Tired of watching a loved one struggle with addiction in Portlethen? Perhaps you suffer from addiction yourself and need some help? Either way, the team at Nova Recovery has supported so many people just like you and we’re here for you too.

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Signs of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Do you wish you could stop using drugs or alcohol but struggle with cravings and withdrawal symptoms? Have family members pleaded with you to change your behaviour, but you don’t know how to? These are just two of the most common addiction signs. Some of the other symptoms of addiction include:

  • Continuing to behave in a certain way despite its negative consequences
  • Going to extreme lengths to behave in a certain way
  • Lying and deceitful behaviour

Those who suffer from addiction might not even realise it or are embarrassed to admit that they need help. At Nova Recovery, we want you to know that there’s nothing to fear. Addiction is a medical condition that can affect anyone, but there is a way out, and we’re here to show you how.

Typically the best way to recover from addiction for good is to attend a rehabilitation programme. This is because addiction is a serious condition that requires medical support and guidance. It might seem scary to make such a big decision but just know that you’ll be making the right decision for your future.


Benefits of Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab

There are two types of rehab programmes in the UK – inpatient and outpatient. Outpatient is commonly provided on the NHS, where individuals receive treatment at a clinic during the day but return home. Inpatient treatment requires individuals to stay on-site for the duration of the rehab programme, which is usually 28 days. This type of treatment is rarely provided on the NHS due to funding issues and is typically funded by you. This is why it’s known as private rehab.

While both treatment types have huge success rates, many experts believe inpatient rehab offers the best chance of long-term recovery. This is because it provides respite from familiar surroundings and allows individuals to focus fully on their recovery. Other benefits of inpatient rehab include:

  • Around-the-clock care and support
  • Leading facilities
  • A medically-assisted detox
  • Meals are taken care of, and private accommodation
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Wellbeing and nutritional advice

One of the biggest benefits of attending rehab is being supported through detox. This is where the drug or alcohol leaves your body and is essential before treatment can begin. Many people try detoxing at home, but challenging withdrawal symptoms make it difficult to complete. It’s also dangerous to stop taking the substance quickly; instead, individuals must be weaned off it. During your time at the rehab, you’ll be guided through the detox process.

Many people are concerned about being away from friends and family during their inpatient stay. However, at Nova Recovery, we encourage visits where possible. Family therapy is also a great way to involve your loved ones in your recovery. It gives you the necessary support and allows them to understand what you need to stay resilient.

There isn’t a right or wrong decision when it comes to inpatient or outpatient treatment. Instead, you need to choose to best suit your treatment requirements and preferences.


How Much Does Rehab Cost?

This is one of the most common questions when it comes to rehab, as well as how long rehab lasts. Both answers depend on the centre you choose, whether you attend as an inpatient or outpatient, as well as a few different factors, including whether you need a detox or not. For an inpatient rehab stay at Nova Recovery, we typically advise a 28-day programme which starts at around £10,000.

Price should never get in the way of an individual who wants to recover, so our team is always available to discuss treatment options.


Refer a Family Member or Friend

At Nova Recovery, we understand how challenging it is to watch a loved one suffer from addiction. You don’t know what to do or say, and the road to recovery can seem so far away. That’s why we offer support and advice for anyone affected by addiction. Our phone line is always open – whether you have a question, need some advice or just want someone to talk to.

Plus, we also have a family referral service and intervention scheme that can help families get help for their loved ones. All you have to do is get in touch, and we’ll guide you through the admissions process for your loved one. Over the years, we’ve supported hundreds of families, helping individuals acknowledge their addiction and get the help they need.

The sooner you act, the sooner your loved one can access treatment and therapy. This means they’ll be closer to getting their life back on track.


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Based in Scotland, our private rehab centre is ideal for healing the body and mind. A team of experienced and passionate medical professionals, including nurses, mental health experts and counsellors, will be with you every step and only have your best interests at heart. Our team will help you start living the life you’ve always wanted and take those all-important steps towards your personal life goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I achieve sobriety?

Some people can achieve sobriety with no help from anyone, however achieving sobriety is a process that requires commitment and discipline to last a lifetime and the best way to start is by reaching out. Those that ask for help and gain access to drug and alcohol services provided by professionals greatly increase their chances of long-term recovery. There is no shame in asking for help and it is the best step to take.

How quickly can I start rehab?

The process can usually be as quick as you need it to be, although you will not be pressured into making decisions. You can often be starting treatment and check into rehab within 24 hours of contacting our admissions team.

What is life like after rehab?

The truth is that life after rehab can be hard—especially in the first year. Many relapses that occur happen within the first year out of drug and alcohol treatment, as some people think they can deal with returning to old environments and confronting addiction triggers regularly. Because of this, we offer a free 12-month aftercare package to help those just out of rehab. Life after rehab can be fulfilling and clearer without the constant worry of relapse hanging over. That worry might always be there, but with our help and others around, former addicts can learn to deal with the struggle and revitalise their life.