Withdrawing from drugs, alcohol and their addictive traits can be tough. They are normalised for everyday consumption, making it challenging to avoid them. For some individuals, the positives of drug and alcohol exposure can outweigh the negatives of addiction, motivating the cycle.

Over the course of an addiction, physical and psychological changes, and the development of tolerances are common. Developing stronger throughout consumption, it can become even harder to withdraw as time goes on.

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Safe and effective withdrawal can however be achieved with medical and professional help. Through a range of addiction treatments and therapies, the cycle can be stopped, cravings can be suppressed, and behaviours can adapt to manage drug and alcohol exposure.

Immediately available and offered to a personalised level, addiction treatment can be experienced via private rehab. An outpatient rehab is also an option, yet due to NHS demands, may be less reliable for your addiction recovery journey.

With our help at Nova Recovery, withdrawal and recovery can be possible via a drug and alcohol rehab in Oban. For more information about our therapies, or to press ahead with your rehab admission, contact our team on 01475 303998.

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Addiction treatment help

If untreated and/or unmanaged, addiction is a recurring condition, meaning that it can return and intensify. As both substances cause internal and external changes, it can be difficult to remain sober without some form of treatment plan.

Drug and alcohol consumption is also normalised, which can be highly influential for someone with an addiction. Attempting to withdraw, whilst situated in accepting environments can easily be disrupted.

By instead accepting addiction treatment help, influences can reduce, and planning can take place. Offering the tools to withdraw and control future cravings, addiction treatments and therapies are invaluable to experience. Also completed within a safe and private environment, rehab offers a positive start to sobriety.

Possible to experience CQC standards, finding and checking into a drug and alcohol rehab in Oban will be the most beneficial choice. With professional input, the most suitable addiction treatment help can be experienced.


How does rehab work?

Following a bespoke approach, private rehab delivers a range of evidence-based, holistic, and mental health treatments. Individual needs and circumstances are catered to, offering the most effective and safe forms of addiction treatment.

A wealth of professional advice and support is also offered through rehab and its team of addiction, mental health, and nursing experts. An accredited and reassuring level of care can be expected via a CQC rehab clinic.

Both a clinical and comfortable setting is offered through private drug and alcohol rehab. Our facilities at Nova Recovery offer a safe haven, a community-led support network, and an escape from drugs, alcohol, and their influences.

Via a private drug and alcohol rehab in Oban, a progressive programme can be experienced. By selecting inpatient rehab, treatment can be completed in as little as 28 days.

Similar types of addiction treatment and help can be experienced on the NHS. Yet it can be harder to progress through outpatient treatment, as sessions are set by following a waiting list.

Considering your available treatment options will be important, to find the most beneficial form of addiction help. At Nova Recovery, we can offer a personal and safe rehab process via our recovery hospital, taking your circumstances into account.


What happens during drug and alcohol rehab?

There are both necessary and bespoke parts to drug and alcohol rehab. The necessary will help our clients withdraw from their habits, rebuild their control and mindfulness, and plan for long-term recovery. The bespoke will address and treat individual problems with drugs and alcohol. Each part of the process will be motivated by addiction treatments and therapies.

Assessments will kickstart the process, along with medical observations and one-to-one sessions. Post-assessments, the most effective treatments can be combined to form a 28-day rehab programme and a 12-month plan of aftercare.

Drug and alcohol withdrawal will be the first part, achieved through a detoxification process. Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Oban, a medically safe environment will be present, helping you work through withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

The rehab process will then focus on the psychological and emotional symptoms of addiction. Fulfilled through addiction therapy, our sessions are beneficial for addicts and their loved ones.

Planning will stand as the final part of rehab, helping our clients envision and experience long-term recovery. We help you plan through relapse prevention sessions, educational services, a wide range of resources and support with lifestyle management. Positive and sustainable changes can be achieved, and some realistic goals can be set through drug and alcohol rehab, to carry forward post-rehab.

Addiction recovery is a thorough process that should also consider physical and mental wellbeing. We make use of holistic therapies here at Nova Recovery, to personalise our plans and to individually improve our client’s health. Mental health treatments and physical activities are available, helping our clients work through dual diagnosis and any co-existing problems.


Treatments and therapies at Nova Recovery

A 28-day inpatient rehab programme will be filled with a range of treatments and therapies. The most effective forms will be recommended to you on a personal basis. Below are some of our most effective addiction therapies.

  • Therapy sessions, underpinned by cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Drug detox and/or alcohol detox, medically assisted by our nursing teams
  • Group therapy, family therapy and a wealth of one-to-one counselling sessions
  • Dual diagnosis treatments, to treat depression, anxiety, and further co-occurring disorders
  • Support groups and social activities
  • Relapse prevention planning, to educate clients and plan for sobriety
  • Holistic therapies to improve wellbeing and lifestyle choices
  • Aftercare services over a 12-month period


How long is rehab?

Residential treatment can be arranged over a 4-week schedule. 28 days is a realistic timeframe to complete the rehab within. Some of our clients will benefit from additional treatment which will lengthen rehab. All clients will naturally begin 12 months of aftercare in Oban on discharge from rehab.

The biggest difference between inpatient rehab and outpatient treatment is their pace. Outpatient treatment can take up to 6 months to complete, delaying addiction recovery.


Cost of rehab programmes

Private rehab can cost between £3,000 and £10,000. Programmes must be paid for on admission into rehab. Depending on your needs, personal arrangements can be made regarding the funding and affordability of private rehab.

A benefit of private rehab is that it’s a flexible service, workable around your budget. Visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Oban can be the next step for you.

NHS treatment plans are also accessible as they are free. Yet due to their longer timeframe and unpredictable timelines, it can be difficult to benefit from outpatient treatment.


How to find a rehab in Oban?

Recovering locally will be possible here at Nova Recovery. We can assist with your addiction recovery journey, whilst accommodating your needs.

Contact our helpline to reside in a drug and alcohol rehab in Oban, or to discuss your treatment options via our private hospital.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during rehab?

Rehab provides a safe and effective plan of action to withdraw and recover from drug and alcohol abuse. Such plan will include a range of treatments and therapies to treat the cause, effects and impacts of addiction. Clients will work through a detoxification process, various therapy sessions and will develop some healthy tools to prevent relapse. Advice, education, and planning will also be inclusive of private rehab, to manage sobriety on a post-rehab basis. There are various rehab options to consider, which we can help you work through here at Nova Recovery.

How do I convince a friend to get help?

Support is key whilst helping a friend through addiction recovery. By offering support and building a trustworthy relationship, your chances of motivating them to accept professional help will increase. Both a referral and intervention can also be completed to share your concerns and to increase the acceptance of rehab. Full guidance will be provided on how to complete both here at Nova Recovery.

How do I achieve long term sobriety?

Long-term sobriety will start with rehab and will continue as an ongoing commitment. Residing in a drug and alcohol rehab in Oban will provide you with the treatment, the support, and the tools to reach sobriety. From here, aftercare, self-help, education, and planning will help you move through the recovery journey, helping you normalise a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle. You will need to think about your habits, environments, preventive tools, and routine whilst aiming for long-term recovery.