If you are living with a drug or alcohol addiction in the North Berwick area, then you have nothing to fear. The area provides you with many different recovery options that can help you to deal with your drug or alcohol addiction. One of the most readily available options you have is to get help from your local alcoholics anonymous and narcotics anonymous.

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These groups are support groups that specialise in drug or alcohol addictions. They tend to be run by volunteers, many of whom have already worked through the recovery process and are currently working towards long-term recovery. This allows you to talk to and be supported by people in North Berwick who understand what you are going through.

It is a safe and welcoming environment that won’t judge you for your struggles. The best part is that you will tend to be matched with a sponsor who is someone further along in their recovery journey than you. You can call this person when you are struggling and ask for their help.

Thousands of people use support groups across the country, and they are easily accessed as, in most cases, you need to turn up to a meeting and be welcomed in. You can find a alcoholics anonymous or a narcotics anonymous group meeting in North Berwick on Sundays in St Andrew’s Wallace Green and Lowick Church of Scotland. There’s no need to sign in, and there is nothing to pay. The only downside of this option is that it doesn’t offer you the medical treatments that are often needed to overcome an addiction.

This can be remedied by also seeking help from a drug and alcohol rehab centre in North Berwick. You will be able to get treatment for your drug or alcohol addiction through the NHS. This would provide you with all the medical assistance that you need in order to safely overcome your addiction. However, you should be prepared for a long wait to access this.

As more people than ever before are coming forwards to seek help for their addictions, it does, unfortunately, mean that the NHS is a bit overwhelmed. So to access their treatments, you will be expected to wait anywhere from weeks to months. But don’t worry. You do still have the option of getting private alcohol and drug rehab in the North Berwick area. This will allow you to bypass the long waiting times and to also get the better quality treatment they provide.


How to Seek Treatment for Addiction

Starting your journey to long-term recovery in North Berwick is simple. To access NHS addiction treatments, all you have to do is to make an appointment with your local GP. From there, you will be referred to the hospital, where you can begin getting a formal diagnosis. Once this is done, you will be placed on a waitlist for treatment.

This can be a very long process, so if you do want to use this option, then please consider also joining a local support group while you wait. Alternatively, you can find treatment from a private drug and alcohol rehab centre as easy to access as just ringing up, completing a short pre-admissions assessment and booking the best date to start your treatment.

No hoops to jump through and no long waitlist. You will be given the treatments you need as quickly as you need them.


What Happens in Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

In private rehab, you will be given the power to decide what your recovery journey will look like.

You can decide the treatments you will receive and the length of time you will be staying. To put it simply, what happens in a private drug and alcohol rehab centre is that you will be given a series of treatments designed to deal with your addiction so that you can safely leave the rehab and work towards long-term recovery.

In the private rehab centre, you will receive 24-hour support from the best staff available. They are fully trained to keep you as safe as possible during your stay. You will have the option to stay in a private room where you can just focus on yourself and your own needs during your stay at the drug and alcohol rehab centre, or if you prefer, you can share a room. This allows you to fully immerse yourself into the community of recovery. They can support you, and you can support them.


Addiction Treatments Offered at Nova Recovery

At Nova Recovery, we can offer you a wide range of addiction treatments that are designed to help you to get closer to long-term recovery. This involves a drug and alcohol detox, a process designed to rid your body of its physical addiction. It does this by allowing your body to safely rid itself of all toxins in its system, which includes drugs and alcohol.

This treatment has to be carefully monitored as part of it involves working through your withdrawal symptoms with the supervision of the rehab centre’s medical team. They are there to provide medication to relieve the withdrawal symptoms if they prove too much for your body to handle.

The alcohol and drug detox takes around ten days to complete, but you won’t need to worry about experiencing withdrawals again once it’s over. You should also see some relief to your cravings. Another important treatment we offer is therapy. Therapy is designed to help you learn what caused your addiction and to teach you how to manage your cravings so that you don’t relapse.

We offer a few different types of therapy, including:

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Individual therapy
  • Holistic therapy
  • Group therapy

We aim to offer the best possible recovery experience for those in Scotland so that you can take back your life from your addiction.


Get Help with Your Rehab Options

Give us at Nova Recover a call at 01475 303998, and we will be able to handle everything from there. We can answer any questions about the recovery process, and we aim to make our services as accessible as possible. Alternatively, you can contact us via our online form.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get into rehab?

Getting in touch with our admissions team is a free and easy way to start the recovery journey. Our admissions team can take you through the whole process and get an admission date sorted out quickly so you can get the addiction treatment that you need. If you are going to a private drug and alcohol rehab like Nova Recovery you will have to pay, including a deposit, so it’s important to have the available funds. The services private facility offers are sought after and places go quickly so it’s vital you secure a place.

What is life like after rehab?

The truth is that life after rehab can be hard—especially the first year. Many relapses that occur happen within the first year out of drug and alcohol treatment, as some people think they can deal with returning to old environments and confronting addiction triggers regularly. Because of this, we offer a free 12-month aftercare package to help those just out of rehab. Life after rehab can be fulfilling and clearer without the constant worry of relapse hanging over. That worry might always be there, but with our help and others around, former addicts can learn to deal with the struggle and revitalise their life.

Where can I find the nearest rehab centre?

Our team can help you find the nearest rehab to you. We can also help you find the right rehab for your own individual circumstances. Sometimes it might pay to travel a little further afield to find the facilities and programme that matches your own unique requirements.