Here at Nova Recovery, we specialise in ensuring people overcome their addictive disorders effectively, with understanding, and in an appropriately timely manner.

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Drug and alcohol addiction wreaks havoc on the lives of countless individuals, families, and societies across the United Kingdom each year, but with Nova Recovery’s help you can leave your addiction behind you.

Many people do not wish to travel massive distances in order to get professional addiction treatment. Therefore, if you are in the Kaimhill area, Nova Recovery will one the perfect addiction treatment option for you.

We take a very unique approach to addiction treatment in that we listen to your needs and build a treatment plan around you — this will allow you to receive the highest quality of care.

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Are you suffering from drug and/or alcohol addiction and need help? If so, Nova Recovery are leading UK based experts in Private Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment. Find out how we can help by getting in touch with our friendly team today.

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We will help you break free from your addictive behaviours through state-of-the-art treatments, conquer alcohol detox and/or alcohol detox safely at our detox clinic, and also prepare you for a return to life post-rehab through relapse prevention planning and a complimentary aftercare programme


Drug And Alcohol Addiction Treatment Options

There are a whole host of addiction therapy options that are utilised in rehab facilities in order to treat addictive disorders.

Here at Nova Recovery, we will tailor the treatment plan you are on to best suit your needs. However, some of the most effective treatments which we implement, that you will likely experience, include the likes of:


Behavioural Therapies

These sorts of treatments may include CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and/or DBT (dialectical behavioural therapy). Behavioural therapies such as this, as the name suggests, will allow you to dismantle the behavioural patterns of your addictive disorder.

Breaking down these established neural pathways will mean you can start to develop much more positive behavioural patterns which will replace your addiction. These therapies will also help form the basis of your relapse prevention plan.


Dual Diagnosis Therapy

In instances where someone has been, knowingly or otherwise, self-medicating for an underlying mental health condition, this condition may become more apparent over the course of the recovery journey.

However, Nova Recovery is specially trained to administer dual-diagnosis therapy which will allow you to be treated for your addictive disorder as well as any other concurrent mental health illnesses at the same time.


Group Therapy

Group therapy allows you to build a support network — not just a support network for the duration of your treatment, but one which may last for years after. Sharing your experiences can be difficult, but done in a safe and welcoming environment can help you to overcome things that you have been bottling up for years.


Detoxification Process Done Safely At Our Detox Clinic

Medically-assisted detox is a course of physical treatment that will mean that any side effects that manifest while you are going through the drug and/or alcohol detoxification process are managed with carefully prescribed medication.

Detox is also a period where most addicts will give into relapse due to the painful and uncomfortable withdrawal side effects. By undergoing our medically-assisted detox programme, you will not only be safer but will also be monitored round-the-clock by caring medical staff who will ensure you do not relapse.

Furthermore, you will not be provided with access to drugs and/or alcohol during your stay with us, which further decreases your chances of relapsing.


Aftercare Programmes

The initial twelve months after having completed an addiction treatment programme are often quoted as being integral to long-term recovery. Therefore, we will provide all of our clients with a twelve-month complimentary aftercare programme.

This programme will mean you have access to support networks and a wide range of resources that will help you to avoid relapse. This programme when coupled with your relapse prevention planning and family support counselling experienced during your time with us will leave you in the best stead to enjoy long-lasting recovery from your addiction.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is life like after Rehab?

Making the adjustment back into your everyday life post-rehab can seem like it will be an overwhelming experience at first — and this is a perfectly natural thing to be experiencing. However, as mentioned above, with the help of an aftercare programme that Nova Recovery will have sorted for you, you will be able to reach out to a professional support worker if you ever feel at risk of relapsing. The first twelve months after finishing rehab are crucial in terms of a long term recovery, which makes aftercare all the more important.

What is Outpatient Rehab?

As the name suggests, outpatient rehab means that, while you may be receiving treatment at the centre, you will not reside at the rehab for the duration of your treatment. This type of treatment can be very useful for people who have longstanding commitments that will not permit them to dedicate an entire month to live in rehab. However, it should be noted that Nova Recovery will typically recommend an inpatient treatment due to the fact that inpatient treatment boasts a much higher rate of recovery for clients.

How do I achieve sobriety?

While there is no one single answer to this question, there is a multitude of things that you can do to help become sober. Firstly, you should be committed to the idea of recovery, as if you are not 100% committed then you will simply fall down at the first hurdle. You should also be prepared to make significant changes to your day-to-day life, as change is a massive part of the recovery process. Finally, you should reach out for the assistance of a professional treatment centre — becoming sober alone can be nearly impossible, and there is no shame in asking for help when you need it.