If you are struggling with addiction and feel ready to put your relationship with substances behind you, you must contact a drug and alcohol rehab in St. Albans as soon as possible.

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However, if the thought of attending a local rehab fills you with dread, why not consider attending a rehab elsewhere?


The Dangers Of Delaying Professional Addiction Treatment

If you have acknowledged that a drug or alcohol addiction is impairing your life and you have come to understand that your relationship with substances is unhealthy, you may well appreciate that professional support is available via a drug and alcohol rehab in St. Albans.

However, for various reasons, you may feel apprehensive about asking for help and attending a rehab.

Like many others, the stigmas attached to drug and alcohol addictions may see you defer admitting that you need support.  The thought of attending a rehab and undergoing an intense rehabilitation programme may also leave you overwhelmed.

As a result, you may have previously delayed securing professional addiction treatment.  You may have even considered attempting to overcome your addiction on your own.

Should this resonate with you, it is vital to understand that many short and long-term health complications often arise when addiction treatment is delayed.

For example, if you delay treatment, you will find that your physical health becomes impaired.

Sadly, excessive drug and alcohol consumption has a significant impact on the function of our organs.  Failure to seek treatment as and when an addiction arises can give rise to organ failure.

Furthermore, addictions have a momentous impact on an individual’s psychological health.

Essentially this means that when drugs and alcohol are consumed and abused, cognitive function decreases, leaving many struggling with long-term memory loss.  Mental health disorders are also known to arise when treatment is not sought for a drug or alcohol addiction.

Attending A Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehab For Treatment

Understanding that there are many dangers of delaying professional addiction treatment, you may now find yourself contemplating contacting a drug and alcohol rehab in St. Albans.

Although there are several rehabs for you to attend in St. Albans, if you are open to doing so, it is worth considering whether attending a residential rehab would benefit you.

Here at Nova Recovery, we provide a wealth of treatments for drug and alcohol addictions.  However, unlike many drug and alcohol rehabs in St. Albans, we provide treatment on a residential basis.

If you are yet to come across a residential rehab hospital, you may find yourself somewhat unsure of what attending a residential rehab hospital entails.

Simply put, attending a residential rehab hospital, such as our own, will see you progress through a tailored treatment programme.

Depending on the severity of your addiction and the overall impact it has had on your health and well-being, you will likely encounter detoxification and rehabilitation.

After a day of treatment, instead of returning home, you will have the opportunity to reflect and recuperate in a safe and tranquil space away from any triggers that could obstruct your recovery.

Should you attend a residential rehab hospital, you will find that your meals are prepared for you by an on-site chef.  You will also have the chance to socialise with others in recovery and participate in many activities outside of your treatment.

The Treatments Available At Nova Recovery

As noted above, should you attend a residential rehab hospital instead of a drug and alcohol rehab in St. Albans, you will be provided with a personalised treatment programme.  This programme will be created by medical professionals.

Below, we have listed the treatments that are available at our rehab hospital.

  • Detoxification
  • Rehabilitation
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Dialectical behavioural therapy
  • One-to-one therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Relapse prevention

During your time in our rehab hospital, you will likely encounter a few of the treatments noted above.  Combined, these treatments will help you distinguish the cause of your addiction and learn how you can overcome any triggers.

The treatments incorporated into your personalised treatment programme will also help you develop coping strategies that you can employ in the weeks, months and years following your treatment.

Continuing Your Recovery As You Leave Our Rehab Hospital

At Nova Recovery, we are dedicated to your recovery.  As a result, should you attend our rehab hospital, we will ensure that you have a relapse prevention plan and aftercare support programme in place before returning home.

These particular programmes will guarantee that you are aware of the steps you need to take should you feel like you are at risk of relapsing.  Your relapse prevention plan will also outline who your recovery support worker is and how you can contact them for immediate guidance.

You will also be invited to attend weekly group therapy sessions, and you may be encouraged to participate in one-to-one cognitive behavioural therapy sessions, either at our rehab hospital or online via Zoom.

Support For Friends, Family Members and Employers

Unbeknown to many, addictions do not just impact the individual struggling.  They also sadly come to impact friends, family members and even employers.  Considering this, we can provide a wealth of support for family members, friends and employers, should it be needed.

If this additional support is required, we will host mediation sessions as you undergo rehabilitation in our rehab hospital.

These sessions are conducted in a group setting and essentially enable you to discuss your addiction with your loved ones, friends and employer to offer them greater insight into the struggles that you may well have kept from them.

You will also have the opportunity to uncover how your addiction may have impacted them.

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