Although this may seem a way off, it is possible. Yet, to ensure that sustainable recovery can be achieved and that suitable addiction treatments are recommended, the journey must begin with a health risk assessment.

Although you may initially find it difficult to open up about your health history, please be reassured that all details are confidential and are only used to ensure your addiction recovery journey is suitable for you.

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The Process of our Health Risk Assessment

The health risk assessment will begin by getting to know you as a person. Again, please be reassured that all information will be treated with discretion. From here, we will delve deeper, asking questions surrounding your medical and psychiatric history

You can expect to answer questions regarding your organ health, whether you’ve suffered with any previous conditions or life-threatening injuries, medication you take regularly and whether you’ve experienced any mental health issues; in relation to life before and throughout your addiction.

Within your health risk assessment, we will also ask questions regarding any mental health conditions you have been diagnosed with as well as your current relationship with drugs and alcohol if you are receiving treatment for addiction.

When going through this process we will require information on the mental health condition you have been diagnosed with or the substance you are currently addicted to, when addressing addiction we would also benefit from knowing whether you’ve previously attempted to detox or recover, and whether you are currently receiving addiction treatment.

All of this information from our health risk assessment will help our specialists create the most effective and safe treatment programme for you.

The aim is to ensure that you can recover, sustainably and realistically, while also prioritising your physical and mental health. With this in mind, knowledge of your current health, medical needs, allergies and addiction history will be invaluable.

We will also require the contact details of a responsible person who will commit to ensuring that you follow our advice regarding your treatment.

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If you’re keen to complete mental health and/or addiction treatment, in partnership with a leading residential hospital, contact our team today.

We can guide you in the right direction, by also providing support through our health risk assessment. From here, we can advise on the most appropriate treatment options and programmes, all made from the data collected through your risk assessment.

This step will ensure that you can safely complete treatment, while benefiting from their effectiveness. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your health risk assessment, get in touch today.

John Gillen - Author - Last updated: April 9, 2021

John has travelled extensively around the world, culminating in 19 years’ experience looking at different models. He is the European pioneer of NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) treatment to Europe in 2010; and recently back from the USA bringing state of the art Virtual Reality Relapse Prevention and stress reduction therapy. His passion extends to other metabolic disturbances and neurodegenerative diseases. The journey continues. In recent times, John has travelled to Russia to study and research into a new therapy photobiomudulation or systemic laser therapy working with NAD+ scientists and the very best of the medical professionals in the UK and the USA, together with Nadcell, Bionad Hospitals own select Doctors, nurses, dieticians and therapists. Johns’ passion continues to endeavour to bring to the UK and Europe new developments with NAD+ Therapy in preventive and restorative medicine and Wellness. In 2017 John Gillen was made a visiting Professor at the John Naisbitt university in Belgrade Serbia.