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Professional Referrals

Here at Nova Recovery, we are on hand to support employers who believe that addiction recovery is necessary within their workplace. Through our professional referral rehab services, we can assess the situation and advise on the next best steps to promote drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

How substance abuse can impact the workplace

Drug and alcohol abuse of course predominantly, affects the user’s life. However, addictive behaviours can also carry over to the workplace. From reduced productivity and poor attendance, to the inability to complete responsibilities and workplace accidents, substance abuse can cause significant disruptions.

As an employer, it is your best interest to ensure your company can continue to function. However, it is also your duty of care to support your employees, while ensuring that the right health and safety measures are in place. As substance abuse may be new to you, it is understandable if you lack an addiction recovery strategy. This is where our team can come into play, advising and recommending your HR department on our effective treatment programmes.

When considering substance abuse, you may feel inclined to diminish employment contracts. This however isn’t advised by our admissions team, helping to ensure that your employees are supported; in turn boosting addiction recovery likelihoods. Likewise, offering support, compassion and promoting addiction treatment will benefit your company for the long-term by increasing employee loyalty and engagement.

Alongside internal guidance, we can help you understand the best ways of approaching the topic of rehab through our professional referral services. The key is to ensure reaching and sustaining recovery is possible through rehab. Reach this goal through our professional referral rehab services here at Nova Recovery.


Our professional referral rehab services here at Nova Recovery

Benefit from our professional referral rehab services today by contacting our admissions team. We can run through the admissions process with you, along with offering guidance on the most appropriate treatment programme for your employee.

We will require a depth of high-quality information to ensure that we can recommend the most suitable treatment programme, helping to achieve and sustain recovery. Once the process of a professional referral rehab service begins, we ask that you support your employee while also providing privacy and peace while recovering. The steps experienced through the initial addiction treatment will impact their end recovery result.

With this in mind, contact our team today for the most effective advice through our professional referral rehab services.

Support your employee through our professional referral rehab services while also protecting your business. Managing substance abuse can be difficult, especially if little acknowledgment or discussion has been shared previously. We can help you break the stigma, while also helping you deal with drug or alcohol addiction, professionally in your workplace.

Contact our admissions team today for guidance on dealing with addictive behaviours. This is most definitely a good place to start, especially if substance abuse is new to you as an organisation.


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Knowing exactly how to deal with drug or alcohol abuse in the workplace can be difficult. This may be a new experience for you as an employer. However, unfortunately, substance abuse is affecting more and more people, no matter their professional status. With this in mind, it is important that as an employer, you understand that specialist addiction support is available through our rehab centre.