Once you’re in this mind set, you’re ready to take on rehab and achieve your goals of living a life without dependency on drugs or alcohol.

For many people, having a strong support network and having a group of people to talk to during recovery is essential. With this in mind, group therapy is a very important part of rehab and is one of the best ways that rehab can help you overcome your addiction to drugs or alcohol.

What Is Rehabilitation?

You will more than likely have heard of rehab; this is just the shortened word for residential rehabilitation. The residential rehabilitation we are specifically talking about here is an alcohol/drug treatment facility.

Upon entering rehab, you will first go through detox, where all traces of the substance you have been using are removed from your body.  Then you will start a treatment plan aiming to permanently abstain from drugs and alcohol.

This is usually the aim of most patients as avoiding these substances completely is usually the only way to avoid addiction in the future.

You will have a treatment plan put in place to suit you and your specific needs. Depending on your situation, you may go through different therapies including medication, counselling and more.


How Can Rehab Help Me with My Addiction?

Rehab is beneficial in every way to somebody dealing with addiction. While in rehab you can get a break from ordinary life that you feel may have held you back from getting help and gives you the time and freedom to concentrate on recovery.

While in rehab you will learn to understand addiction, this is vital to recovery. You will find a safe haven in rehab that will make recovery worth it.

During your stay you will receive treatment designed to suit you and your specific case, therefore you will find the correct mental and physical therapy to suit you personally.

Counselling goes hand in hand with rehab. Talk therapies prove to be one of the most beneficial and effective ways to overcome addiction.

Usually, addictions are a way for people to cope with past traumas or other mental health problems. Talk therapies really help the doctor and patient to understand the root of addiction and how to overcome it.

Medical treatments such as medications are another way to help you overcome your addiction. A doctor will usually prescribe something to help you with withdrawals and everything else that comes along with recovery.

Detox is one of the most important parts of rehab. This is where a patient will tackle the addiction physically while taking care of their mental health with medicines and talk therapy.

This is where all traces of alcohol or drugs are removed from the body while paying special attention to treating the withdrawal symptoms.

Rehab can help you get your life back or even build a life you want to live. Not only will you benefit mentally and physically but your relationships will also benefit.

Whether it’s your family, parents, partner or friends, relationships benefit especially from your recovery. It is hard to maintain good relationships with others when you are struggling with addiction.


Signs and Symptoms of a Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Addiction can be detrimental to someone’s life and this affects every aspect of their lives, including relationships. But how can you tell if someone is struggling with addiction?

Here is a list of some of the signs and symptoms of addiction to look out for if you are worried about yourself or someone you care about:

  • Irritation
  • Fatigue
  • Unable to stay focused
  • Being forgetful
  • Mood swings
  • Being defensive
  • Low self-esteem
  • Showing signs of depression/anxiety
  • Paranoia
  • Being secretive
  • Withdrawing from socialising unless using substances
  • Becoming irresponsible
  • No longer interested in things that once seemed important
  • Poor personal hygiene
  • Becoming agitated

Am I Far Enough into My Addiction to Need Help?

This is a question a lot of addicts have. If you have an addiction and this is causing a negative impact on aspects of your life, then you would benefit from rehab.

If you are already questioning if you need to go to rehab and receive treatment, then the likelihood is that you need the help. You may find yourself questioning the severity of your addiction, this is common and prevents a lot of addicts from seeking help.

There are some ways you may be able to tell how mild or severe your addiction is.

Below is the list of criteria for addiction, if you have just a few of these, rehabilitation may suit you:

  • Strained relationships
  • Loss of interest in other activities you once enjoyed
  • Unable to cut back use, despite wanting to
  • If you spend a lot of your time under the influence or acquiring substance
  • Higher tolerance
  • Continuing use despite noticeable physical or mental damage
  • Loss of control
  • Dishonesty or lying to loved ones about substance abuse
  • Withdrawal
  • Lack of responsibility

Addiction is a disease that progressively gets worse. Like other diseases such as asthma or diabetes, it needs to be treated. If you have a mild case of addiction now, this will eventually progress into a severe case over time.

Rehab is your best choice for treatment as detoxing in rehab is much safer than attempting to do it alone at home.


Finding a Drug or Alcohol Rehab Hospital in Banffshire

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We can help you understand your addiction and will work with you to create a better future for you and your family. We can help you sustain your recovery and can change your life for the better.

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