Across the United Kingdom, mental health conditions continue to impair the lives of one in four people.  Although the mental health conditions that affect individuals across the nation differ, up to 78% of adults experience severe stress.

While many find it easy to navigate and overcome the stress they experience on their own, a large proportion of individuals that encounter stress require treatment.

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Contrary to belief, stress arises in many different forms.  As a result, specific treatment must be obtained if an individual is to successfully manage and mitigate the overall impact that stress has.

One of the most common forms of stress that individuals in England & Scotland experience is episodic acute stress.  Due to the physical and psychological repercussions that episodic acute stress has, episodic acute stress treatment is necessary.

What Is Episodic Acute Stress?

Episodic acute stress is a type of stress disorder that arises when an individual experiences acute stress on a regular basis.

Those struggling with episodic acute stress will constantly feel under pressure and will feel unable to cope.  As a result, they will feel incredibly unorganised and will feel as though they have a never-ending list of responsibilities to fulfil.

Sadly, due to its very nature, episodic acute stress can give rise to various other mental health disorders when left untreated.  These include depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Episodic acute stress has also been cited as one of the many factors that cause individuals worldwide to struggle with behavioural disorders and substance abuse.

With this in mind, if you struggle with episodic acute stress, you must secure episodic acute stress treatment as soon as possible.

What Causes Episodic Acute Stress?

Although it is somewhat difficult to ascertain what causes individuals to experience episodic acute stress without reviewing their physical and psychological health, traumatic events, abuse, life-threatening events, natural disasters and increased pressure all contribute to the likelihood that an individual will encounter episodic acute stress.

What Episodic Acute Stress Treatment Is Available In Scotland?

Irrespective of the factors that may have caused your episodic acute stress to arise, episodic acute stress treatment is available for you to take advantage of.

The episodic acute stress treatment you secure will depend entirely on the facility that provides you with treatment.

For example, if you secure episodic acute stress treatment via the NHS, you will likely encounter treatment on an outpatient basis.  In contrast, if you attend a rehab hospital, such as our own, you will be offered episodic acute stress treatment on a residential basis.

Although the type of facility attended will ultimately determine the episodic acute stress treatment you receive, those struggling with episodic acute stress often undergo psychological and well-being therapy.

In some instances, medication for episodic acute stress will be deemed necessary.  As a result, antidepressants are often prescribed.

Episodic Acute Stress Treatment At Nova Recovery Scotland

At Nova Recovery, we provide residential episodic acute stress treatment to individuals from all walks of life.

To ensure that we can cater to your personal needs, we will equip you with a personalised episodic acute stress treatment programme as you enter our rehab hospital.

Your personalised episodic acute stress programme will outline the treatments that you will undergo during your time in our rehab hospital.  Your treatment programme will also ensure that you are aware of the resources and support you can take advantage of during your time in our hospital.

Although it is difficult to ascertain what episodic acute stress treatment you will need before discussing your condition with you, you will likely encounter cognitive behavioural therapy and well-being therapy.

Combined, these therapies will help you distinguish what has caused your episodic acute stress disorder to arise.

While doing so may leave you feeling somewhat overwhelmed, with the support of your dedicated recovery support worker and mental health nurse, you will come to understand how you can combat your episodic acute stress disorder.

In turn, you will have the ability to reflect on your life, the contributing factors and create strategies to help you manage any stress that you may face in later life.

If necessary, we may also prescribe antidepressants.  Like many others, you may not like the thought of taking medication. However, we would ask you to consider that we will only ever prescribe medication if we believe it will benefit you and contribute to your long-term recovery.

During your time in our rehab hospital, we will also encourage you to participate in group therapy.  Group therapy will provide you with the opportunity to seek support from your peers.

Group therapy will also offer you greater insight into how other individuals cope with episodic acute stress.

Prior to prescribing medication and administering any treatment, our recovery support workers and mental health professionals will discuss your treatment options with you to ensure that you are happy with the episodic acute stress treatment you are offered.  They will also be on hand to answer any questions you have.

Aftercare Support For Episodic Acute Stress

Following your episodic acute stress treatment programme, here at Nova Recovery, we will provide you with 12-months of free aftercare support.

Aftercare support will see you provided with one-to-one cognitive behavioural therapy for 6-months via Zoom.  Our aftercare support will also see you attend weekly group catch up sessions at our rehab hospital.

Even if you believe that you have overcome your episodic acute stress entirely during your time in our rehab hospital, we would encourage you to take advantage of the aftercare support we offer.  Failure to do so could see you at risk of once again struggling with the ramifications of episodic acute stress.

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