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Drug and alcohol abuse, and addiction are both substance use habits. Both unhealthy, dangerous, and discouraged, habits can amount to serious lifechanging symptoms and damages.

Whilst both diagnoses surround drug and alcohol consumption, treating and overcoming each carry different processes. Being aware of this is very important, to find and accept the right support.

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Both substance abuse and addiction can be treated through private rehab, offering suitable programmes to break habits of consumption and reliance. Yet the contents and length of each programme will differ, to make sure that enough support is provided. We at Nova Recovery can help you through substance abuse problems and addiction recovery, through appropriate steps of rehabilitation and detoxification.

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Drug and Alcohol Habits

Drugs and alcohol both have very addictive traits. For some people, those traits will be reinforced through physical feelings and associations, known as substance abuse. For others, habits can also reinforce psychological fixations, known as addiction.

Substance abuse problems are displayed through physical signs and actions. An increase in consumption, overusing certain substances and physical side effects are all inclinations of unhealthy drug or alcohol abuse.

Addiction is displayed through physical and psychological signs and actions. Focus is placed on control and the limited amount that an addict will have once an addiction develops. Heightened tolerances, frequent withdrawal symptoms, isolating behaviour and poor mental health are all further signs of addiction.

Both substance use habits are driven by consumption. They can aggravate and worsen through increased exposure and acceptance. Yet addiction is a worst habit and condition to experience, due to its impacts on the brain and mental health. Due to this, recovering from an addiction can be a much more complicated process, requiring full intervention of drug and alcohol rehab.

Treating Habits

Treating substance abuse is easier yet will still require detoxification and management processes. Withdrawal will be a must, along with relapse prevention planning, to avoid future habits. Visiting a rehab clinic for outpatient treatment will be beneficial, offering a mixture of support and autonomy.

An addiction will be treated through a comprehensive process, taking longer to complete, and requiring greater commitment. Residential rehab will be recommended, to work through key steps of detoxification, rehabilitation, planning and aftercare. Treatment can be completed in 28 days yet will depend on the severity of an addiction.

Both treatment programmes will be available to complete via a CQC drug and alcohol rehab in Pollokshields. We can assist you through any type and level of habit, at Nova Recovery, also offering additional wellbeing and mental health services.

Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab and Detox

Visiting a private rehabilitation centre will offer direct access to a range of leading addiction treatments. Treatments will also be recommended and guided by professionals, to offer a safe and reassuring recovery process.

A mixture of treatments will be recommended based on your diagnosis, making sure that therapies and techniques are effective and motivating.

Rehabilitation treatments will focus on treating the psychological changes incurred by addiction. Underpinned by cognitive behavioural therapy, individual and group therapy sessions will be recommended. Mental health issues will be worked through, unhealthy habits will be diminished, and reinforcements will be restored.

Detoxification treatments help to withdraw the body from drugs and alcohol. A medically assisted detox will take place, offering 24/7 nursing care. Withdrawal symptoms are expected through the process, which will be managed with suitable treatment options. Reaching sobriety is possible, yet further stabilisation will be required through addiction recovery.

Treatment plans will also include relapse prevention planning, aftercare services and lifestyle management. 1 year of free aftercare will be offered to work alongside personal plans and management tools. Recommendations will be made to help clients adjust to and maintain sobriety post-rehab.

By referring yourself to a drug and alcohol rehab in Pollokshields, a bespoke plan will be formed for you, following either outpatient or inpatient treatment timelines.

An admission into Nova Recovery

A time sensitive admission can be completed here at Nova Recovery. By sharing your experiences and needs, we can devise a suitable plan of action, ready for your admission.

The admissions process will be confidential and will make sure that your rehab experience is worthwhile. Offering direct access into our private recovery hospital, a full diagnosis will make sure that the right treatments, forms of support and tools are available to you.

Reach out to begin the process of accessing a drug and alcohol rehab in Scotland and its complimenting services, no matter whether you’re struggling with substance abuse or addiction. Both habits can be treated here at Nova Recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Rehab last?

The length of your rehab experience will depend on your circumstances. Addiction severity, personal responses and wellbeing can all shorten or prolong rehab. Your selection between outpatient and inpatient rehab will also make a difference. Some programmes can last a number of months, usually those which are completed on an outpatient basis. Others can be completed in 28 days, found through inpatient residential rehab.

Outpatient vs Inpatient Rehab – what’s the difference?

The main difference between both rehab programmes is their delivery. Outpatient treatment will require weekly visits, whilst recovering from home. Inpatient rehab will require a 28-day check in, recovering and residing in rehab. Due to their delivery, timeframes, contents, and suitability of each also differ, impacting recovery experiences. Selecting the most suitable delivery for your circumstances will be recommended.

What happens during the Admissions process?

An admissions process starts your recovery journey. It helps to organise your next steps of rehab, taking into account your needs. It also assesses your suitability to either visit or check into drug and alcohol rehab. Our admissions process is confidential and efficient, helping you access necessary support on an urgent timeline. Full arrangements will be made to ease your transition and offer a straightforward recovery journey.