When looking to recover from addiction, it’s essential to find the most appropriate form of help. Addiction is a complicated, personal disorder; your needs, addiction history, and health will represent what’s right for you.

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It’s also wise to look for the most effective treatment option, found as private drug and alcohol rehab. Standards and services of a private facility will make sure that your recovery process is safe, purposeful, and bespoke to your addiction type.

Possible to experience via a drug and alcohol rehab in East Dunbartonshire, your search should look to balance both your needs and professional recommendations. Being aware of your available options to this level will offer a reassuring and quick referral into rehab.

We at Nova Recovery, a private addiction recovery hospital, are here for you to support you through your search, admission, and recovery journey. Registered with Health Improvement Scotland, we’re passionate about offering bespoke support through mental health and addiction diagnoses.

Get in touch with our admissions team to discuss your available rehab options. Appropriate and effective recovery options will be shared.

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Finding addiction help

There are different types and levels of addiction help to select from. For example, through private rehab, there are two key options of inpatient and outpatient treatment to consider. Therefore, this will be the time to narrow down your available choices to cater to your needs and expectations.

To find a high-quality drug and alcohol rehab in East Dunbartonshire, it’s encouraged to look for a private clinic offering bespoke and specialist recovery programmes. It’s also important to consider the rehab approach that’s followed and the range of services used. Ideally, an inpatient programme will be available, arguably found to improve recovery rates. Yet depending on your needs, both treatment options should at least be offered.

To select an appropriate form of help, you’ll also need to consider your personal needs. Your budget, your available timeframe, your outlook on inpatient vs outpatient treatment, and your location should all be considered. You need to ask yourself questions like do I wish to visit a rehab local in Scotland or would a stay further away be beneficial.

Full awareness will help you prepare to find a drug and alcohol rehab in East Dunbartonshire that’s appropriate to facilitate your recovery journey. Getting the right balance is imperative for recovery success.


Rehabilitation steps

Drug and alcohol rehab, as a process, is split up into several steps. The length and contents of those steps will be bespoke to your needs, depending on the type and strength of your addiction. Whether you select inpatient or outpatient treatment will also impact the structure of your rehab experience.

On arrival at our private recovery hospital here at Nova Recovery, a screening will take place to understand your needs. From here, a bespoke programme will be formed, considering each step of the rehabilitation process.

Post-admission, detoxification is the first step of rehab. Detoxing will focus on the medical withdrawal of drugs and alcohol from the body. It safely reduces the internal build-up of drugs and alcohol, intending to cut off physical reliance. 24-hour nursing care will be offered through a private rehab clinic, providing a safe and proactive setting.

The next step of drug and alcohol rehab focuses on therapy to clinically treat addiction. Emotional support must be offered as an addiction impacts the mind, similar to mental health issues. A range of addiction treatments and therapies will be recommended at this step to understand and manage the emotional effects of substance abuse appropriately.

Initial addiction help, via a drug and alcohol rehab in East Dunbartonshire, will finalise with relapse prevention planning. Planning is a crucial step, as it offers a unique structure to follow through post-rehab. Preventing relapse will be aimed for through planning by forming positive coping strategies and action plans.

Working through the rehab steps will result in a return home, ready to benefit from aftercare support. With professional help, rehab will offer the tools to continue through a long-term recovery journey.


What are the treatment and therapy options?

Both medical and clinical treatment options are recommended through rehab. One-to-one and group sessions are also encouraged, found through talking therapies and social activities.

Recommended to meet your needs, a bespoke combination of treatments and therapies will be completed throughout each step of rehab. A drug and alcohol detox will be advised to promote withdrawal. Yet through psychological and mental health recovery, a range of treatments will encourage progress. Most are underpinned by cognitive behavioural therapy.

Effective treatments and therapies include:


What’s included through aftercare?

Aftercare is offered for 12 months after rehab has been completed. It’s also a bespoke service that considers your personal goals, lifestyle choices, and health.

Post-rehab aftercare offers ongoing therapy and access to support groups, along with any other additional support whilst adjusting to sober living. Life after rehab will take some adjusting to, which is found to ease through the structure and commitment of aftercare sessions.

Here at Nova Recovery, we can help you recover both effectively and appropriately from our private hospital. Your needs and ability to recover will be considered throughout each step of rehab, making sure that your journey is worthwhile. Look to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in East Dunbartonshire for results-driven addiction help.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I convince a loved one to go to rehab?

To visit rehab is a personal choice. You will need your loved one to accept and commit to rehab, as we do not force anyone to visit. You can however help to motivate their acceptance, by offering support and empathy. Approaching the topic of rehabilitation through a sensitive yet assertive outlook is also important, which can lead to a possible referral. Our family and friend referral services are suitable for this type of situation, to start the process of convincing them.

How do I get into rehab?

If you’re personally looking for support, you can complete a self-referral into rehab, which will lead to your admissions process. Your admission will make all arrangements to prepare you for rehab, to transport you and to welcome you. The entire process can begin through your commitment to change.

What is the difference between inpatient and outpatient treatment?

Both are effective treatment options. Yet inpatient care is where clients will check into a residential facility to experience consistent treatment. Outpatient care follows a weekly schedule, where visits to rehab will instead be made. Through addiction recovery, inpatient treatment is the most beneficial for its timings and targeted focus.