Here at Nova Recovery, Our specialist addiction hospital can provide a comprehensive residential rehabilitation programme with leading industry experts and state of the art equipment to individuals struggling with drug, alcohol and behaviour based addictions.

While the treatment we provide during an individual’s time in our rehab equips them with the tools and resources they need to make a long-term recovery, we know that the risk of encountering a relapse when insufficient support post-rehab is somewhat significant.

Our well experienced team of psychiatrists, therapists and mental health nursing staff  are committed to ensuring that all of our clients have the potential to make a long-term recovery, which is why we provide every individual that attends our rehab with 12-months of free aftercare support.

If you are curious to find out more about the aftercare support available to you via our rehab or would like to find out how we can support a loved one, friend or colleague beyond their time in rehab, we have provided a wealth of information below.

Should you wish to discuss our aftercare treatment with us directly, please call us today.  Our admissions team will be able to answer any questions you have.

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Aftercare Is Vital To Your Long-Term Recovery

Upon completion of rehabilitation treatment, many individuals believe that they will be left to continue to recover from the physical and psychological ramifications of their addictions on their own.  The thought of this sees many overwhelmed and anxious about life after rehab

In contrast, several people that complete rehabilitation treatment are often left under the impression that they do not require aftercare support.  As a result, a small fraction of people that attend rehab do not take advantage of aftercare support.

However, we cannot stress enough how vital aftercare support is when it comes to securing a long-term recovery.  Not only does aftercare support provide additional help, guidance and treatment to those who have completed a rehabilitation programme, but it ensures that relapses are avoided.

Sadly, irrespective of the rehabilitation treatment sought, relapses are common.  However, when sufficient aftercare support is provided, the risk of relapse is mitigated.  Regrettably, failure to take advantage of aftercare support sees up to 60% of individuals relapsing within the first year of recovery.

Aftercare Support Benefits Families, Friends and Colleagues

Although those in recovery will undoubtedly feel the most significant benefits of aftercare, aftercare can also benefit friends, families and colleagues.  This is because aftercare support essentially helps those in recovery return to their day-to-day life while continuing their addiction recovery.

Equipped with various coping strategies, those in recovery are more likely to be optimistic about their future, resulting in multiple positive outcomes on their relationships with others.

Not only does this help restore relationships that may have broken down at the height of an individual’s addiction, but it ensures that families, friends and colleagues can collectively move on from the ramifications an addiction has had.

Creating Your Aftercare Support Programme

Just as the rehabilitation treatment provided at our rehab hospital is entirely bespoke to an individual’s addiction and recovery needs, the aftercare support we provide is too.

Should you attend our rehab, as you advance through rehabilitation treatment, your progress will be monitored.  When our medical team and recovery staff believe that you are ready to return home, you will be approached to discuss your aftercare support plan.

Your aftercare support plan will consider various factors.  Each of these factors will determine the assistance you may require.  Said factors will additionally contribute to your relapse prevention plan.

Below, we have outlined the factors that we will consider when distinguishing which aftercare support you are likely to benefit from.

  • The substance, or behaviour, that you have developed an addiction to
  • The severity of your addiction
  • Your age and sex
  • Your profession
  • Your life at home
  • Your financial means
  • Your identified triggers and the factors that caused your addiction to arise

Although you may not believe that the above factors need to be discussed when considering your aftercare, it is essential to do so.  This is because factors such as your profession and life at home could activate triggers that will cause you to relapse.

Aftercare Support Provided By Leading Medical Expertise at Nova Recovery

As you come to appreciate why aftercare support is vital to your long-term recovery, you may find yourself hoping to find out more about the aftercare support provided by Nova Recovery addiction hospital.

Generally, the aftercare support we provide consists of regular group therapy sessions and one-to-one therapy, should it be needed.

Our group therapy sessions are held once a week at our hospital and provide the opportunity for those in recovery to come together and discuss their recovery journey. If you do not live in close proximity to our rehab, we can refer you to a rehab closer to home for aftercare support.

Although you will likely have a plethora of support from your loved one’s as you complete rehab treatment and return home, there may well be times that you feel unable to be completely open and honest with your loved ones about the struggles you face in your recovery.

With this in mind, many individuals find our group therapy sessions extremely beneficial as they are able to share their thoughts and feelings with others that know exactly what they are going through.

While group therapy is beneficial, some individuals do require additional support following rehabilitation treatment.  As a result, we are able to provide one-to-one therapy and counselling to those in need.  Typically, our one-to-one therapy consists of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and encourages individuals to manage any triggers they face by adapting the way they think and perceive situations.

It should be noted that our aftercare support is not as intense as our rehabilitation treatment. However, it is highly effective and ran by our expert therapists under the direction of the hospital’s psychiatrist.

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