For the best possible chance of recovery, it is important that you are ready to fully commit to rehab. You will need to be open to the range of addiction treatments needed, including undergoing a drug detox programme.

Although initially difficult to complete, especially as drug consumption decreases, the completion of a drug detox is a necessity when looking to rehabilitate.

At Nova Recovery, we offer a 24 hour hospital supervised treatment treatment program that is fully supervised by trained nurses. This treatment option is invaluable, especially when combined with alternative addiction treatments.

Are you hoping to recover from a drug use disorder? Through our experience here at Nova Recovery, all individuals will reach a point where addiction recovery is perceived as desirable. This will commonly be when the associated side effects and mental health issues negatively impact life.

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The Signs of a Drug Addiction

Are you currently suffering through chronic drug abuse? Are you however questioning the severity of your consumption and whether it reflects an addiction?

It is important to identify when a physical and psychological addiction to drugs is present. However, it is even more important to remember that a drug detox is available and helpful no matter the degree of your drug abuse.

Do you currently struggle to reduce or stop your drug consumption? Are you experiencing withdrawal symptoms in between consumption? Are drugs controlling your life, decisions and behaviour?

Are you experiencing health problems or mental impairment from long-term drug use? If any of these questions hit a chord with you, you could be experiencing existing addictive behaviours.

If you are yet to reach this level of dependence on drugs, it is still important to remember that damages are activated under the surface. Any degree of drug consumption, whether illegal or prescribed will amount to harm, with great potential to develop into an addiction.

As a result of the progression of addiction, we do advise that all individuals abusing drugs consider the different drug detox options available to them. If you’re truly ready to recover, our treatment programmes are invaluable here at Nova Recovery.

The Importance of Drug Withdrawal

Drug withdrawal is when the body slowly learns to cope without usual quantities of addictive substances. Here is where consumption levels will be reduced, by medical professionals, commonly subsidies with detox supporting medications.

The step of a drug detox is very important if full recovery is your goal. No matter the quantity of drugs consumed, the body and mind will build up a tolerance. This is the quantity of drugs required to function or to experience the buzz.

his is how the body and mind are both programmed to crave substance abuse. With this in mind, to reach recovery, it is vital that those toxins and tolerances are diminished and removed from the body. This will provide the best chance for the body to cope without drug abuse moving forward.

Although branded as a challenging addiction treatment to complete, a drug detox is a necessity. It helps to prepare the body and mind for further addiction treatment.

With this in mind, it is a vital cog in the addiction recovery process, continuously recommended here at Nova Recovery.

Why complete a Medically Assisted Drug Detox Programme?

When hoping to recover, you may attempt to complete a detox at home. Although this is a positive step which shows your desire to recover, home based detox programmes will not be recommended by our addiction specialists.

Medical detox programmes should always be completed. When withdrawing from drugs, chronic withdrawal symptoms will likely make an appearance. They can include nausea, anxiety, irritability, aching, insomnia, headaches, and even chronic delirium tremens.

Withdrawal symptoms will vary, depending on the type of drug which has been abused. Yet, this is a common side effect which causes challenges for clients.

With this in mind, it is imperative to complete a medically assisted detox programme, ensuring that you are safe and healthy while withdrawing from drugs.

Please be mindful that the body and mind will react as drug consumption reduces. Alone, this can be very uncomfortable to complete. However, through our rehab hospital, you’ll feel comfortable and motivated to continue with additional addiction treatments.

The Types of Drug Detox Programmes available

Through our rehab facility, there are two types of drug detox programmes to consider. For individuals who are experiencing mild side effects from drug abuse, an outpatient detox programme can be completed.

Here is where a detox programme will be activated through our rehab facility, followed by recovery from home. This can be a challenging treatment option for some individuals, especially for those with minimal control or for those who reside in a drug-fuelled environment.

For the best possible recovery results, we do recommend that the majority of clients, especially those living with a drug addiction do complete an inpatient detox programme.

This approach will ensure that clients can cope through withdrawal symptoms, while increasing the chance to prevent relapse opportunities. Additionally, alternative addiction treatments can be provided while working through a drug detox programme, helping to increase recovery probabilities.

To discuss the processes of each detox in detail, feel free to contact our team today. Please be aware that drug detox timeframes will vary for each client, depending on the severity of their addiction and the types of substances abused.

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