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With a multidisciplinary team on your side who is focused on providing personalised rehabilitation care for you, it is possible to beat your drug or alcohol addiction.

Drug and alcohol rehab offers you a stable and secure way out of your addiction, with professional support and treatments.

The structure also has a specific weaning process which makes it easier for you and each programme is designed to ensure that you get the most out of your stay. Sobriety is a long-term goal, and we want to help you achieve it.

Our rehab at Nova Recovery takes a very holistic approach to all patients and we coordinate a strict programme which integrates every element of recovery. This includes mental and physical health and relationships, as well as your career.

We can aid you in finding self-help groups, social service assistants and our aftercare plans will give you peace of mind when you leave us. If you are suffering from addiction, we encourage you to get in touch.


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Do I Need to Go to Rehab?

Whilst the choice will remain yours, private rehab is the only way to remove addiction from your life if you are choosing to do so.

Rehab gives you everything that you need for long-term sobriety – detox, treatments, psychotherapies, aftercare plan and support. These combined bring you a comprehensive overview of success.

Drug use affects people of all social classes and ages. If you are finding that your addiction is beginning to affect your daily tasks, relationships or career, then it means the problem is likely spiralling out of control.

The range of substances consumed is diverse and ranges from opioids and cocaine to prescription medication drugs and more. Anyone who is addicted to these substances, including alcohol, would greatly benefit from drug rehab.

Qualified withdrawal, also known as detoxification, can help to successfully break the vicious circle of consumption and cravings. However, the dependency element runs deeper.

That is why it is vital to get the help you need and delve deeper into the problems that led you on this path. Further information about the programmes available will be given, as well as any other information relating to your stay with us.

So what can you expect when you stay with us? Is this your first time in rehab or have you entered a programme before?

All of these questions will help us determine and establish an excellent programme that is tailor-made to your unique needs. We do not force you to do anything you are not comfortable with.

We simply allow you to freely explore and with the help of counselling and therapies, you will be able to learn more about yourself and learn how to control your future for the better.


How Does Detox Work?

This weaning process, known as alcohol or drug detox, will remove the toxic substance from your body effectively. This is done gradually, and with a professional medical team, it will remain comfortable for you throughout.

The brain reacts particularly strongly to withdrawal and therefore it may take little time for your mind to readjust. However, when you withdraw from the substance, you will begin to think clearer. Your body will take steps to heal also.

You may be given certain prophylactic medications to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms and minimise any chance of complications.

Once your drug or alcohol detox is complete, your treatment plan will consist of certain therapies which will help you with long-term sobriety. Some of the available treatments on offer are:

  • Group and individual psychotherapy sessions
  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) sessions
  • Group physical activity sessions
  • Therapeutic workshops: Art, mindfulness, etc
  • Aftercare plan with counselling

We appreciate the importance of getting out of the rehab environment and luckily for us, we are blessed with nature.

We believe in natural healing qualities, so you can take walks along the beach and in the surrounding hills to get fresh air, exercise and to help heal the mind. Nature plays a huge role in recovery, because it removes you from the fleeting issues of daily city life. We aim to provide the very best care for all our inpatient programmes.


Is Inpatient Rehab Better Than Outpatient?

In principle, inpatient rehab gives you a comprehensive solution to your addiction. Outpatient rehab often carries the burden of longer waiting times and less intensive therapies. This means that the chance of relapse is much higher. Inpatient rehab is a full solution.

It is residential and you stay with us until the end of your programme. You will have access to an excellent diet, activities of choice and a great sense of community.

Inpatient rehab gives you a chance to stay in a designated facility, away from temptation. This is an excellent time for both reflection and meditation. This clear path and your designated role in your recovery will give you a sense of purpose.

One-to-one counselling sessions are frequent and therefore give you a deeper connection and support. This is less achievable when you are undertaking outpatient rehab. Inpatient rehab is always recommended.


Support Services

Our support services do not only last the duration of your stay, but also after you leave. Our support is vital to your progress.

Your long-term success is dependent upon a good plan. We know that you will want to integrate back into society. This will mean going home, finding a new job, returning to work or following a new career path. All of this must be facilitated to ensure the best results.

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Starting your journey is the most difficult decision, but once you have decided, you will find a world of information and help at your fingertips. At Nova Recovery, our team is dedicated to ensuring you are happy and healthy when you leave us. Your worries and concerns about rehab can be abolished.

We make things simple for you, and concentrate on the things that matter. Your recovery is our success. Please look at our website for more information –


Frequently Asked Questions

What are some physical symptoms of addiction?

A drug or alcohol addiction can impact so many aspects of your life, most significantly your physical health. You may experience nausea and vomiting, fatigue, insomnia, sudden weight changes, slurred speech, memory problems, enlarged or small pupils, and bloodshot eyes. Excessive substance abuse will also leave you at much higher risk of developing diabetes, liver disease, heart disease, and having a stroke. If you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms from drug or alcohol, it is a sign that you have an addiction.

Why choose residential rehab?

Residential rehab is great because it gives you a place to stay outside of your normal triggers. This means that you have a safe and comfortable environment for your recovery, making the chances of a full recovery much higher.

What happens after rehab?

After you have finished your rehab treatment, you will return home to your normal life and be assisted by the aftercare team. Our team of experienced aftercare specialists are fully committed to ensuring you have the potential for long-term recovery. Everyone that attends our rehab receives 12 months of free aftercare support to help you stay on track with your recovery goals.