At Nova Recovery, we appreciate how choosing an alcohol rehab might be a big decision to make. Our rehab centre is welcoming and understanding of your needs in treating drug and alcohol addiction. Reach out to receive treatment at a drug and alcohol rehab in Paisley.

Attending a professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre is the best form of treatment, and is what we offer only a short drive away in Largs. Learn more about some of the benefits of selecting a Paisley-based treatment hospital, along with the admissions processes and addiction treatments you can expect to complete via our residential rehab.

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At rehab, we will help you avoid ongoing withdrawal symptoms, excessive drug and alcohol consumption, mental health issues and the downfalls of addiction.

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The Benefits of Selecting A Drug And Alcohol Rehab in Paisley

If you are open to seeking professional support, selecting a private drug and alcohol rehab in Paisley will offer many benefits. At Nova Recovery, we understand how testing life with an addiction diagnosis can be at our professional rehab centre. We also witness the difficulties of the detox process and withdrawal symptoms, as well as the joy of achieving long-term recovery.

The transition and experience within our residential rehab, as well as your transition back home to Paisley are very important.

The first benefit of remaining local is that you will experience a convenient transition to rehab, and also on your return home. As it may feel like a large step to take, remaining in the Paisley area will downplay this big step for you, while still offering the intensity and seriousness of rehab.

Secondly, comfort and familiarity will provide an easier experience for you. While residential rehab is offered here at Nova Recovery, you’ll still have access to home comforts and to family support. This can advance recovery motivation, it can boost responsiveness to addiction treatment, and can alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

While other drug and alcohol treatment hospitals in Paisley may be available, our rehab hospital offers a specialist approach, a family feel, and a personalised treatment programme, all contributing to benefit your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey.

While localised recovery via a drug and alcohol rehab in Paisley may be difficult for some, down to those familiarities, through a leading rehab hospital, exposure can be controlled while providing the most sustainable form of rehab.


Our Rehab Hospital Here at Nova Recovery

Down to our passion for offering freedom for all from drug or alcohol addiction, we provide an invaluable rehab experience via our rehab hospital in Largs. We offer leading addiction treatments and promote addiction recovery via our specialist rehab programmes which are led by addiction specialists and clinical nurse practitioners.

Some of the addiction treatment therapies we offer include:

  • Medically assisted drug or alcohol detox
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Support groups
  • Therapy with registered mental health nurses and therapists access
  • Art therapy
  • Daily walks
  • Exercise including yoga
  • Nutritional therapy
  • Relapse prevention
  • Aftercare services

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

At Nova Recovery we specialise in dual diagnosis treatment for individuals suffering from both substance abuse and mental health issues such as depression or anxiety. Our drug and alcohol rehab offers treatment programmes which aims to treat both conditions with a positive attitude and coping mechanism.

We employ trained psychiatrists who work with our residents who require this form of treatment programme.

You can learn more about our dual diagnosis rehab programmes by calling us on 01475 303998.


An Efficient, Personal Admission into Rehab

Your admission into rehab should be easy for you. It should also be efficient so you can withdraw from drugs and alcohol as quickly as possible. Our admissions team offer an efficient, personal admission from Paisley to our rehab centre, making all arrangements for you.

Starting with a pre-admission screening, we will secure a place for you in our drug and alcohol rehab and make sure this is the best rehab facility for your needs.

This will ensure that rehab is currently right for you and that you are currently fit for addiction treatment. An admission date will also be arranged once you have secured your deposit and pre-rehab plans will take place.

One of the key parts of our admission process is that we spend a great time getting to know you. We work with you to form a fitting rehab programme which is tailored around your experiences with drugs and alcohol, your physical and psychological health, and your recovery goals.


A Personalised Rehab Programme Catered Around Your Needs

Personalisation can enhance your rehab experience significantly. There are many general rehab programmes out there, which follows a stereotypical rehab journey and recovery model. While this is better than ongoing substance abuse, full recovery is unlikely.

Drug and alcohol abuse creates a different experience for everyone. There are many different layers, which combine together to form a drug and alcohol addiction. With this in mind, to make rehab worthwhile, we must understand your physical addiction and form a rehab programme which will treat and achieve recovery for you.

Personalised rehab programmes are the best form of addiction treatment and achieves the most long-term recovery rates. Get in touch today to start your rehab journey in Paisley.


1 Year of Aftercare and Support in Paisley

Post-rehab, your journey is very important to us. On your return to Paisley, we want you to live a drug and alcohol-free future. We offer one whole year of aftercare in Paisley on your doorstep to help you reach your recovery goals and sobriety.

Alcohol and drug rehab, if completed successfully, should be a one-off experience. Through ongoing efforts, aftercare, and relapse prevention planning, long-term recovery can be maintained.

By utilising skills developed through residential rehab, you will be in a great position to overcome addiction. Yet, you must continue your efforts, and embrace further addiction treatment to help you recover on a physical and psychological basis.

By taking small steps and increasing your awareness of the benefits of inpatient rehab, you’ll soon have the chance to visit a specialist drug and alcohol rehab in Paisley.

Seek drug and alcohol treatment hospital here at Nova Recovery. Our centre is warm and welcoming and provides you with all of the techniques to overcome drug and alcohol consumption for good.

Reach out today or call 01475 303998 if you hope for greater information on rehab as a whole, or to alternatively begin your admission into drug and alcohol rehab.