If you are struggling with drug or alcohol problems, you might feel like you are on your own or have nowhere to turn. That is never the case. Many other people struggle with addiction and substance misuse issues every year and, whether you are lucky enough to have a support network in place or not, there are always places and people you can turn to. If you need drug and alcohol rehab in Stranraer or just need confidential advice, we can lend a helping hand.

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Drug and alcohol addiction in Scotland

Drug and alcohol addiction are serious issues throughout the UK and can be particularly prevalent in some parts of Scotland. According to the Scottish Government, for example, every adult in Scotland is drinking more than a third more than the UK-wide lower-risk guidelines of 14 units per week.1 Some individuals will drink far more and heavy alcohol consumption can easily slide into addiction. Drug use is not as easy to measure but numerous studies and estimates suggest that this is also a serious problem.

Addiction is very difficult to overcome alone because of the way it affects our minds and bodies. The US National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) says addiction is defined as “a chronic, relapsing disorder characterized by compulsive drug seeking, continued use despite harmful consequences, and long-lasting changes in the brain”.2 This makes it extremely challenging to address without expert professional help and an evidence-led addiction treatment programme.

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What are the addiction treatment options?

The best and most effective form of treatment is actually a tailored programme of individual treatments generally known as rehabilitation, or rehab. This may involve an alcohol or drug detox accompanied by a range of therapies and educational sessions aimed at helping you to tackle the root causes of your substance misuse and addiction problems. Find out more about Nova Recovery and what we can do help you overcome your addiction and move forward into a new life free from drugs and alcohol.

Inpatient rehab versus outpatient rehab

When most people think of rehab, they probable picture a private drug and alcohol rehab centre. This is the most effective way to treat serious addiction problems but there are other options available and outpatient rehab can also be used to treat drug and alcohol problems.

This is the sort of programme commonly available via the NHS but there are limitations and drawbacks. There may be a lack of resources and waiting lists but even if not, you will still be surrounded by the triggers and temptations associated with your everyday drinking or drug use. This can make detox particularly difficult, as you may suffer withdrawal symptoms and will be very tempted to stave them off by obtaining drugs or alcohol. Outpatient rehab also takes a lot longer as the treatments are more spread out.

In a residential addiction treatment centre you will be in a safe and tranquil environment with a dedicated and expert team around you. The rehab programme aims to cover every aspect of a comprehensive recovery process, working on everything from alcohol withdrawal and mental health recovery to post-rehab planning. You will be able to undergo a medically assisted detox and will have access to the finest levels of care and support.

Going through the detoxification process

Drug and alcohol detox can be very challenging as your brain and body come to rely on the chemicals provided by the substances you use. When they are suddenly removed, or even drastically reduced, you may suffer a wide range of serious physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. Some people believe that because alcohol is legally available, it is not as dangerous as other drugs.

In terms of withdrawal symptoms, a serious alcohol dependency can be worse than many other substances as delirium tremens (‘the DTs’) can lead to symptoms including tremors, hallucinations and even potentially life-threatening seizures.

Any kind of drug detoxification can be challenging and potentially dangerous, which is why it is always best to undergo the process under medical supervision. At dedicated rehab clinics you may also have access to appropriate prescription medications to help alleviate some of the symptoms.

Therapy options for addiction treatment in Stranraer

As well as detoxification, you will participate in a range of therapies delivered through individual, family, and group sessions and designed to help treat the psychological side of the addiction. Some of our therapies available include:

• Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
• Dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT)
• Motivational interviewing
• Family therapy
• Group therapy and support groups
• One-to-one psychotherapy sessions
• Stress management
• Mental health treatments

Additionally, holistic therapies such as meditation and mindfulness and wellness and nutrition plans may help you to live a healthier lifestyle overall, which can in turn help you to avoid relapsing in the future.

Another issue that is often tangled up with addiction and substance misuse is the prevalence of mental health problems. We offer standalone treatments for mental health issues such as anxiety and depression treatment but when these conditions are linked to addictions it is often valuable to treat both elements at the same time. This approach is often referred to as dual diagnosis treatment.

The combined intention behind all these therapies and treatments is to address every aspect of your addiction, substance misuse and associated behaviours.

Aftercare for relapse prevention

While our addiction treatments are designed to provide you with all the tools you need to maintain sobriety, the journey to recovery is a long one and many people have moments of crisis during that journey. A comprehensive aftercare package can help, especially in the crucial months after rehab when many people are at their most vulnerable. Aftercare can provide vital support just when you need it, helping with relapse prevention.

So if you are looking for a comprehensive treatment and aftercare programme, we can help you find the right rehabs in Dumfries and Galloway or further afield. Contact us today and it might be one of the most important things you ever do.

What do I need to bring to rehab?

You should only bring the essentials when you come to rehab. Enough clothes to last (laundry will be done for you), toiletries, prescribed medication, a book. Anything electronic like a laptop or tablet isn’t advised and will probably be locked away for the duration. Rehab is about getting away from the distractions of the outside world to focus on getting better.

What happens during detoxification?

Detoxification at Nova Recovery happens in stages. You will be evaluated to decide the severity of your addiction and your mental and physical state. With this information, a detox plan will be devised. Stabilisation is next when the harmful toxins are removed from the body. Medication is administered to help you through the withdrawal, helping your body and mind stabilise. After that you can move on to additional addiction treatments, focusing on psychological intervention.

How do I get into rehab?

Getting in touch with our admissions team is a free and easy way to start the recovery journey. Our admissions team can take you through the whole process and get an admission date sorted out quickly so you can get the addiction treatment that you need. If you are going to a private drug and alcohol rehab like Nova Recovery you will have to pay, including a deposit, so it’s important to have the available funds. The services private facility offers are sought after and places go quickly so it’s vital you secure a place.