Unfortunately, across Scotland, excessive drug and alcohol abuse is taking over. Standing as one of the most populated areas for substance abuse, and the negatives that it carries, it’s easy to see how environmental and social influences have heightened this crisis.

If you are sadly stuck in the cycle of addiction, of excessive drug and alcohol consumption, of the normalisation of this destructive behaviour, considering professional support should be your next move.

Reasonably, you may hope to benefit from free treatment services. In tandem, you may aim to remain local and select a drug and alcohol rehab in Glasgow. While both of these options will offer convenience, drug and alcohol rehabilitation efforts will need to surpass convenience, where greater security and distance is offered.

Down to local influences, selecting a rehab hospital within your hometown can be extremely difficult. At Nova Recovery, we hope to remove you from those difficult situations, we hope to offer a thriving recovery environment, and we hope to promote freedom from drug and alcohol abuse. By looking beyond geographical convenience, you can experience our mission via residential rehab in Largs.

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Breaking from environmental and social influences

Have you personally experienced environmental or social influences when considering your drug and alcohol consumption? For the majority of individuals, both of those influential factors act as the driving force, initiating drug and alcohol consumption.

While emotional influences also carry great weightage, in areas such as Glasgow, influences caused by surroundings are heightened.

Down to this, even if you’re yet to feel influenced by certain places, situations or people, there is a likelihood that your drug and alcohol consumption can materialise into this, into an addiction. This is exactly how certain stimuli can develop the destructive habits of addiction, making it very difficult to break.

However, in order to recover, in order to achieve sober living, breaking away from environmental and social drug and alcohol influences is a must. By avoiding this step, you’ll likely feel it greater, along with encountering the negative associations it causes, such as homeliness, crime and drug-related deaths.

At Nova Recovery, we are passionate about helping people, by providing opportunities to remove themselves from the associations and vicious cycle of addiction. You can do this with our support, by prioritising drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

By doing so, you can help yourself, you can help those around you, and you can help the current crisis in areas such as Glasgow.


Selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Glasgow

While selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Glasgow itself may feel comforting, it is advised against, down to those environmental and social influences.

For individuals who experience minimal side effects, who encounter physical, standalone associations, remaining in the local area may be doable. Yet, for those experiencing physical and psychological associations, it will be too difficult and disruptive.

It’s understandable that this may be difficult to hear. However, it’s in your best interest to remove yourself from toxic situations, environments and relationships, helping you benefit from the entirety of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. To facilitate this, residential rehab will be encouraged, exactly what we offer at Nova Recovery.


Our care here at Nova Recovery

At Nova Recovery, we provide high-quality, humanised care, ensuring that you are treated as a person, that you encounter a personal rehabilitation journey. This is very important to us as we guide you through the process, helping you feel free from drugs and alcohol.

Below are some of the addiction treatments and processes you will complete through a personal rehab programme, offered via residential rehab here in Largs.


Drug and alcohol detoxification

Detoxification is very important. Without this step, traces of drugs or alcohol will likely remain in the body, posing risks for future cravings. In addition, without removing those traces, the body will continue to rely on addictive substances, usually leading to further consumption.

Through a medically observed and safe detoxification, physical withdrawal from drugs and alcohol will be aimed for. This is where consumption levels will be lowered over time, sometimes replaced with prescription medications.

We aim for a painless process, helping you overcome physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms by combining a range of addiction treatments.


Breaking the psychological cycle of addiction

Once you’ve detoxed from drugs and alcohol, it’s time to work on the deeply ingrained influences of addiction. This is where psychological intervention will activate, through a range of therapeutic addiction treatments,

Down to the psychological association, present to drugs and alcohol, this is what makes remaining in

Glasgow, challenging. Vast focus and direction are required to overcome causations, to bypass external and internal influences, in this case, commonly caused by environments or social trends.

To realign your mindset and change your coping strategy, away from drugs or alcohol, Cognitive behavioural therapy, support groups, stress management and family therapy will be offered, helping to heal your body and mind.


Relapse prevention

Fortunately, through drug and alcohol rehab, personal outlooks and associations to drugs and alcohol can diminish. However, unfortunately, those influential environments or situations will remain back home, especially down to the influx of substance abuse in areas like Glasgow.

With this in mind, to overcome those risks, relapse prevention will play a big part in your recovery. Here you will be armed with personal steps to take if you do experience drug or alcohol exposure. Offering reassurance and confidence in long-term recovery, relapse prevention will act as your lifeline on your return home, along with aftercare services.

If you’re looking to remove yourself from the local drug and alcohol influences, the best way you can achieve this is by physically removing yourself for a time of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. While selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Glasgow may feel easier, it will in fact prove difficult, resulting in a challenging process.

Yet, through a short relocation, you can benefit from residential rehab here at Nova Recovery, helping you distance yourself from drugs and alcohol, once and for all.

Rise above and break away from current trends or influences linked to drug and alcohol abuse. Take this opportunity now through residential rehab.

Frequently asked questions

How long is rehab for?

The shortest stay will be for ten days, the typical stay will be 28 days, and some clients can stay up to 90 days in rehab. Most rehab programmes in the UK last 28 to 30 days.

Should I travel for treatment?

Traveling for addiction treatment is highly recommended if you feel it would benefit your overall recovery. It allows you to remove yourself from an unhealthy environment that can provide access to drugs and alcohol. However there are also benefits of recovering locally with the support of friends and family.

What happens at drug rehab?

Drug rehabilitations programmes are tailored to each individual based on the addiction and other factors such as any co-occurring mental health disorders. To truly combat a drug addiction, the completion of a wide range of addiction treatments will be required.