What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of PTSD?

Published 10 September 2021, in

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a type of anxiety disorder, heavily associated with exposure to trauma, extreme stress, and fear. It can be a very difficult disorder to manage, due to the symptoms that it causes, including insomnia, constant alertness, and flashbacks. It’s caused by either first-hand experience or the witnessing of a traumatic, unforeseeable,…

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Scotland’s Addiction Crisis

Published 3 September 2021, in

For many years, Scotland has faced an addiction crisis.  However, in early 2021, the Scottish government reported a drastic increase in drug and alcohol-related deaths. While First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has since announced that £250 million will be allocated to tackle Scotland’s addiction crisis between now and 2026 to support drug and alcohol partnerships and…

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