We have an expert team of recovery workers who deliver evidence-based addiction therapies, all of which have proven to be highly effective. We will provide you with the highest level of care and support throughout your treatment programme, ensuring you’re progressing efficiently along your journey to long-term recovery.

Sometimes, the first challenge is to actually ask for help from rehab for drug and alcohol abuse. We recognise that can be quite a nerve-wracking experience, however, we’d like to reassure you that this is something we deal with every day and are quite comfortable discussing any concerns you may have with the utmost discretion.

With industry-leading addiction treatments, high-specification facilities and a fantastic team of recovery workers, there’s no better place to undergo your residential addiction treatment than at our drug and alcohol rehab in Nairnshire.

There’s no time like the present

When you’re suffering from an addiction to alcohol or drugs, there’s no time to waste in seeking treatment. It’s so important to visit a drug and alcohol rehabilitation as soon as possible otherwise you risk developing long-term damage to your physical and psychological health.

Addiction is a vicious cycle that can at times be unbearable, and it’s challenging to break free from this cycle; thus, we understand the instinctive urge to avoid treatment for as long as possible.

But without the professional support of a drug and alcohol rehabilitation hospital, your addiction will only get much worse, potentially leaving you with irreversible damage.

Whilst it’s quite common to be in denial about your condition, it’s vital that you do whatever you can to accept that you need help.

Maybe you’ve started to notice physical or psychological deterioration as a result of your addiction, or your behaviours are changing, making it difficult for you to even recognise yourself. These are indicators that you require help immediately, there’s no time like the present!


What is it like at our rehab for private drug and alcohol rehab?

Some people seem to have a misconception that rehab places for drugs and alcohol are cold hospital environments, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Our rehab hospital in Nairnshire is a warm and friendly setting for you to feel safe whilst undergoing your treatment for drug or alcohol addiction.

Unlike any other drug and alcohol rehab, we ensure that all of our clients have their own private room with daily, nutritious meals and all their housekeeping needs are taken care of.

We provide this highest level of care to ensure that you have just one thing to focus on – achieving your long-term recovery goals. We also arrange social activities for you to enjoy when you’re not in your therapy sessions such as group walks or runs, film nights, quiz nights, and family visits.

Once you’ve contacted our rehab hospital, we will arrange a pre-screening assessment to take place where we can review your physical and psychological health, thus allowing us to create the most effective residential addiction treatment programme for you.

Whilst every programme is personalised, we do make sure that everyone receives a holistic approach to their treatment which includes a well-balanced mix of well-being and psychological therapies, in addition to a drug and alcohol detoxification.


What is a drug and alcohol detoxification?

Drug and alcohol detoxification is the process of gradually reducing your consumption of alcohol or drugs in a safe and controlled way to ensure your discomfort and potential risks are reduced.

We would recommend that you undergo a detox as one of your first treatments at our private drug and alcohol rehab. It’s a good way to start your treatment as by removing the harmful toxins from your system, you’re allowing your following therapies to be more effective.

It’s quite likely that you’ll experience some withdrawal symptoms whilst undergoing a detox. If you were to attempt detox at home alone, these withdrawal symptoms could be a serious cause for concern, but with the supervision of our expert team, these symptoms can be managed.

Whilst the discomfort can be eased with prescribed medication, withdrawal symptoms can’t be avoided altogether. You could feel dizzy, shaky, nauseous, or in more serious cases you could experience seizures, insomnia, or even delirium tremens (DT’s) for which you’ll need medical attention urgently.

This is why we strongly advise against any attempts of drug and alcohol detoxification without the guidance of an expert team. If you did, you would be putting yourself in real danger of causing life-threatening damage, it could even be lethal when not handled correctly.

Drug and alcohol detoxifications at our rehab in Nairnshire have a very high success rate, rest assured we can help you remove alcohol or drugs from your life for good.


Do we provide aftercare support?

Of course. Our fantastic team will continue to support you even after you’ve left our drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Our dedicated aftercare team will be there to help you adapt your new behaviours to your usual way of life, aiming to make the transition as smooth as it possibly can be.

We also tailored your drug and alcohol aftercare programme to ensure maximum effectiveness and success, just as we did with your residential addiction treatment.

Whenever you need support, our dedicated helplines are always there to listen and offer guidance. Our aftercare support is also available for your family and friends as this can be a difficult time for them as well.

We can arrange ongoing individual, group or family counselling sessions as required, in addition to extra drug and alcohol relapse prevention sessions.

If you’re ready to commit to this challenging yet extremely valuable experience, get in touch with us today on 01475 303998 or email us at [email protected]