The recovery process must involve a range of treatments and therapies, to heal both the body and mind.

Offered through drug and alcohol rehab, evidence-based, highly effective treatments are utilised, also followed by a wide range of quality services.

Although standards of care are high through the NHS or alternative treatment options, the range, impacts and personalisation of treatment is usually lacking.

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To treat an addiction, a bespoke approach must be followed. Although there are some common triggers, side effects and recovery milestones to aim for, addiction is also an irregular condition. In some way, a treatment programme will always be different to the next clients.

Experience proven treatments and therapies, to their greatest effects by selecting a private drug and alcohol rehab in Inverurie. Boasting additional benefits, we can help you on a one-to-one basis here at Nova Recovery, from our private recovery hospital.

Treatment starts the addiction recovery process. Select quality forms and levels to begin your journey with confidence and progress in mind.


Various Addiction Treatments available in Inverurie

It is wise to weigh up your available treatment options. Selecting the most suitable option, that can deliver your expectations is key to remain motivated, engaged, and safe throughout the process.

In Inverurie, you will have access to free NHS treatment services. Seen as a convenient option, it’s understandable why many people add themselves to a waiting list. Yet the wait, along with the lack of personalisation makes it difficult to experience a focused recovery process

Also, within your local area, private rehab is a popular option. Although treatment must be paid for, programmes are bespoke, meaning that your budget can be worked around. Offering the chance to recover either through a residential stay or a flexible outpatient programme, you have options through private rehab.

As treatment can immediately begin, and as sessions are tailored around individual needs, a progressive and targeted process is expected.

To select from your available options, you should consider your personal timeline, ability to pay for rehab, recovery expectations and need for urgent care. Your needs should be prioritised, to access the most effective form of addiction treatment.


Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment

Treatments via drug and alcohol rehab in Inverurie will be proven. Based on scientific evidence, they will be recommended to treat commonalities of addiction, alongside your personal experiences.

At Nova Recovery, we use a range of treatments and therapies to treat addiction correctly and safely. Working through the milestones of withdrawal, rehabilitation, planning and long-term recovery, we provide the knowledge, tools, and platform to get clean.

Each step will be tailored to your needs. This is the safest and most reliable way to overcome a drug and alcohol addiction.


Drug and Alcohol Detox

Withdrawal is necessary to eliminate drugs and alcohol from the body. Right now, a build-up of drugs and alcohol will exist. That build-up will be fuelling cravings and ongoing consumption.

To stop cravings and consumption, a detoxification process must be completed. Found to trigger withdrawal symptoms, as a response to getting clean, a medically assisted process will be offered here. 24/7 care by our nursing and medical teams are available.


One-to-one and Group Therapy

Once the body has been detoxed, the mind will need to be recovered and strengthened. Therapy is the most effective treatment, underpinned by cognitive behavioural therapy. Clinically lead sessions will be offered, facilitated by specialist psychiatrists.

A range of one-to-one and group therapy sessions will be recommended. Therapy will work to unravel the emotional side of addiction, will offer greater perspective, will provide healthier coping options, and will also stabilise mental health.


Relapse Prevention Planning and Education

Visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Inverurie will help you get better. It will also help to increase your awareness of addiction and how to manage it as a relapsing condition.

Relapse prevention planning will be included within treatment, to plan for long-term sobriety. To remain sober, a clean lifestyle, a healthy mind and a strong way of coping will all be required. Educational and planning sessions will offer the tools and knowledge to reach and remain sober.



Post-rehab, once you begin to return to everyday life in Inverurie, aftercare will be offered. 1-year of free support groups, ongoing therapy and appropriate treatment sessions will be available, to ease your adjustment period.

You’ll be provided with a personal plan of action, to work through sobriety milestones. Planned around your lifestyle, you’ll continue to have access to professional addiction support.


How long does treatment take to complete?

A personal treatment programme can vary in length. Your needs, the strength of your addiction and your response to treatment will impact the timings of rehab.

Averagely, timings do however follow an inpatient or outpatient structure, all depending on your selection. If you choose to check into a drug and alcohol rehab in Inverurie, a 28-day period will be set. Completing treatment, within that timeframe, will be aimed for. If you choose to complete a flexible outpatient programme, it can take a few months to fulfil and benefit from addiction treatment.

The time it takes to recover will always vary and will last beyond rehab itself. A long-term commitment must be aimed for post-treatment, to lead a drug and alcohol-free life.


Accessing Private Rehab here at Nova Recovery

Through our private recovery hospital here at Nova Recovery, drug and alcohol rehab can be accessed. Offering a comfortable, private, and relaxing space to recover from, you can leave behind your habits and unwanted behaviours, by embarking on a quality treatment programme.

Bespoke around your needs, treatment can immediately begin post-admission. To start this process, you can reach out with a self-referral, which will begin your arrangements.

A leading provider of addiction treatment and mental health support, your journey can begin here at Nova Recovery. Contact our team for a confidential chat about your expectations of private rehab.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during a self-referral?

A self-referral is the process of sharing your interest in attending rehab. It’s your first point of contact, to put yourself forward and to commit to drug and alcohol rehabilitation. This is a confidential process and will soon be followed by an admission. Your admission process will then work to arrange your programme, understand your needs, and prepare you for rehab. A self-referral helps to kickstart the recovery process. You can complete your referral today here at Nova Recovery.

How long does the aftercare process last?

Aftercare is a service which continues after rehab. It’s offered free of charge, for 12 months, to help ease recovery and reduce relapse. Within aftercare, you can expect to complete a weekly schedule of therapy sessions and support groups, to offer direction, commitment, and motivation. Free services will stop after the first year. Yet you can continue to participate in group therapy sessions and any other service that will help to strengthen your recovery. Addiction recovery is for the long-term. Whatever you can do to ease the process will be beneficial.

How long is rehab?

The length of rehab can fluctuate depending on personal needs. It also differs through rehab programmes, of whether you select an inpatient or outpatient structure. The average inpatient stay lasts 28 days, as you’ll experience the next month from rehab. The average outpatient programme can last a few months, as treatment will be flexible. Depending on your availability and urgency, recommendations will be made here at Nova Recovery, our private recovery hospital.