Cannabis is a highly popular drug choice in today’s society. Known for its calming effects, many individuals will turn to cannabis to reduce daily stresses or work through existing mental health issues.

Although perceived as less harmless than other drugs, and even legal to consume in some parts of the world, if misused, consumption can develop into an addiction; along with the common negative associations of addiction.

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The signs of a cannabis addiction

Derived from the cannabis plant, cannabis is in fact a psychologically addictive drug, known to cause significant mental health conditions. If used for the long-term, a marijuana addiction can be very dangerous for the user. With this in mind, it is important that you understand where you stand with your current degree of cannabis abuse.

Some individuals will experience limited fixations to drugs, such as cannabis. They will favour the relaxing and still benefits of cannabis. Yet, will present control over consumption. This will usually result in controlled substance abuse. However, others will depend on the effects of cannabis, where a tolerance will develop. Through this tolerance, greater cannabis abuse will take place, commonly known to progress into an addiction.

With the common potential of developing an addiction to marijuana, it is vital that you understand how severe your connection to cannabis is, and in turn, if comprehensive cannabis addiction treatment is required.

  • Has your quality of life reduced, down to substance abuse? This can include your relationships, work performance and finances.
  • Do you struggle to reduce or stop your cannabis consumption?
  • Do you continue to abuse cannabis, even with the knowledge of the potential consequences?
  • Have you experienced psychological impairment, linked to a cannabis addiction? This can include panic attacks, depression, memory problems and hallucinations.
  • Do you experience chronic withdrawal symptoms in between consumption?

If you’ve answered yes to the above questions, you could be experiencing a cannabis addiction. In this instance, completing addiction treatment will be recommended by our addiction specialists. Avoid a future of long-term mental health conditions, and the potential of developing life-threatening conditions, such as schizophrenia. This can be achieved by reducing your cannabis abuse now.

How dangerous can long-term cannabis abuse become?

Many individuals believe that cannabis consumption is good for the body and mind. In moderation, in some parts of the world, this has been confirmed. However, like other drugs and alcohol, long-term, consistent abuse of cannabis can become dangerous.

The biggest focus is placed on the mental impairment cannabis abuse can activate. As the drug is a psychologically addictive substance, behaviours are likely to change, along with outlooks. This is where denial will usually present itself, making cannabis addiction treatment highly undesirable to users. However, by continuing through the psychological side effects of cannabis abuse, severe long-lasting mental health issues can develop. Through this, there is potential for a dual diagnosis to advance, resulting in greater treatment and rehabilitation.

Alongside psychological damage, cannabis abuse can cause dangers to the overall body. Long-term consumption of cannabis has resulted in chronic respiratory and lung conditions, along with infertility and further addictions. As cannabis impacts the central nervous system, there is great concern linked to consistent consumption of the drug. With these psychological impacts in mind, it’s always worth considering a specialised addiction hospital rather than a standard rehabilitation clinic. Addiction recovery hospitals like ourselves will typically be NHS registered, meaning highly stringent protocols are met, as well as having specialist psychologists and nursing staff on hand to assist.

Without breaking this cycle, through cannabis addiction treatment, a future of unbearable damage may be experienced.

Recovering through cannabis addiction treatment

If you do believe that cannabis addiction is present, we highly encourage you to reach out to our private hospital and begin your own journey to addiction recovery. Through our range of cannabis addiction treatment options, we can form a personalised and suitable treatment plan for you; helping to promote recovery, safety and optimal health.

Treatment for cannabis abuse or addiction will be divided into three key areas; medical, social and psychological treatment options. Clients will initially complete a cannabis detox programme, following the medical route. This is imperative to ensure that all traces of cannabis have been removed from the body. In tandem, treatment services such as support groups and individual therapy will be encouraged, helping to increase accountability, while working through underlying triggers.

For many individuals who are experiencing a dual diagnosis, treatment options such as cognitive behavioural therapy will be recommended. It is very important that both an addiction and associated mental health conditions are worked through, helping to reduce future cannabis relapses.

Additionally, as many individuals do rely upon cannabis to cope or battle through everyday life, we do provide coping mechanism sessions. As a sought-after drug treatment, we understand how difficult breaking those cycles and coping without your crutch can be; this being cannabis. We will provide you with healthy and personal coping mechanisms to help you overlook cannabis in future stressful life events.

Why consider completing a complete rehab programme?

For many individuals looking to recover, a standalone detox will be favoured. This route can work for individuals who are experiencing mild cannabis abuse. However, for those who are experiencing addiction, it is recommended that a complete rehab programme is considered.

As there are common psychological associations to cannabis when considering an addiction, it is important that those emotions and outlooks are worked through. Through a rehab programme, a structured and targeted approach to cannabis addiction treatment can be followed. This is an invaluable experience to complete, helping to completely diminish all cravings and associations to cannabis.

If you’re experiencing the negative side effects of a cannabis addiction, reach out to our team here at Nova Recovery. We can run through our suitable and highly effective cannabis addiction treatment options, along with our comprehensive rehab programmes. Benefit from a high level of quality care through our drug facility.