised Treatment Programme

Upon entering our rehab hospital, you will be asked to participate in a clinical assessment.  This assessment will confirm the treatment you need and will ensure that our team of highly skilled professionals can provide you with a personalised treatment programme.

Like many others, before researching your options surrounding drug and alcohol rehabs in Cirencester, you may have been under the impression that one treatment is provided to all individuals struggling with addiction.  However, this is not true.

If you are to overcome your addiction, you will need to complete a personalised treatment programme that combines various treatments that will cater to your personal addiction and recovery needs.

Although we are unable to determine the treatment that will be incorporated into your treatment programme before speaking to you, your personalised treatment programme will likely combine detoxification, psychological therapy, well-being therapy and aftercare support.

Should you wish to find out more about the exact treatments you may undergo at our rehab hospital, it is best to contact us directly.

As touched on above, by talking to you about your addiction, we can discuss the treatment you are likely to require should you reserve a space at our rehab hospital.

Detox Will Help You Physically Overcome Your Addiction

The first stage in many addiction treatment programmes, detox, or detoxification as it is otherwise known, will help you overcome the physical ramifications of your addiction.

By prescribing medication, we can instigate the withdrawal process, which will remove any harmful toxins from your body.

Therapy Will Enable You To Address The Cause Of Your Addiction

For many individuals, the thought of experiencing therapy is quite daunting.

Although therapy can induce some unpleasant emotions, psychological and well-being therapy plays a large role in your ability to overcome your addiction.

Irrespective of the therapy you are offered, you will find that you have a safe space to discuss how your addiction has come to control your life.

You will also be encouraged to review the cause of your addiction.  In doing so, you can work with recovery specialists to determine how you can manage any triggers that you may encounter in the future.

Aftercare Support Will Help You Maintain Your Sobriety

As an individual completes a rehabilitation programme, they often believe that they will be left to continue to recover alone.

Although aftercare support via a drug and alcohol rehab in Cirencester may be somewhat limited, we provide 12-months of aftercare support to all of our clients here at Nova Recovery.

On hand to help you maintain your sobriety, our aftercare support will see you invited to attend weekly group therapy sessions.  You may also be offered 6-months of cognitive behavioural therapy or dialectical behavioural therapy via Zoom.

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