Experiencing anxiety is very common, however, when these sporadic episodes of feeling anxious and worried become more intense and more regular, anxiety can begin to seriously affect your mental health and well-being.

At Nova Recovery Scotland, we help people who are suffering from long periods of anxiety and panic attacks with our hospital led recovery model which focuses on the biological and psychological responses to stress, anxiety, burnout, and associated addictive behaviours.

Our anxiety treatment plan includes a wide variety of psychological therapies including  cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to ease your feelings of anxiety.

We’re pleased to tell you that although daily life may seem unbearable at times, there is a way for you to overcome anxiety, and we’re here to help. Contact us today to begin your treatment plan by calling 01475 303998 or email us at info@novarecovery.com.

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What is anxiety?

Each person who suffers from anxiety will experience different levels of severity. You could feel uneasy, worried, or fearful about something such as a job interview or sitting exams. When you begin to find it difficult to control your feelings of anxiety, it can severely impact your daily life causing you even more distress. The NHS describes “anxiety as the main symptom of several conditions, including panic disorder, phobias such as agoraphobia or claustrophobia, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or social anxiety disorder (social phobia)”.

The NHS go on to discuss a long-term mental health condition called generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) which “causes you to feel anxious about a wide range of situations and issues, rather than one specific event”. People who are living with generalised anxiety disorder will feel anxious almost every day, as soon as one anxious thought is resolved, another appears, giving you no time to relax at all.

These symptoms of anxiety can include both psychological and physical symptoms including dizziness or heart palpitations, feeling restless or worried, and having trouble sleeping or concentrating. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms of anxiety, it’s crucial that you seek help from professionals like ourselves at Nova Recovery before you make your anxiety worse.

How can we help you?

We have a small hospital located in the beautiful west coast of Scotland, just a short stroll away from peaceful country walks and stunning beaches looking over to the Isle of Arran. We’re an experienced team of psychiatrists, specialist nurse practitioners, mental health nurse therapists, and support therapists who are on duty 24/7 to help you whenever you need it. We offer 1-1 therapy and group therapy sessions where we encourage mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, distress tolerance, and emotional regulation through the use of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

Our fantastic team also address and deliver stress management, anxiety management, regret, acceptance, forgiveness and exiting planning. We help thousands of people every year to overcome their feelings of anxiety, we urge you to come forward and speak to our friendly team; do not suffer in silence. We’re able to offer you a great treatment plan which involves working with us to understand what may have caused your anxiety, this in turn will help greatly in learning how to tackle your symptoms of anxiety, and of course, improve the quality of your daily life overall.

We aim to support you all the way through your recovery from anxiety by delivering effective coping strategies, identifying, and resolving any triggers linked to your feelings of anxiety, and by increasing your self-awareness. Our anxiety treatment techniques have proven to be very successful; we only hope that you will let us help you lead a happier, healthier life without the worries of anxiety.

How does anxiety affect us?

In a 2020 article published by The Guardian, they stated that the “UK has experienced ‘explosion’ in anxiety since 2008, study finds”. Looking back over the last decade, they explain that research has shown huge rises in anxiety across the UK due to factors such as the financial crash, austerity, Brexit, climate change, and social media. Unfortunately, they state that this debilitating mental health condition “has trebled among young adults, affecting 30% of women aged 18-24, and has increased across the board among men and women under 55”.

This study goes on to say that “Given the steep increases in anxiety revealed by this research, and the sheer number of people affected, it is now clear that Britain has a really serious and worsening problem with anxiety, which can have devastating effects on people’s lives. This data stopped just before the Covid-19 pandemic; we can speculate on how they would look now”. This statement is a harrowing reality of how many people in our communities are suffering from anxiety and panic attacks.

We must look at finding long term solutions to help our nation which is so badly impacted by feelings of anxiety, thus highlighting the need for effective, proactive hospitals like Nova Recovery who help countless people each year with anxiety treatment. Without professional help, it’s expected that your anxiety will only worsen over time, negatively impacting many aspects of your life including your relationships with loved ones, your physical and psychological health, your ability to function in your daily life, and your professional performance at school or at work.

We appreciate how overwhelming it can be to open up and admit that you need support for a mental health condition, but we urge you to be brave and reach out to us at Nova Recovery. We’re confident that our anxiety treatment plan will help you to create a future free from the symptoms of anxiety.

Anxiety treatment aftercare

Aftercare is extremely important when you’re recovering from a mental health condition; long-term recovery takes time and commitment. Our aftercare will provide support groups every week for 1 year following your discharge, in addition to a 24-hour support line.

We can continue to offer ongoing cognitive behavioural therapy if necessary. We also arrange zoom group meetings within the first 6 weeks of you completing your treatment plan with us. If you’re ready to begin your anxiety treatment Scotland, please call us today on 01475 303998 or email us at info@novarecovery.com.