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Located in Largs, Scotland, our rehab hospital boasts industry-leading treatments, exceptional facilities and specialist clinical care.

Whether you have sadly become reliant on alcohol, struggle with a drug addiction or require treatment for a coexisting addiction and mental health disorder, we welcome you to contact us to uncover how we can assist you.


Stigmas Associated With Addiction Prevent Many From Obtaining Treatment

As you come to realise that a drug or alcohol addiction is impairing your life, it is possible that you will feel somewhat overwhelmed with emotion.  You may also feel somewhat conflicted.

Although you will understand that you require addiction treatment to overcome your substance dependency, you may worry about what others might say when they find out that you have developed an addiction.  You may also believe that you will bring shame upon your family.

If this resonates with you, you are not alone.  The stigmas associated with drug and alcohol addictions and addicts prevent many individuals from obtaining the life-saving treatment they need.

While we understand that the stigmas attached to addictions will see you hesitant, especially if you have kept your drug or alcohol addiction a secret from your loved ones, it is in your best interest to secure treatment.

Sadly, your addiction will intensify without treatment, and it will gradually come to impair all aspects of your life.

Your physical and psychological health will decline, and you may find that your relationships with others begin to crumble due to the behavioural side effects that come hand-in-hand with addictions.


Undergoing Drug and Alcohol Treatment

As you ascertain that attending a drug and alcohol rehab is the right thing for you to do, you will likely set out to locate a drug and alcohol rehab in Worcester that can offer you treatment.

Although attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Worcester has many benefits, recovering addicts often find that attending a rehab in their hometown hinders their recovery.  Considering this, thousands of individuals struggling with addiction now look to secure treatment further afield.

Here at Nova Recovery, we welcome people from all corners of the United Kingdom to undergo drug and alcohol rehabilitation at our rehab hospital.

Irrespective of the substance you have become addicted to, we can assist you as you look to the future and strive to secure a long-term recovery.

Typically, undergoing drug and alcohol treatment at our rehab hospital sees all of our clients provided with a personalised treatment programme.

This means that should you attend our rehab hospital, the treatment you receive will be personalised to your needs.

We will consider all aspects of your addiction, the ramifications your addiction has had on your health and well-being, and your addiction’s severity to ensure that appropriate treatment is administered.

Knowing that you will likely want to find out more about the treatment that may be incorporated into your personalised treatment programme, we have outlined the three stages of our programmes below.


Drug and Alcohol Detoxification

At Nova Recovery, the first stage of our addiction programme requires our clients to undergo drug and alcohol detoxification.

Simply put, detoxification is the process in which toxins are removed from the body and brain.  Medically induced, our detoxification treatment will initiate the withdrawal process to ensure that you can begin to physically recover from your addiction.

Throughout detoxification, you will withdraw from substances.  Here, you may come to experience withdrawal symptoms.  Although often uncomfortable, withdrawing from drugs and alcohol in our rehab hospital is entirely safe.

We will ensure that you have access to support at all times.  If necessary, we can also provide medication to help alleviate the symptoms you experience.


Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

The second stage in our treatment programmes, drug and alcohol rehabilitation will encourage you to address your addiction, the cause of your addiction and influencing factors as you undergo one-to-one and group therapy.

The psychological ramifications that your addiction has had will ultimately determine which therapies you undergo throughout rehabilitation.

However, it is not uncommon for cognitive behavioural therapy and dialectical behavioural therapy to be administered.  You will also find that you are encouraged to participate in well-being therapies.

These therapies will heal both the body and mind and support you in overcoming your addiction.

While you may find addressing your addiction and discussing the cause of your addiction uncomfortable, you must do so.  If you can uncover the cause of your addiction, you will have the ability to develop coping strategies and mechanisms that will mitigate your risk of relapse.


Aftercare Support

While much of the treatment we administered will be provided during your time in our rehab hospital, aftercare support is offered on an outpatient basis.

Aftercare support will see you invited to attend group therapy and one-to-one therapy sessions for 12-months following the completion of your addiction treatment.

Regardless of whether you believe aftercare support is required or not, we highly recommend taking advantage of the additional support we will offer you.

Not only can our aftercare support help you maintain a long-term sobriety, but it will give you the support you need as you return home to continue your recovery.


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