A recent report by the Scottish Government said that the country has ‘a troubled history’ with drugs and alcohol. It said: “Since the 1980s, we have seen substantially increased alcohol consumption, and consequently, high levels of alcohol-related harm. We also remain extremely concerned by the continued rise in drug-related harm and are fully committed to tackling this complex problem.”1

Not all problem drinking and drug use involves addiction but it is easy for substance misuse to tip into dependency and addiction. Once it does, it can be very difficult to break free without expert help.

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Alcohol and drug addiction affects impulse control and can lead to cravings and compulsive substance use. You may build up a tolerance and experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop or cut down on your own.

Addiction can be successfully treated though, and the best way of doing so is through a thorough and holistic addiction treatment programme delivered at a residential drug and alcohol rehab. If you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Duntocher or surrounding areas, we can help you take your crucial first steps to recovery.

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Signs of an Addiction

In most cases, an addiction to drugs or alcohol will develop over a period of time – although some substances are certainly more addictive than others and some individuals can be more prone to developing an addiction. Many people affected by these issues will be in denial about the extent of their problem, or even the fact that they have one in the first place.

If you think you might have a problem with drugs or alcohol you might want to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Has your drinking or drug use increased over time?
  • Do you need more for the same effect?
  • Do you feel ill effects when you do not drink or use drugs?
  • Do you get intoxicated at inappropriate times (in charge of children, at work, when you need to drive)?
  • Do you avoid situations where you can’t drink or use drugs?
  • Do you feel like you need drink and drugs to get through the day?
  • Do you get anxious about not having access to alcohol or drugs?
  • Does your social life and circle revolve around drugs and alcohol?
  • Do you hide, downplay or get defensive about your substance misuse?
  • Have you tried and failed to cut down or quit before?

Answering ‘yes’ to any of the above does not necessarily mean you have an alcohol addiction, but you might well have a problem that needs addressing, especially if you recognise your own situation in more than one question.


What are the Advantages of Attending Rehab?

There are a number of options when it comes to addiction recovery, but residential rehab has a number of clear advantages.

For a start, it places you in a calm and secure environment where you can really focus on your recovery. You will be away from the people and places linked with your drinking or drug use and will not have access to drugs or alcohol.

This can be particularly important when you are going through drug and alcohol detox – there is always a big temptation to go back to drugs or alcohol when the cravings and withdrawal symptoms bite. This is a big stumbling block and a point where many people fail when they try to go it alone.

In drug rehab, you will undergo this crucial detox stage under medical supervision. You will also have access to a range of therapies and other treatments designed to address the root causes and psychological aspects of your addiction.

In a residential rehab setting, these treatments can be delivered in a compact and structured programme that can actually take a lot less time than other treatment options.

You will be surrounded by experienced recovery professionals to provide the finest round-the-clock care. At Nova Recovery, our service is led by a psychiatrist, alongside a nurse manager, clinical nurse specialist, mental health nurse therapists and a number of support therapists.

We provide evidence-based therapeutic programmes that are proven to support your recovery from addiction. Other residents will also be going through their own recovery journeys, leading to a very supportive environment.

We also offer a year of free aftercare to anyone completing one of our rehab programmes, which can provide the vital support you need in the months following your stay.


Are There Free Rehab Options?

When most people think of ‘rehab’ they think of inpatient rehab, where you stay on the premises.

The NHS offers free drug and alcohol treatment but this is almost always on a community-based or outpatient basis. This means you stay in your own home and attend treatment sessions – usually at clinics or other similar settings. This can be valuable for many people but there are some disadvantages compared to residential rehab.

You are likely to be surrounded by all those triggers and temptations that residential rehab takes you away from – which can make it difficult to get through detox and remain clean and sober when times get tough. You will have to undergo detox with minimal supervision, which can be challenging. Some withdrawal symptoms can be potentially dangerous, which is one reason why it is best to undergo detox in a supervised clinical setting like that provided in a rehab.

Attending the different treatment sessions can also be challenging, especially as people struggling with addiction issues may also tend to be disorganised. Therapy sessions do not tend to be as intensive as those offered in residential rehab.


Nova Recovery Are Here to Help

If you are looking for drug and alcohol addiction treatment in the Duntocher area, Nova Recovery can help.

Our streamlined admissions process is easy to navigate and our friendly and experienced team can guide you through every step of the way. A pre-admission screening will help to ensure that rehab is the right place for you. This consultation will also help us to provide a tailored treatment programme to enhance your recovery.

Get in contact today and take your first step towards a more positive future free from drugs and alcohol. You can also call on 01475 303998.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I begin my recovery?

To begin your recovery, you will need to contact us either by telephone or email. In doing so, our admissions team can discuss your addiction with you and inform you of the treatment options available at our rehab hospital. Following this, you will be required to complete a pre-admissions assessment. Conducted over the telephone within as little as 30-minutes, our pre-admissions assessment helps our team find out more about your addiction and determine which treatments you may need. We will then arrange an arrival date once you have placed your deposit, and your treatment will officially begin.

Can you recover from an addiction without attending rehab?

Recovering from addiction without attending rehab is extremely difficult. This is because recovering without attending rehab will prevent you from securing psychological treatment, such as therapy and counselling. Attempting to recover from an addiction without attending rehab will also put you at a much greater risk of relapsing.

How Long Will It Take Me To Recover?

Contrary to belief, it is difficult to put a timeframe on your recovery. This is because recovering from an addiction is a lifelong process.  Here at Nova Recovery, we recommend being open-minded when it comes to your recovery journey.