Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation can offer you the chance to achieve long-term recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. If you want to join a rehab hospital with high success rates and a fantastic team of medical experts, then our rehab in Kilmarnock is the place for you.

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What is the best way to recover from Alcohol or Drugs?

Private treatment hospitals like our rehab in Kilmarnock, create bespoke treatment programmes to help people overcome their addictions to alcohol or drugs. We provide a secure setting where you are surrounded by medical experts and caring staff, offering their support to you no matter what time of the day it is.

If you’ve attempted to recover at home or have tried outpatient treatment services, and have sadly failed, you haven’t given yourself the best opportunity to recover. We suggest joining our high-end residential rehab hospital, you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes. You will stay, in your own private room, for the entirety of your drug and alcohol rehabilitation which typically lasts around 28 days.

We deliver a carefully selected combination of traditional and well-being therapies which we believe will benefit you most. These are all tailored to suit your unique needs and to ultimately help you live a life free from alcohol or drugs.

Whilst staying at our rehab hospital, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to solely focus on your recovery. If you were to attempt outpatient services, then you’re not removing yourself from the environment where you’re used to consuming alcohol or drugs.

A benefit to residential rehab is the potential to remove any distractions or negative factors from your day to day life which could be the source of your addiction.

We can provide a positive, safe, environment giving you the help and support you require throughout your addiction treatment. This method is evidently proven to be the most efficient and most effective form of treatment.


What can you expect from our Rehab in Kilmarnock? 

We believe in promoting a relaxed, welcoming environment, which has proven to optimise recovery levels. Visiting a rehab hospital like ours involves staying with us in your own private room, where you’ll receive a combination of traditional and well-being therapies to help you achieve long-term recovery.

You’ll receive constant support and care throughout your stay with us, and with minimal disruptions, you’ll be able to solely focus on freeing yourself from addiction.

Although we personalise all of our client’s treatments programmes, we’ll likely suggest that you begin your treatment with us by visiting our detox hospital. We can support you through this by administering prescription medication if needed, this will make you more comfortable when experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

These withdrawal symptoms can range from mild sickness and dizziness, to the more severe insomnia, seizures and even delirium tremers (DT’s) which require emergency medical attention.

This is why it’s so important to undergo detoxification under the supervision of our dedicated team, they’ll be with you 24/7 to ensure your safe and secure.


What treatments do we offer at our Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation?

During your drug and alcohol rehabilitation, we assess the psychological, emotional, and social effects that addiction to alcohol or drugs causes. It’s best to undergo a variety of specialist therapies which look at all of these factors to have the greatest chance of long-term recovery.

We believe a combination of traditional therapies such as detoxification, family or group therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, stress management, and psychotherapy, and our well-being therapies including sleep management, meditation, relaxation therapy and acupuncture, work best to achieve success.

However, before any of this can happen, the first step is to have an open discussion over the phone to establish whether you’re fully prepared for intensive addiction treatment. We will then conduct a full assessment of your physical and psychological health, to help us determine the nature of your addiction and to create a personalised treatment programme which suits you best.

We establish the steps needed to be taken along your recovery journey, together. This allows us to structure your bespoke treatment programme and to set achievable goals to refer to throughout your treatment.

Even during your downtime, we make sure that we arrange social activities for you to enjoy with people who are in a similar situation to you. We can arrange daily group walks or runs, quiz nights or film nights and of course family visits. It’s important to stay relaxed when possible.


What happens when you return home?

Don’t worry about returning home, we continue to support you even after you’ve left our rehab in Kilmarnock. We offer a completely free, highly useful 12-month aftercare programme to help retain motivation, share your thoughts with local support groups, and help to avoid potential relapses.

The first year after rehab is the most crucial, this is when you’re most likely to experience a relapse, our aftercare programme is integral in avoiding this.

At our drug and alcohol rehab in Kilmarnock, we’re a step ahead of the rest. We can provide unique insights into your addiction based on your behavioural patterns as we use the latest techniques in addiction treatment to help you recover.

Embarking on our fantastic drug and alcohol rehabilitation programme will allow you to heal both physically and psychologically. Our innovative treatment service, committed team, and state-of-the-art facilities, make us the best option for you.

Are you ready for a life-changing experience? There’s no time to waste. Once you’re prepared to commit to a new life free from alcohol or drugs, we’re here to help you achieve success.

Our team are happy to answer any further questions you may have on our treatment services, just get in touch with us today on 0147 530 3039 and start your journey to recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does rehab cure addiction?

Rehab is a major part of the recovery process to help the user over come any addictions they have. Addiction recovery is a lifelong process. you’ll need to keep working on the skills you learned in rehab long after treatment ends.

What is the 12 step program?

The Twelve Step programme is a foundation for personal recovery from the effects of addiction, both for the person using alcohol as well as their friends and family.

Can you overcome a drug addiction by yourself?

While it is possible to overcome addiction on your own, it is always advised to seek professional help to ensure you receive the correct treatment and support you need to live an addiction free life.