Specialising in clinical care for drug and alcohol addiction, and stress-related mental illness, at Nova Recovery, we offer a range of private rehabilitation programmes. Accessible from our private recovery hospital, a time-sensitive admission can be expected, followed by proven, evidence-based treatments and therapies.

Offering inclusive treatment and aftercare programmes, many benefits are linked to our private rehab services. Also boasting private, peaceful settings and 50 years of collective, highly skilled experience, personal and professional support are at the core of recovery.

Delivering high-quality programmes, found to motivate both addiction recovery and improved mental health, co-occurring disorders can be treated here.

If you’re looking for care and support, here’s some insight into private rehab treatment and Nova Recovery – what to expect. Offering 24/7 support, start your recovery journey by reaching out.


What are the benefits of Private Rehab at Nova Recovery?

As a whole, there are many benefits linked to private rehab treatment. From swift admissions and personalised programmes to higher success rates, a private rehab is a sought-after form of addiction treatment.

Specifically, here at Nova Recovery, our treatment programmes are designed around proven, scientific services. Offering greater reliability through the recovery process, our programmes can treat conditions including addiction, PTSD, anxiety, and chronic stress.

Our treatment sessions are led by specialist psychiatrists, nursing teams and support therapists, offering the highest quality of care. Providing safe and personalised programmes, assurance of progress and improved wellbeing are expected. 50 years of collective experience reflects the specialisms of our team, offering high private rehab standards.

The location of our private recovery hospital is both convenient and intimate. Possible to arrange transport to our Largs location, clients can visit our tranquil setting, surrounded by nature and the seafront. Found to benefit mental health and increase motivation, our treatment facilities and rehab location offer an escape from everyday suffering.

With many benefits linked to our services, here’s some further information on our admissions process and programmes as we delve into ‘private rehab treatment and Nova Recovery – what to expect’.


Admission process into private rehab

Admissions into private rehab are confidential and straightforward. Although it can feel daunting to reach out to share your own problems or concerns regarding a loved one, we are here to support you through a 5-step process.

An enquiry can be made through drug and alcohol rehab, either through a self-referral or a family and friend referral. Our admission teams are available 24/7 to offer support and guidance with the best next steps.

A referral can either activate the screening step or can develop into a family intervention, all depending on your circumstances. Either way, a pre-admission screening will be an essential commitment, to share personal experiences and symptoms of substance abuse. Information will provide insight for our team at Nova Recovery, to recommend a suitable private rehab treatment programme.

Committing to private rehab will carry a financial cost, where a deposit will secure your admission date and stay. Soon followed by your admission, which can be completed as soon as 24 hours away, induction will take place, along with a warm welcome.

The final step of admission into private rehab will focus on your personal experience. A recovery programme full of treatments and therapies will be formed and set, ready to start the rehabilitation process.

Knowing what to expect through rehab itself will be encouraged, prior to your admission, possible by reaching out for our guidance.


Private addiction treatment at Nova Recovery

Addiction treatment services

Completing addiction treatment through our hospital is a private and personal experience. Programmes are personalised on admission, making sure that individual needs can be catered to. Mental health and physical wellbeing will be accounted for, alongside the severity and triggers of addiction.

Expecting to complete an alcohol and/or drug detox is high. Detoxification will be necessary to remove drugs and alcohol, from the body, through a clinically safe process. Detoxing with medical assistance can speed up the process, whilst also offering a comfortable and pain-free withdrawal.

Our therapies are underpinned by cognitive behavioural therapy and focus greatly on mental health recovery and stability. We uncover the emotional reliance that our clients experience, along with any dual diagnosis symptoms. Led by our specialist team, one-to-one and group therapy sessions are offered, including family therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy, and support groups.

Holistic therapies are also offered, with a focus on health and wellbeing, to restore balance and strengthen recovery rates. We focus on food and nutrition, mindful coping, and wellbeing management.

Private rehab treatment programmes also include relapse prevention planning and aftercare services, fully inclusive of the cost. Education, the chance to instil new habits and develop preventive tools and outlooks will be expected through planning and 12 months of free aftercare.


Treatment facilities

Our treatment sessions will take place from our private recovery hospital. Offering residential programmes, 24/7 support is available whilst residing in our comfortable and high-quality accommodation.

A wide range of resources and services will be found through our treatment facilities, providing a home from home whilst recovering.

Environments are intimate, private, and fully peaceful. Triggers and influential stimuli are removed, offering a relaxing and clean setting. Located within the epitome of nature, the body, mind, and soul can heal, found to restore balance, and promote mindfulness.

Safety, comfort, respect, and personal experiences are all expected through private rehab treatment, delivered here at Nova Recovery.


What’s included in private rehab?

There are a wide range of services, sources of support and treatments inclusive of the cost of private rehab. You can expect to experience:

  • A quick admission into private rehab
  • A range of transport options
  • A dedicated, specialist team to support you along the way 24/7
  • A residential stay within our warm and homely environment
  • A personalised treatment programme, utilising evidence-based services
  • An inpatient timeline, usually completed in 28 days
  • Detoxification treatment
  • Mental health and psychological treatment sessions
  • Holistic services and resources
  • Relapse prevention planning
  • Everything you’ll need to comfortable stay at rehab
  • 12 months of free aftercare support

By experiencing private rehab treatment, support and standards, higher success rates are expected, due to the personal, intense, and progressive process that’s offered. You can aim to recover from our private recovery hospital, followed by aftercare and mindful living.

For more information on private rehab treatment and Nova Recovery – what to expect, contact our team. Admission can be made if you’re prepared for rehab, ready to support your addiction and/or mental health recovery journey.

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