How a drug addiction or alcohol addiction impacts your life

The way in which an addiction to alcohol or drugs impacts your life is so drastic, it really does affect every aspect of your lifestyle. Most noticeably, you’ll experience a deterioration in your physical health and your psychological health as substance abuse leaves you at much higher risk of diabetes, liver disease, heart disease, stroke, depression, anxiety, stress, and bipolarity.

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You’re likely to suffer a breakdown in relationships with family and friends as your addiction takes priority over social activities which you once enjoyed as well as generally spending time with your loved ones. Attempting to downplay or hide symptoms of an addiction from your friends and family is likely to cause conflict, resulting in the loss of meaningful relationships.

As your physical and psychological well-being is negatively impacted, your performance at work is likely to take a hit as you begin underperforming in certain tasks or struggling to function as you once did. This could lead to warnings and ultimately a dismissal, leaving you without a job and at financial risk whilst trying to fund an expensive drug or alcohol addiction.

This financial worry has seen many people resort to criminal activities to fuel their substance abuse. The cycle of addiction truly is a vicious one. Contact us today to start your treatment for drug addiction and begin your journey to a life free from alcohol or drugs.


Drugs and alcohol addiction linked to mental health

A drug addiction or alcohol addiction have always been closely linked with poor mental health. Many people view drinking alcohol as a harmless activity, especially as the physical effects of a hangover tend to wear off after a short period, however, drinking over a long period of time can significantly affect your mental health.

Alcohol can change the way you feel and how you behave, with many alcohol consumers requiring medical treatment in the form of cognitive behavioural therapy or counselling as well as treatment for their physical health.

Drugs and alcohol can have a detrimental impact on your physical and mental health. There’s a long list of side effects which are commonly experienced by addicts which are associated with poor mental health, these include anxiety, increased depression, insomnia, decreased mood, confusion, paranoia, excessive worrying, feeling hopeless, fatigue, panic, and an inability to concentrate.

A drug or alcohol addiction even leaves you at a much higher risk of contemplating suicide. These toxic substances change the way your brain functions, this is why over time, we see such a change in behaviours from people who are excessively consuming drugs or alcohol; it can often become to difficult to even recognise them anymore.

When someone is suffering from an addiction, they’re much more susceptible to developing problems with their mental health as a result of the harmful toxins consumed within these substances.

This also works the other way as someone who is suffering with poor mental health is much more prone to developing an addiction to alcohol or drugs as they may view it as a coping mechanism for their psychological pain. If you’re suffering from poor mental health as well as a drug addiction or alcohol addiction, then this is referred to as a dual diagnosis.

A dual diagnosis is much more common than you probably realise, we’ve helped countless numbers of people overcome their dual diagnosis and go on to lead happier, healthier lives. There’s no need to feel any additional concern or embarrassment if you need support with your mental health alongside your addiction treatment.


How to help a loved one who’s suffering from an addiction

We understand how awful it can be to watch a loved one struggle with addiction. Watching their physical and mental health deteriorate right before your eyes whilst their behaviours take a turn for the worse, is an extremely difficult thing to witness. Most people don’t know how to help, or they’re scared of making the situation even worse. By utilising the intervention service at our drug and alcohol rehab Yeovil, you can approach the situation knowing that you have the expert guidance and support of addiction specialists.

If you’ve tried speaking with your loved one to encourage them to receive treatment for alcohol addiction but are struggling to reason with them, then an intervention is a very useful tool. You just need to reach out to our alcohol rehab team and explain the situation. We will talk you through the next steps then contact appropriate family members or friends who are likely to get involved with the intervention.

The intervention itself will then take place in a neutral setting in the form of group therapy where everyone can share their concerns and encourage joining an addiction treatment programme. Once everyone’s had their chance to fully understand and contribute to the process, the decision then ultimately lies with the person who’s suffering from the addiction; hopefully they’ll make the best choice for themselves and for their family.


Drug And Alcohol Rehab FAQs:


What happens after your initial contact?

Once you’ve contacted our admissions team regarding your drug addiction or alcohol addiction, we will invite you to a pre-screening assessment to review your physical and psychological health whilst getting to understand the nature of your addiction in more detail. If you’re happy to proceed, we’ll then arrange a date for you to join our drug and alcohol rehab Yeovil. From your initial contact to beginning your treatment programme is usually within 48 hours.


What are the facilities like at drug and alcohol rehab Yeovil?

We’re very proud of the comfortable and welcoming environment we’ve created for all of our clients to relax in whilst undergoing their addiction treatment. All rooms are private with an ensuite to ensure you’re as settled as possible. We provide delicious healthy meals each day, made from locally sourced produce to aid your recovery.


What can you do during your downtime at our rehabilitation centre?

We arrange social activities for you to take part in such as group runs or walks, quiz nights, film nights, or family visits or you wish to.