Are you considering the idea of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab? If so, this is a positive step, in the right direction, heightening your drug and alcohol rehabilitation capabilities.

Through this process, before starting your drug and alcohol withdrawal process, you will however have some very important decisions to make, far beyond deciding to recover.

From finding a suitable drug and alcohol rehab, within your local area, to choosing the most effective delivery of rehab, whether that’s inpatient or outpatient, it can be an overwhelming time to experience alone.

Here is where our advice and services at Nova Recovery can support you, by tackling the inpatient addiction rehab vs outpatient addicti0n rehab battle. It is mandatory that you select the most suited delivery of rehab when considering the severity and makeup of your addiction.

Both options do offer results, both options are commonly recommended, yet your personal results will depend on the suitability of your rehabilitation decision.

Here’s some advice on inpatient addiction rehab vs outpatient addiction rehab – which should you choose? Alternatively, reach out to our team today for our rehab recommendations.


The benefits of Rehab, no matter its delivery

Before we visit the inpatient addiction rehab vs outpatient addiction rehab battle and their success rates, it’s important to note that rehab is highly beneficial, no matter its delivery.

Choosing to withdraw and rehabilitate from drugs and alcohol will serve you better than enabling your habit for the long-term. With this in mind, any form of addiction treatment will help you remove yourself from drugs and alcohol.

Rehab is the only available process which offers realistic rates when considering long-term recovery. It is a standalone, medically recommended and highly praised process, in place to promote withdrawal, learning, restoration and rehabilitation.

With this in mind, the benefits of rehab will outweigh any high, any form of drugs or alcohol, any coping strategy. As a result of this, if you are hoping to recover, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab will be highly encouraged over any other form of recovery programme; including free NHS addiction treatments or lone detox attempts.

Rehab is a lifeline; it offers a true way out from addiction. It helps you change your lifestyle, your outlooks and your future by disabling drug and alcohol associations.

Yet, to truly benefit from its life-changing assets, selecting the correct delivery will be advantageous, along with ensuring you experience the addiction rehab programme you deserve.

Here’s our take on inpatient addiction rehab vs outpatient addiction rehab – which should you choose?


What is Inpatient Addiction Rehab?

Inpatient addiction rehab is a highly sought-after form of rehab. Here is where clients will live from their chosen drug and alcohol rehab hospital, while experiencing a structured and personal form of addiction treatment.

Via inpatient rehab, you will encounter medical and emotional support on a 24/7 basis, ensuring that you’re comfortable, safe and healthy while at rehab.

Although it disrupts normal life, although it carries a greater investment, residential rehab is favoured by those with moderate to chronic addictions. It is also highly recommended for those with pre-existing mental health issues.

By selecting inpatient addiction rehab, you will have access to structured and personalised treatment programmes, advancing you through withdrawal, restoration and post-rehab plans.

You will experience no disruptions, no distractions or not associations to drugs and alcohol. A positive, friendly and recovery designed environment will be on offer, standing as your home for at least a 28-day period.

Inpatient rehab is suited for those who hope to advance through recovery, for those who have limited control over their drug and alcohol cravings, for those who are aiming for long-term recovery, and for those who unfortunately live with an addiction.


What is Outpatient Addiction Rehab?

Outpatient addiction rehab falls at the other end of the spectrum. Here is where clients will reside from their home location yet will visit their chosen facility for addiction treatment sessions.

Outpatient rehab is a productive and highly favoured rehabilitation option, offering flexibility, independence and the ability to lead somewhat of a normal life.

Down to its lower investment status, many individuals will select outpatient rehab. However, it is important to note that rehab programmes will usually span over 3 to 12 months, down to the relaxed, inconsistent and flexible approach to addiction treatment.

Outpatient rehab can offer success rates. Yet, this is commonly available for those who experience substance abuse or a mild drug and alcohol addiction.

Those with strong psychological associations are likely to struggle through ongoing drug and alcohol exposure. With this in mind, if you are in control of your consumption to a manageable level, outpatient rehab could be the answer.


Inpatient addiction rehab vs outpatient addiction rehab– which should you choose through?

Tackling the inpatient addiction rehab vs outpatient addiction rehab battle us imperative, ensuring that you experience the correct delivery of rehab, the correct strength of addiction treatment, and the correct degree of care when considering your needs and addiction makeup.

Down to their varying success rates, all depending on your needs, if you are experiencing the signs and symptoms of an addiction, if you are struggling alone, if you’re desperate to change, inpatient addiction rehab will be encouraged.

If you’re however experiencing substance abuse, where minimal psychological associations are present, if you’re managing alone, if you have a lot of responsibilities at home, outpatient addiction rehab will be recommended.

Understanding which rehab delivery is best for you is very important, helping you prepare effectively. Both will require differing forms of preparations, investments and time.

With this in mind, to understand whether inpatient or outpatient rehab will be best for you on a personal basis, reach out to our team here at Nova Recovery. We are rehab referral specialists, understanding the importance of rehab and its delivery.

You can experience the benefits of rehab; you can reach expected success rates by conquering the inpatient addiction rehab vs outpatient addiction rehab battle.

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