Clinical depression is a severe form of depression that impairs the lives of millions of people worldwide.

Cited as one of the most predominant mental health problems by the Mental Health Foundation, in the United Kingdom alone, it is believed that one in ten people struggle with clinical depression every day.

Although clinical depression causes individuals to experience extremely low moods, periods of self-doubt, reduced self-esteem, and prolonged periods of unhappiness, clinical depression treatment has helped many make a full recovery.

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If you believe that clinical depression has come to impair the quality of your life, we would urge you to secure clinical depression treatment as soon as possible.

Likewise, if you are concerned that a loved one struggles with clinical depression, we would encourage you to refer them to our rehab hospital Scotland for clinical depression treatment.

Causes Of Clinical Depression

It can often be challenging to determine what has caused you to experience clinical depression before seeking clinical depression treatment.  This is because, when it comes to clinical depression, there is no single cause.

As a result, the factors that cause one person to experience clinical depression will be entirely different to the factors that cause you to experience clinical depression.

However, as you undergo clinical depression treatment, you will be provided with various treatments that will help you understand and come to terms with the factors that will have likely caused your clinical depression to arise.

Signs and Symptoms Of Clinical Depression

Determining whether clinical depression treatment is needed can be somewhat tricky.  Although there are many symptoms associated with clinical depression, you may have believed the symptoms experienced were due to generally feeling unwell.

However, when symptoms last for a prolonged period, you must ascertain whether clinical depression is present in your life.

To help you distinguish if clinical depression is impairing the quality of your life, we have outlined a number of symptoms that often come hand-in-hand with clinical depression below.

  • Feeling increasingly unhappy
  • Feeling somewhat hopeless
  • Low self-esteem
  • Constantly experiencing a low mood
  • Feeling emotional
  • Encountering mood swings
  • Isolation from others
  • Avoiding responsibilities
  • Feeling frustrated

If you experience any of the symptoms noted above, it is in your best interest to contact us today.

Although we know that doing so is easier said than done, when you contact us, we can help you take the first step in overcoming and mitigating the ramifications clinical depression has on your life.

We will also be able to provide you with the clinical depression treatment you need and ensure that you have a medical diagnosis.

Treatment Options For Clinical Depression

From the NHS to private healthcare providers, across the United Kingdom, many medical centres and rehabs provide clinical depression treatment.  Considering this, there are a plethora of treatment options available for you to take advantage of.

As your thoughts turn to clinical depression treatment, you may have initially contacted your doctor.  However, in doing so, you may have found that your treatment options were somewhat limited.

You may have also found that the treatment your doctor offers primarily consists of taking medication such as antidepressants.  As a result, you may find yourself hoping to secure clinical depression treatment elsewhere.

If this resonates with you, at Nova Recovery Scotland, we welcome you to complete a clinical depression treatment programme at our rehab hospital.

Clinical Depression Treatment At Nova Recovery Scotland

At Nova Recovery, we provide a wealth of industry-leading treatment options to those that sadly find themselves unable to navigate and overcome clinical depression on their own.

To help you achieve a long-term recovery, we will ensure that you have access to a personalised clinical depression treatment programme.

Although the clinical depression treatment you are offered will depend on the severity of your clinical depression and the physical and psychological symptoms you experience, you can expect to undergo one-to-one therapy during your time in our rehab hospital.

You will also encounter psychological therapy and well-being therapy.  If necessary, you may also find that medication is prescribed.

One-To-One Psychological Therapy

As touched on above, when you commence a clinical depression treatment programme at our rehab hospital, you will experience one-to-one therapy.

Much of our one-to-one therapy sessions will see you progress through a cognitive behavioural therapy programme. However, you may also be offered trauma counselling and mindfulness sessions.

While many people fear therapy, our one-to-one therapy sessions will offer you a safe space to discuss your thoughts and feelings with a psychiatrist, nurse manager, specialist nurse practitioner or mental health nurse therapist.

Well-Being Therapy

Although one-to-one psychological therapy will help you navigate and manage your clinical depression, well-being therapy is incorporated into our clinical depression treatment programmes as it provides an additional outlet for many to express how their depression has impaired their life.

Well-being therapy also encourages a holistic recovery, and helps many individuals manage their clinical depression in the weeks, months and years following clinical depression treatment.

At Nova Recovery, well-being therapy commonly includes yoga, meditation and fitness activities such as walking.


As you enter our rehab hospital, you will undergo a psychiatric assessment.  The results of your psychiatric assessment will help us establish effective forms of treatment based on your psychological state.

If deemed necessary, we will prescribe antidepressants.  Although you may have hoped to alleviate your clinical depression without medication, taking antidepressants will contribute to your long-term recovery.

Secure Clinical Depression Treatment At Our Scotland Rehab Hospital Today

If you have sadly found yourself subject to clinical depression and now need to locate suitable clinical depression treatment, we can help you do just that.

At Nova Recovery, we provide clinical depression treatment to individuals from all walks of life every day at our rehab hospital located in Largs, Scotland.

Provided on a residential basis, our clinical depression treatment programmes are highly advantageous and have helped many others manage their clinical depression.

To secure clinical depression treatment at our rehab hospital, please call us directly on 01475 303998.

Alternatively, we welcome you to email [email protected] to request a call back.