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Friend Referrals

Are you worried that a friend or loved one many be suffering alone through a drug or alcohol addiction? Have you identified the signs of substance abuse and the associated mental health issues? Do you believe that your friend is experiencing addictive behaviours?

If this resonates with you, you’ll probably have little experience on how to support a friend or loved one through addiction. You may feel like you do not want to get involved or make a wrong turn. However, now is the time for you to act and ensure an early intervention is made through a friend referral rehab service.

How to approach a friend who is abusing drugs or alcohol

When approaching your friend with the topic of their drug or alcohol consumption, it is imperative that you follow a sensitive, non-judgmental approach. By judging them or heavily promoting addiction treatment from the offset, you will push them further into their addictive behaviours. With this in mind, this is the time to listen, support and offer rational advice regarding addiction recovery. Once you have further knowledge of your friend’s experience with drugs and alcohol, now is the time to consider support through a local drug and alcohol rehab facility.

This is where our friend referral rehab service comes into play, supporting the potential for early intervention. We can listen to your concerns, while promoting the most effective treatment services through our rehab facility. This information can then be communicated to your friend, helping to inspire the thought of sobriety.

Please remember that this information may initially be unwelcomed. It’s important to have patience when approaching your friend. Addiction recovery can take some time to achieve. Likewise, the acknowledgment of an addiction can be lengthy. It’s about doing what you can, alongside our support through our friend referral rehab service.


Our friend referral rehab services here at Nova Recovery

If you’re worried that a friend may be abusing drugs or alcohol, there are ways you can help them. We can initially help you understand addiction greater, through the likes of support groups and therapy. This will in unison benefit your friend by providing a strong support network. From here, we can also help you communicate the importance of addiction recovery to your effected loved one.

Please do not feel like you have to deal with this alone. Here at Nova Recovery, we are here to help all individuals who are impacted by addiction. Benefit from our support through considering our friend referral rehab service.

Get Help Today

Although this may be a new experience to you, here at Nova Recovery, we have vast experience of helping loved ones work through and guide those affected by addiction. We can help you personally understand the process of addiction recovery, along with how to approach your friend through a referral service. Likewise, we can promote addiction treatments which are ideal for family members or friends to complete, helping to strengthen the support network.

Get in touch with our admissions team today to identify the next best steps through our friend referral rehab services.