Dr Luqman Khan (MBchB, FRCS, MRCPsych) is a highly experienced and well-qualified psychiatrist with over ten years of experience in general psychiatry and addiction services.

He is certified by the MRCPsych and is known for his innovative approach to treating a diverse range of clients with high morbidity related to alcohol, drugs, and mental health problems.

At Nova Recovery, Dr Khan will utilise his extensive knowledge and experience to provide patients with the highest level of care and support in their journey towards recovery. He will work closely with our addiction recovery team to develop individualised treatment plans for each patient, considering their specific needs and circumstances.

He is passionate about supporting individuals in achieving their goals and objectives and is committed to working with patients to help them overcome their addiction dependency and improve their overall well-being. Utilising evidence-based practices and the latest research in addiction treatment, Dr Khan will help ensure that patients receive the most effective care possible.

As an adept communicator with excellent interpersonal skills, Dr Khan can connect with patients from all walks of life. Patients can expect to receive comprehensive and compassionate care from Dr Khan. With his expertise and guidance, they will be given the best chances of achieving long-term recovery.